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Non Violent Communication

A gorgeous NVC blog that explores a new way to relates to our loved ones, including children:

Thursday, September 27, 2012

joy in movement

I just had a powerful experience in my Nia class. Nia is a blend of dance, martial art, yoga and so on. The routine today was to bring in Universal joy. I was able to witness how much I did NOT enjoy the movements when I was in my head trying to catch on to what, for me, felt like a complicated routine of dance steps. I could sense a subtle level of judgment about how inept I was. Now this is a huge improvement from the days when my judgment of my physical lack of strength and skill was HUGE. So I am happy at his significant shift. Yet I sure wasn't enjoying myself.

Then there was a time when we were to do free movement to the music, accessing universal joy. WOWIE- I was able to witness how certain fluid movement brought in such joy. The teacher talked us through it , reminding us this joy is ever present, waiting for us to tap into it. We don't need to DO anything to access it- just choose it and clear anything that blocks that choice- simple but not easy, right?

Now I know many of you may have the direct experience of joy through the movement of the physical body. I have certainly always known it through swimming and water sports. But joy just cause I move my body in a way that my senses tell me is pleasurable? I think not. How often were my movements dictated by my mind, even in making love? What joy there is in freely moving the body as it wishes to flow. How often are our lives ruled by our minds? So will you join me in this moment by choosing to do something joyful? Will you blow a bubble, make a silly sound, stand on your head, give yourself a hug? If everyone world wide would choose one minute a day of doing/being something to invoke joy, I KNOW the world shift to LOVE/JOY would accelerate emmensely. What have you got to lose?

thank you to whoever finally looked at my blog on welcoming anxiety- I felt good about that. Now if someone looks at the Burning Man post, I will do a little joy dance. (yes, I know, hint, hint)

a plug for random acts of kindness: someone left a note on my car windshield. My license is   B L(HEART)VE-  B LOVE. My license plate holders both have sayings about love. So the note thanked me for my license plate and told me it made the person's day whenever s/he saw it. Wow, did that give me a burst of joy.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

good news- rebirth has begun

Yesterday I read a very uplifting article about where we are headed. I am going to cut and paste the whole article so those of you that need the translator can use it. 

06.06.12 – 20.03.13 – ‘Conception, Gestation, Crowning, Birth & Maturation: The Dawn of a New Epoch & the ‘Evoluminous Human’ – by Nicolya Christi

I have written this piece for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres, and so I refer to both Equinoxes and Solstices by month and not by season. 

So.. Where to start? First, I will begin this concluding part of the September Equinox piece by taking a look at some of the reasons why this period of time that Humanity finds itself in is unprecedented.

*It is believed that we are now at the completion point of a multi-million year circular orbit of our Galaxy around the Great Central Sun. (One orbit of the Galaxy takes 225–250 million years; it is believed to have completed between 20–25 orbits since it first formed.) Our Galaxy moves through space in the form of continuous connecting circles, like a great cosmic spiral. As it completes this multimillion-year orbit, our Galaxy is connecting diagonally to the next ring of the Cosmic Spiral. When this happens, all of the planets, solar systems, and their inhabitants, simultaneously take an initiatory step into a new evolutionary cycle.

*We are at the end of a 26,000-year cycle of the Earth, the Sun, and the Galactic Plane. This Plane in where the majority of the mass of our disk-shaped Galaxy lies). From our perspective on Earth, the December Solstice Sun moves across the Galactic Plane—an event which occurs once every 26,000 years. The result is an attunement of consciousness to a higher frequency (imagine shifting focus from lower to higher chakras).

*We are in the last three months of a 5,126-year Mayan Creation Cycle.

