Friday, January 28, 2011


Wow, a big week for releasing. So much still coming up to be cleared including some major beliefs like; you have to have a good education to have a good life and if you don't finish your homework, you could die. Crazy!! I still continue to be astonished, despite doing this cellular release process processionally for years, how deeply our conditioning rules us and how unconscious it can be. The one about homework has been running me for over a year and still I didn't get it until this week when a huge incident brought it to the surface. It is all still percolating so keep me in your good thoughts. thanks savannah

This poem explores my belief about homework, how it got planted in me, how it is playing out decades later and how I am releasing it.

My father- center of the Universe
All entities revolve around him
Nothing occurs without his permission
No one speaks if he wants silence
Children must tiptoe
Even the dog will only lift her paw to hover
Over the living room carpet
Never letting her foot actually touch the plush blue

His voice frequently heard across five counties
Shouting commands to the prisoners
All must obey

Now my daughter has pages of homework
Can't get it all done
I panic
Can't breath
My spine tightens liked poured cement
In between terror and confusion
I push push we must finish
My voice escalates

She resist, doodles
Won't add 2 + 2
Flash-fire rage
I storm off

Years of training
Something is off kilter
Must be them
If only....
Maybe I could breath
Play the blame game

Hidden under decades of dust
The conditioning operates on remote
Self at seven pulling the levers
The picture clears
See the puppeteer, yet still a marionette
Husband insist on helping
Must leave the house
Convinced danger is imminent
Must be sure homework done
Terror rises choking
I must I must I must
The only way to safety control
help help help
Not safe not safe

Daughter resist nazi tactics
Can't she see the peril?
Mind in lala land

Feel paralyzed - I can't touch
Fight monsters - I can't see
Behind bars - I erect

Years as healer
Explorer of inner spaces
Can't find my way out of this web
Until I climb into my body
Investigate murky crawl spaces shut off for decades
Allow my throat to close
Begin to hyperventilate
Cry decades of tears
Allow witnesses to swim in my grief
Find my father looming
Realization shatters me
my child self believes

I will die if I don't finish my homework
My father will kill

Fog clears
Throat opens

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Family of man


I was considering stopping this blog as my intention had been to have a conversation about how we can best restore ourselves to our essence as love yet only one person ever comments here. I felt like I was talking to empty space. Now my friend showed me how to discover how many people look at the blog and where they are from. I found out that people from around the world are reading this. I am so excited to know this! I want to welcome each of you and tell you I hold you in my heart. Friends are joining us from Austria, Canada, France, Malaysia, Denmark, China, Germany, Slovenia, Russia and the United States. I am so thrilled! Please feel free to add your experience, comments, questions, hopes, dreams. I would love to hear from you.
I am chewing on a big issue that has surfaced over the last days. I will check back in when my heart clears. I send you love!!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


Okay, that was fun while it lasted.  Within hours of my last posting there was another big drama and I got pulled in as deep as ever. I was ENRAGED. The difference is that I didn't buy it hook, line and sinker as I would in the past. There was a spaciousness around it and a deep commitment to make another choice and find another way to look at the situation. I don't understand why I was so triggered over such trivia yet somehow two of us were going at it over homework. Foaming at the mouth, going at it. Yet I allowed the deep level of upset in my body and immediately sought a way to release and shift my perception. So back to the drawing board- allowing, surrendering, staying on the target- unconditional love. Wish me luck!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


A year ago today was one of the most difficult days of my life. My belief that I was not loved hit maximum velocity and sent me reeling into a storm. Without volition, I was consumed by an avalanche of unowned grief over  a profound absence of a felt sense of being loved as a child. The agony I felt in my body was a new frontier. Below is a poem I wrote in an attempt to describe the experience.
I can hardly believe how differently I feel today. I was at a dinner yesterday to honor the woman who helped my teacher launch his now best selling book. I had helped edit the book and wanted to meet her during her visit from her home base in England. My experience at the dinner is still a wonder to me. I felt so at ease, talked to numerous people in a profoundly intimate way, enjoyed myself throughly and without any interior commentary about what I was or wasn’t doing/saying. I was myself and I hardly recognized me, as for so many years I have shown up in such a shadowed way. I always felt such separation yet have only recently become aware of how self generated it was. I would hide in a corner and hardly speak and then question why no one wanted to interact with me. How blind I was. 
I have had more social activities since the new year then in almost the whole last year combined. Yet the most significant difference is how I feel. I feel peace, belonging, even joy!!!! Can you possibly image what a shift this is? Most of my life I had glimmers, hours, even days of joy yet it was always resting on a foundation of struggle and strife. Now it is the opposite. I have hours or moments of upset with days of peace. Truly, it has been through allowing myself to be vulnerable, to be honest, to allow gut ripping grief, molten rage that this shift seems to have occurred. Whatever it takes. All I can say is hallelujah!


