Thursday, November 28, 2013


For most of you, trust is the biggest challenge in your enlightenment process. Because of that, your ego self, the part of you that seeks to keep you small, will use that to its advantage and infiltrate, when trust starts to waver, with doubt.

Doubt can be like a virus. It can grind your enlightenment process to a halt in record time. It can shake up your trust, not only in the process, but also your trust in your guides, in Source, and in yourself to make good decisions, as well. It leads to stagnation, resistance, confusion and discomfort.

Trust and faith are a tremendously powerful team that work together. They keep your flow moving, and keep you in surrendered alignment long enough for your heartfelt creations to come to fruition. The greater your trust, the greater your ability to live the life of your dreams.

It is completely normal to fall in and out of trust, Dear Ones! That is part of the human condition, particularly for newly enlightening humans beings. Do not beat yourself up if you find yourself in the grips of doubt. Simply resurrender. Call on your guides and helpers. Connect with the core of truth that always exists within you. Realign with Source and feel your authentic power shimmer and shine from that place.

You cannot get it wrong, Dear Ones, because once you commit to enlighten, anything else will become too uncomfortable for you. You are not being graded on this process! It is merely for you to decide how smooth and comfortable you wish you own personal journey to be. ~Archangel Gabriel


I am truly grateful to each of you for taking the time to peruse my meanderings. I love having the space to clarify my newest inklings and take them to the next level. I send each of you a giant hug of appreciation for the energetic family we create together. May you know how precious you are, know yourself as a true masterpiece and be blessed by the love always flowing from your tender heart. I love you.

Friday, November 22, 2013

my statement for 2014

This or something better for the highest good of all concerned

Rapturously celebrating stupendous success and abundance!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Queen for a day

For several weeks I wake up in the middle of the night with a profound insight. Last night was about how I have used comparison in the past to bash myself over the head. I also can give my power away to people i respect, acting the perception of something without seeing if it fits me; i do it rarely yet caught myself a few glaring times.Saying goodbye to those old patterns.
After my awareness I had this vision. Does anybody remember the TV show “Queen for a Day?” I am not sure if I actually saw it or just heard about it yet what I remember is they chose the woman with the most tragic and long suffering story (how 3D is that) to be queen for the day and gave her robe, crown, gifts, the whole works. So I saw myself being queen for the day and it was a global event yet it was based on being the person who had most embraced their own magnificence, the recognition of themselves as a masterpiece. It was filmed and shown worldwide and everyone was watching with huge screens in centers and town squares around the world. I was given my luxurious ermine lined velvet robe with a long train and a jewel encrusted crown and was honored and thanked for my contribution to planetary awakening and universal Love through the extension of my awesome vibe. So super fun. Another of my fantasies is all lightplayers/ ascension volunteers are automatically gifted 5 million dollars for their service to humanity. Really having fun with my new fantasies and walk around with a grin on my face. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