*The end date of December 21, 2012, is written as in Mayan Long Count notation. It is the end of the current era and the start of the next the Long Count calendar. Our current era began in 3114 BCE and is also written as In the Mayan understanding of time the end of one cycle is also the beginning of the following one, though some people refer to 22 December 2012 as the first day of the next cycle, because it is

*December 21, 2012, is a very significant date. Each year the December Solstice Sun aligns with the equatorial midline of the Milky Way. To gain a perspective of this, imagine the Earth’s equator, which forms the division between the northern and Southern Hemispheres. Astronomically, the December Solstice Sun has been pointing into the Southern Galactic hemisphere for 13,000 years. As we approach perfect alignment with the Galactic equator, a thirty-six year process will conclude, at which point the December Solstice Sun will reorientate to point to the Northern Galactic Hemisphere.

*The widest part of the Milky Way is known as the “dark rift,” which corresponds to the direction of the centre of the Galaxy. John Major Jenkins, researcher of Mayan cosmology and philosophy, and author of the books, Maya Cosmogenesis 2012, Galactic Alignment, and The 2012 Story, tells us that as the 2012 December Solstice Sun aligns with the Dark Rift and the Solstice Meridian then passes to the other side of the centre of the Galactic Equator, this will create a field effect energy reversal. As we resonate with the field sourced from the Galactic Centre, we will be affected by this changing orientation. The end of the Mayan Long Count calendar will culminate in a Pole Shift in our collective consciousness.

Conception – 06.06.12/20.06.12 (UT): The Womb of the Shift

The rare Venus Transit on 06.06.12 (read my posts on my Facebook Wall on that date to understand its immensity and impact on Humanity) was a moment of Conception. On that day, a portal opened through which poured the frequency of Unconditional Love bathing the entire Earth and all life. This portal will remain open. Dormant codes within the human being were activated on that day, and a conscious (or unconscious) realisation of the next level of development for Awakened Ones to Light Beings was ‘conceived’ as a reality waiting to manifest. A Creation point of contact between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine as physically incarnate channels for Unconditional Love is now growing in the Womb of the Shift. We are held in the Womb of the Shift until 20.03.13. This alchemy of the activation of the Divine Feminine and Masculine by the 06.06.12 Conception fully anchored within us on 21.06.12. This expression of the New Human that we are evolving into, which I term as an ‘evoluminous’ human being, is literally being held in the Womb of the Shift. We are going to more fully access the Truth of Who We Are, and our emphasis will be one of incarnating the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine as a physical reality here on Earth Plane. This new phenomena will embed into the consciousness of the individual and the collective psyche, consciously or unconsciously, and will trigger the new ‘waves’ of evoluminous consciousness from the March Equinox 2013. It was this coding that was activated within us on 06.06.12.

Inner Sanctum – Inner Cave – 22.09.12

The overriding purpose of yesterday’s September Equinox was to reorientate the focus of 21.12.12 awareness from ‘out there’ to ‘within’. It invited us to begin the journey into the Inner-Cave, the Inner Sanctum, and become consciously aware that we are in a gestation phase in regard to the evolutionary journey of the Soul. The September Equinox urged Awakened Ones to bring their focus into the Womb of the Shift which is both a personal and a collective phenomenon, albeit an unconscious one for the masses. However, the frequency of Unconditional Love that the Planet was bathed in on 06.06.12 permeated ALL. So, we move slowly, mindfully and deeply into the inner-realms during these next 12 weeks leading to the December Solstice on 21.12.12. (Please read part 1 of this article to clarify your understanding of this.) This focus and process applies world-wide, whether we are in the seasons of spring/summer or autumn/winter.

