Monday, June 30, 2014


Things have been generally good with significant distortions and erratic sleep. Saturday I felt like i was in a surreal dream. I was complaining and criticizing and could not pull out. Many circumstances are shifting abruptly and not to my liking. I feel my desire to exert control to make circumstances more to my liking and feeling like i "need" that control in order not to go berserk, a nice recipe for disaster. I am doing my best to make peace with what is, whether it is to my liking or not. Several cherished plans may not go as desired. I see how attached i was to these projected oasises of pleasure. Ah well. I am intending to focus on surrendering to the mystery, releasing my perceived notions of how things ought to unfold.
I could not sleep one night and in the predawn hours pulled out my trusty Way of Mastery. I reread the exercise where one imagines oneself as unlimited for just five minutes, gives up all thoughts of limitation and goes for the biggest dream, gold coins enough to change the world, love enough to blanket the planet and so on. I did the exercise though a fogged brain and bleary eyes before falling into the most profound sleep. Not a coincidence, me thinks. I am now using this exercise whenever i think of it to help me shift out of my limited view of myself and my abilities.
I just realized I had never chosen a symbol for this year and chose the infinity sign. May we all recognize our infinite natures.
I have a visitor for Austria for a few weeks and plan to leave my computer alone for a while. I may or may not check in. Know that i wish you godspeed through these tumultuous, challenging, miraculous times.

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