3D or 5D- creating from lack or wholness

This is another dialogue on  with Sue's kind permission; trying to zero in on our magical abilities to create now (sorry about the formatting):
"Your job as creator is simply to choose what’s in your heart, and then trust in the universe to do all the legwork to set it up for you. U take the first step in faith, regardless of whether or not u think its possible, and mountains will move to meet ur hearts desire. And things r moving REALLY fast right now."
me: the challenge for me with that is this, I chose what was in my heart, i put it out there, i advertised as i haven’t before, I loved it I devoted time, energy and passion to it. I did it out of joy and kerplok,8O I got one person showing up. So I can either judge myself as a failure or shake my head and say what the heck? Truth is it feels like empty promises.There was probably some unconscious unworthiness in there but shit. So now I brought the lack to consciousness and i feel stuck in a void. I gave the last shot everything I had and landed back in square one. Sot so easy to trust and go again. Now I feel stuck in no man’s land. Flat. REalize in this moment, yea i have big desire but really hard to trust again and keep going. Some areas I trust totally. When I adopted my daughter the government never responded to our visa papers and we were literally in Guatemala without being able to get her a visa. My then husband had wild schemes of snatching her and carrying her across the border etc. My faith was steady as a rock and never wavered. I ended up getting a call from INS at our hotel in Guatemala!! :P - we’d had the wrong fax number and he’d never gotten our paperwork, the minute he did we got immediate approval. That time stays with me. It is is only in this minute that I am allowing the feeling of sadness to flood me how my last offering fell flat.Feel caught in catch 22.Feel like it is mission impossible, like it is a web. My last offering was so pure, i feel i got the universal screw that it went basically nowhere. Even the one person who showed only came for the first class.bah humbug.yeayea, i know i am shooting myself in the foot here so I will love that. ok that helped me restore my humor :P
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    actually i am pissed, feel like i gave it everything and still some twist i missed so got nowhere eye of the needle indeed. feel too hard to figure this paradox out and get this promised mountain to friggin move :evil:
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      Hi there…
      I hope I’m not overstepping a boundary here but, I’m hoping that this may help……..
      Speaking from an experiential point of view, what Lauren said is “Absolutely true”!!!
      HOWEVER: It’s been my experience it’s only true when standing firmly in 5D…..From 3D, which you are clearly still working from, in terms of frustration with creation, our only job is to quit playing in 3D, or it doesn’t matter how hard we try to play by the 5D rules…..Nothing will work!
      Having said that…..I am sooooooo glad it didn’t work for me in 3D because, what I was trying to create from 3D doesn’t begin to compare to what I’m creating in 5D….In terms of bringing me true fulfillment!
      For Instance: When I was “trying” to make money (3D)…it never worked but, when I was simply enjoying myself playing in the energy of having already created it (5D), the universe supported me every step of the way! And, as far as what I wanted to create, in terms of sharing with the world…..When I finally surrendered, and simply lived in the joy of knowing that the universe would bring me that which would match the joy that I was putting out…..I got cancer! Now from a 3D perspective, that’s not something to be joyful about but…. from 5D, you gain a whole new perspective!
      When I was first diagnosed it threw me off because, that wasn’t at all what I was creating and at the time, despite going thru the ascension process, I was still able to sustain a pretty high level of joy so, manifesting cancer wasn’t something that I would have ever expected. However, when I was in the process of deciding what my options were……To have the tumor surgically removed, along with supportive treatment, which “they” say would have gotten this all over and done with quite quickly…..The reason I chose not to take that options is because, taking safe path seemed to service no purpose and, as I brought each of my options into my heart, it was the option, not have surgery or any other treatment, that filled my heart with joy! And, as I sat in this joy, I saw the magnificent “opportunity” that I was being given to cure cancer! While everyone around me was telling me that I was signing my own death sentence in making that decision, I knew in my heart that this option would bring me the greatest joy and fulfillment…I was being gifted with an opportunity to be an example to others of our power of “choice”, even when dealing with life and death! And, I knew that it was because of my hard work, not despite it, that was allowing me to share such a beautiful gift with the world!
      So, just know that the universe is conspiring to bring us our greatest joy and fulfillment, which we have earned!!!! And, while you’re finishing up your 3D stuff, you might want to just practice playing! Using Lauren’s technique but, not being attached to any outcomes. Just “Feel” whatever it is that you want to feel more of, in whatever way that looks to you, feeling/knowing that you “already” have it….and you’ll find yourself supported! Playing will lift your vibration out of the energy of “trying to figure it all out” which only pulls you down and keeps you on that hamster wheel…..
      Playing in the feeling of what it would be like to get exactly what I wanted, eventually brought me just that, in terms of finances, but in other areas it was greater than my 3D mind could have ever conceived!
      So, you might want to let go of the “It never works for me” because, what never works in 3D does work in 5D, and if you just practice playing with that energy, you’ll create all the supportive energy you need for a more joyful transition!
      Hope that brings you a little relief??? Much love & support, Sue