The Crowning – From Awakened One to Evoluminous Being – 21.12.12 - 

Having sat for some years feeling into the phenomenon that is 21.12.12 and what this means for the individual and the collective, I have come to understand that, yes, that moment is one of rebirth, personally and globally. Yes, it is the Dawning of a New Age. And yes, it is the moment when EVERYTHING changes, albeit at the foundational levels of our own being and the being which is the collective. I have been saying for many years that we will awaken on 22.12.12 and although everything will appear to be the same, EVERYTHING at the deepest level of the individual and collective  psyche will have changed. Changes that will be invisible for some time, yet nonetheless will be there. For the 06.06.12 Venus Transit not only activated the codes of the Divine Feminine and Masculine, Unconditional Love and for the accelerated evolution to an evoluminous state of being, it also activated the codes of a New Blueprint for Humanity. This Divine Blueprint replaces the genetic one and will also activate on 21.12.12. So, just as the Divine Blueprint is held at the deepest levels of the emerging ‘evoluminous’ being, so too is it held at the deepest levels of the collective and the Earth. So on 22.12.12 everything will appear the same, although never again will it be so. And so, the reality of 21.12.12 is that it is the ‘Crowning’ of the evoluminous being we are becoming. It is synonymous to the way in which an infant’s head crowns at birth, just before the whole body appears into the physical. So, we do not fully incarnate as the evoluminous being we have been evolving into throughout this life (and lifetimes) until the March Equinox of 2013. We have been engaged in this accelerated evolutionary process most especially since the total Solar Eclipse in August 1999. (See my book ’2012: A Clarion Call’ to understand the significance of the 13-year period between 1999-2012.) We have been evolving from ‘Light-Workers’ into ‘Light-Beings’ – from homo-sapiens to ‘Evoluminous’. We are preparing for a fuller incarnation of the Truth of Who We Are and Why We Are Here – as Beings of Light. The incarnation of the first wave of evoluminous beings begins from the March Equinox of 2013. The first Evoluminous to be physically incarnated are already present on the Earth.

The Birth/Full Incarnation – 20.03.13

As I have just explained, it is not until the time of the March Equinox of 2013 that the process we believed would take place fully on 21.12.12 (arrival of New Human/New Epoch) actually occurs. Like awaking from a long night’s sleep, 21.12.12 is the moment we open our eyes and are met with a New Dawn. Yet, 20.03.13 is when we rise, stretch and take a look in the mirror and greet our evoluminous selves. It is from this date we begin to fully arrive, prepared and aligned with our reality as Evoluminous Ones (the next level from Awakened Ones), no longer Light-Workers but Light-Beings. This is when the emphasis in our lives will take a substantial leap from doing, to becoming and Being Love. This is the time when we really begin to recognise that we are Human Beings, not ‘human doings’. The act of doing continues of course, only from a very different perspective and one which will eventually reap miracles and inspirational rewards for Self, Other and Global Community. 

The Maturation - 

The past dies on 21.12.12. And then, we are held in the final trimester of a nine-month process that began on 06.06.12 and completes 20.03.13. Many will awaken on 22.12.12 wondering “Where to from here?”, or “What now?” Many will wonder what the intense momentum surrounding 21.12.12 had been about as everything they perceive will appear to be the same. Some may even feel an anticlimax as we step over that 21.12.12 threshold. However, understand that this is the moment of ‘crowning’ in both senses of the word; the crowning of the Evoluminous being that we are incarnating and the Crowning of a New Epoch for Humanity – one that requires a New Human consciousness. And, understand that the Evoluminous individual is still not fully incarnate at that point. The process of transformation will continue to the March Equinox of 2013 for what will constitute the arrival of the first mass wave of Evoluminous/Light Beings.

And so, as we reach the Solstice of next June, we will have come full circle from 06.06.12 to 21.06.13. We will have conceived ourselves. We will have gestated in order to support a personal shift from Light-Worker to Light-Being. We will have ’crowned’ and begun the physical incarnating of the Evoluminous Beings that we are. 21.06.13 marks the moment when will have emerged and will be visible on Earth as the Beings of Light we have evolved into. And, we will have matured more to the new ways that living in a New Epoch, with its need for a New Consciousness requires. We will have become more aligned to this truth and will have made the initial necessary changes in our lives to live it. We will then impact the world by our very presence as Beacons of Light and Beings of Unconditional Love, here on Earth.