words turn guts to quicksand
Arctic flowing veins
no car key
hurtling down the driveway
shrieks fissure earth
howling yelps’ doppler 
primitive grunts shatter eardrums
sounding depths 

hunched over
shield belly
careen down gravel road
fields rolling emptiness

wind smashed leaves batter chest
rain baptizes bared head
thunder unheard
saturated clay

rough bark scrapes cheek
moss cuddles ear 
body melts
trunk cradles 
soil sky

ancestral mourning
plaintive chorus branches
eons twisted agony
flowing sap carries
earth sky receives
crawling ant announces

river flowing veins
flooded storm ditch
a symphony
frogs crock welcome
rain a benediction
each step an altar
beyond mystery

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Freeing the snow cage

I wrote this poem a few days ago for a group writing a poem a day for the month. It summarizes what it is I have been focused on healing most of my life. I'd like to share it here.

In your silence
I bury myself under the cold snow
Forget the warmth I grappled my way back to
Climbing over generations of bodies
Their lips unmoving
Hands uselessly at their side
Unable to feel the heat of human touch
Emotions in solitary confinement
A million rejections pile together until
I too
Consider the tundra
Allow myself to give into to the cold
First a toe disappears, then a finger, a bit of my heart
Lost to the ice
My hand unmet
After a lifetime of trying to keep myself safe
Freeze the pain
Lop off frostbitten body parts
I recognize
The only way for me to stay safe is to say
to safety
To swim through the icy snow
To claw push shove grapple my way to the surface
To watch my mind like a caged beast
Refusing to let it pull me back into the prison
Over and over
To put my hand out
My heart unguarded
To say yes to silence to cold to avalanches
Whatever it takes
I turn from the frozen wilderness of german irish blood
Stiff upper lip east coast control
I spit scrape defecate
Bloodied and bruised again again again
Let the pain dance the tango
Bare my chest
Give it your best shoot
I will not give in
I will love again

Saturday, January 1, 2011

rainbow serpent


I wish you much joy for the new year. I don't know about you but for me, it feels like there has been a huge energy shift and things are looking up. I feel a lightness, a joy, a sense of happiness and deep love welling up inside me. My ego is now longer trashing me and having me act out as evil incarnate. Since the solstice, I have a much greater sense of ease and vast abundance. Now given the firestorm of 2010, this is indeed welcome.

I just read that 2010 was the year of the phoenix rising. Believe me, I am still getting the ashes out of my hair. What a ride!!! There was a short passage where I was ready to just give up and take the next space ship out of here but it was sold out. Then there were the days when I thought the inner pressure of so much emotional turbulence was going to exceed design parameters and I would be torn limb from limb and be smashed into a billion shards of glass. Now I read 2011 is the year of the rainbow serpent. I feel a new sense of lightness and rainbow color. What a relief.

My qualities last year were wholeness and joy. One of my symbols was a genie lamp. This year is inner marriage and adore. I am choosing to put my relationship to myself first and to use the energy of adoration as a door (get it- adore) to enter a new territory where I pass through all obstacle to love and reside in agape. I am enveloping all of it in a clock of luscious sensuality. My symbol is the dragonfly which has ideal qualities for what I intend. I intend to embody love, extend it outward and have it return to me. I intend to be a vehicle for divine love. O.K., I can feel I am losing you by being a little too new age yet these words are alive for me so I have to risk it. Beloveds, in this moment I feel so connected to the unity of all beings and a wave of love washes over me and extends to infinity. May you feel it sparkle within you.