      Me: Sue, What an inspiration!!! OMG am I impressed; getting cancer and not letting that stop or dissuade you, now that is P O W E R and sovereignty. I had my little shit fit driving to yoga and it lasted about 10 minutes. It was lovely and I truly enjoyed it, and totally loved myself through it. While in yoga (kundalini which rocks) here’s what came through; more of my catholic guilt trip. .I felt like I had kept my vibration up, loved myself, dropped judgment, dropped most of my attachment, shifted my focus, cleared tons of dross, learned to be neutral most of the time, suffered through endless sleepless nights, dove to the depths of my agony and still i was caught in my own web and i projected it on to the universe ( and why not through in the Pope while i was at it :lol: ; actually the new Pope gives me hope). :P I was royally pissed off and it was a fire that cleared itself away.So I saw myself as a limited self trying so hard to win “god’s” approval so he’d give me a break, that was the energy. :PThis poem had helped me shift this before especially the first part
      Wild Geese
      You do not have to be good.
      You do not have to walk on your knees
      for a hundred miles through the desert repenting.
      You only have to let the soft animal of your body
      love what it loves.
      saw it was more 3D coming forward. I get pissed when I hear it is so easy and all i have to do is leap in faith and it still splatters in my face. you nailed it Sue thank you. From 3D the wheels of the bus just go round and round. So get to enjoy more dissolution :evil: it least it is sooo much quicker, now that I can get behind. plus my sense of humor was restored quickly but I still don’t like this 3D stuff and want a magic fairy to just blow it away. So loving you Sue for you inspiration. You are an angel.
      Here’s the rest of the poem if anyone is interested.
      Tell me about despair, yours, and I will tell you mine.
      Meanwhile the world goes on.
      Meanwhile the sun and the clear pebbles of the rain
      are moving across the landscapes,
      over the prairies and the deep trees,
      the mountains and the rivers.
      Meanwhile the wild geese, high in the clean blue air,
      are heading home again.
      Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
      the world offers itself to your imagination,
      calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting
      over and over announcing your place
      in the family of things.
      from Dream Work by Mary Oliver 

breath of fresh air

A lot of people worry about their ascension process. Have they released enough? Do they meditate enough? Are they "good" enough? Do they have the right teacher? Have they read the right books? What about their pineal gland? Or their lightbody?

Dear Ones, let us reassure you, you are doing a magnificent job! The fact that you are on the planet means you are part of the process. On a soul level, you know exactly what you are doing! The planet knows exactly what she is doing. The sun, each planet, the entire universe knows exactly what it is doing. Your lightbody, just like your physical body, is incredibly intelligent and knows exactly what it needs to do to. There is so very much action that takes place behind the scenes that you are not even aware of! Like all processes of evolution, it is growth and expansion and has its own innate intelligence.

We love that you are so very committed and diligent! Allow the process to unfold, knowing you cannot rush things, nor can you speed them up any more than you can make a flower bloom slower or faster than it is meant to. Trust that if there is anything you need, it will come into your awareness.

You do not need to endlessly look for things to release. If there is something that is not in resonance with where you are going, you will become aware of it in perfect timing and can release it when it shows itself. If there is knowledge you require, the perfect book will land in your hands, or the right teacher will cross your path. If your body requires something, it will let you know. Simply give it what it is asking for.

Take the pressure off yourselves and enjoy this incredible process! Trust in the universe and the incredibly intelligent and intricate process you are part of. If you truly wish to assist, the best way is to stay in your highest alignment through surrender and flow, faith and trust, gratitude and BEingness, and joyful expectation. ~Archangel Gabriel

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

picture of yesterday's solar flare wowowowow


more Matt

From a spiritual standpoint, love is an instinctive act of acknowledging something as being divine in origin, no matter how it appears to you. When such a depth of truth has dawned in your heart, everything will be recognized in this beautiful and breathtaking way. This includes an understanding, where in any moment you fail to see the divine origin of any being, it is the exact moment that life invites you to stop and remember what is divine about you. Beyond this understanding, the only way to answer the question, “what is love” is by taking the time to love what is.