We each know that what is needed on this Earth more than anything, the ONLY force that will fully support the changes that this Shift into a New Epoch requires – is Love. When it all boils down to it, could the answer to personal and global evolution be any more simple? Love is the Way, and Love will lead the way into what ancient prophecy and rare astronomical events and alignments have foretold for millennia – this being that 21.12.12 is the moment for Humanity – heralding for all life on Earth the Dawning of a New Epoch, a “New Golden Age” and “One Thousand Years of Peace”.

By Nicolya Christi

For those who may be interested, you may wish to join a very special gathering I am holding from 11-22 December 2012, in Rennes le  Chateau, Southern France in which we will experience the instrumental alignment with 12.12.12 – a conscious entering into the moment out of time between 12.12.12 and 21.12.12. We will also observe an all night vigil on the Eve of the 20 December (co-facilitated by a highly respected and established evolutionary guide who is also a personal friend). On 21.12.12 we will be immersed and merged with the actual moment of the Grand Alignment and Solstice in the morning at a specially chosen, yet little known, instrumental sacred location in the heartland of Rennes le Chateau, and one which is one of 13 major portals on the globe, this one being the 13th, and therefore the most profound. This will be followed in the evening by a Great Celebration to mark the beginning of a New Epoch for Humanity as we enter a new 26,000 year Galactic Cycle and cross the most instrumental threshold throughout entire history. We will conclude with a New Epoch’s Day celebration breakfast. For further details email me directly on

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It speaks of a nine month birthing experience that began June sixth with the Venus Transit. It said we are now crowning to use the birth metaphor. Birth will be spring equinox 2013 and we will reborn as Evoluminous Ones (the next level from Awakened Ones), beings of light. I am feeling little flashes of this truth. One moment I can feel so edgy and then a few minutes later so powerful, spacious, connected. Yesterday I was with my health coach swimming in the pool. I suddenly felt this surge of power and possibility. I felt like I could lift off, as if all things are possible. Hours later I feel dredges of old fears grip me. Then I might feel tired or listless, then motivated and directed. I feel myself swish back and forth like seaweed in the tide.
Today I had such a lovely conversation with someone. Yesterday I had a silly misunderstanding. Now I sit while my daughter has tutoring in gratitude for what the year is bringing. So many things are flowing with so much more ease. A few situations caught me with a negative mind spin and sure enough, they are a hassle. Yet the situation with tutoring, school and everything related to it are flowing with so much more ease. I have to stay vigilant not to go back to my old vision for disaster that can sometimes arise in my body. I must deliberately choose again and again to trust, to have faith, to keep my eye on my knowing all is well. One area it would behoove me to look at. Part of me is still waiting for my magical future, missing some of the joy that is here and now. One little example. I am sitting surrounded by gorgeous green trees. I had plopped myself down and got to my tasks without even glancing at the trees, basically totally ignoring them as I often do. Now I am taking a few moments to look up, see the dark trunks silhouetted against the green leaves, feel the breeze tugging at my skirt, feel gratitude well up inside of me.

Another delicious  article about change and the goodies in store:

...The tide has turned in your favor…the conscious few rule the governing direction of planetary energy now .-PHC
If your wondering how to put this information to use, to literally effectuate change in your life, in the world…and even at the universal level…the unseens say what they always do:  Just BE LOVE.
So just for shits and giggles I asked…how, specifically, do we just BE LOVE?
By which they replied:
You BE LOVE by refusing to fall into negativity or fear.  It’s as simple as that.  Each time you override a thought of fear with LOVE, each time you expand your view, each time you remember that ALL IS PERFECT AND WELL, you have won.  Remain as a pillar of LOVE, call on LOVE,  breathe LOVE in and out.  That is all.  When you do this with intent to spread LOVE you multiply the flow of adamantine particles which are controlled only by LOVE.  Similar to negative ions, these sacred particles release enormous pressure on earth & humanity by easing tension and soothing strain. We can’t think of a better way to change your life and the world.
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