Monday, November 18, 2013

feeling wacky and weird? good news from Matt

Been a bit of a roller coaster for me lately. Was feeling a bit off, like I was missing something. Reading this felt like it really explained what is going on for me and made me feel GOOD. Passing it on to you.
big kiss and hang in there my loves ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

me: Just read this from my dear friend Matt (we’re all one, right?). Felt like I could take deep breath afterwards. Helps me reorient myself and settle into this new energy. Here are the lines that helped me the most move into greater acceptance of what is in this moment:
“If cosmic excitement hasn’t been your experience, you have nothing to worry about. It just signifies how the opening to cosmic excitement is occurring at a more gentle speed, so you can integrate it at a faster rate as your newly emerging natural state of being. For those who have been purging attachments to collapsing timelines, the emergence of cosmic excitement begins with a renewed sense of trust and harmony with the physical body. You may begin to feel more rooted in your body with the ability to notice things without the need to be triggered into such a deeper state of present moment awareness. It also may feel as if life is now a faithful companion, always here to guide, support and cheer you on.”
now this matches my experience perfectly, ah all is well. the full post below:
Matt Kahn
3 hours ago
Energy Update – 11/18/13
If the past few months have been a strange mixture of energies, I hope to put your mind at ease. Last night signified the end of an old outdated 3D cycle, which allows today to celebrate a brand new cycle without the imprinting of the third dimension influencing your experience. For most light workers, ascension is imagined as an act of stepping into the 5th dimension. While this is true, it is not just a journey into the 5th, but an opportunity to watch the 3rd dissolve as well. Over the past few weeks, many outdated timelines that carry the 3rd dimensional vibration have been released out of your field. As this occurs, any soul contracts that needed to be fulfilled were rushed to the forefront of your experiences. This may have looked like revisiting old behaviors just to squeeze every last tidbit of insight out of a pattern that no longer is present in your field.
During this time, many found themselves consumed in old compulsive habits, along with waves of panic, worry and fear. For many who are unaware of the movement of energy, any type of fearful feeling doesn’t suggest that anything has gone wrong in your life. It more so confirms the very moment when outdated timelines are released out of your energy field. As old outdated timelines are released, the consciousness from collapsing timelines merges into your current timeline to expand your consciousness and root you deeply into present moment reality.
As this collapsing of the old serves to bring you deeper into your body and ground your expanding vibration into 5D reality, it is normal for this phenomenon to affect your adrenals. Whether this was sensed as a sense of fatigue, apathy, withdrawal, frustration, flu-like symptoms or even boredom, the key is to allow self-care to be your ongoing spiritual practice. Whether this means more naps whenever you can find the time, sending “I love you’s” to your heart on a more consistent basis, improving the quality of your food intake, or even slowing down the pace of your body, relief is always a few deep breaths away. This doesn’t mean you’ll go from exhausted to excited in one single breath. Instead, you’ll take the insufferable edge of worry out of your experience, so you can allow your mind and body to catch up with the progressive nature of your ever-expanding energy field.
A few months ago, I spoke of a new flux of cosmic excitement, which is here to be tasted, as the old timelines continue to collapse. If cosmic excitement hasn’t been your experience, you have nothing to worry about. It just signifies how the opening to cosmic excitement is occurring at a more gentle speed, so you can integrate it at a faster rate as your newly emerging natural state of being. For those who have been purging attachments to collapsing timelines, the emergence of cosmic excitement begins with a renewed sense of trust and harmony with the physical body. You may begin to feel more rooted in your body with the ability to notice things without the need to be triggered into such a deeper state of present moment awareness. It also may feel as if life is now a faithful companion, always here to guide, support and cheer you on.
Another sign of the emerging 5D cosmic excitement is a willingness to be supportive of others without getting entangled in codependent relationships. This means you are able to empathize with the circumstances of others without needing to limit your own experience. If you think of your life as a movie, each of us have starring roles in our own lives, as well as supporting roles in the lives of others.
In the new 5D model, you are able to consciously interact with the storylines of others, without abandoning the movie you are starring in. This is where you begin to love yourself and others through the growing pains of life without needing to take the pain away, change the way anyone perceives their experience, or even diminish your own experience until theirs improves. Instead, you are able to lovingly support the innocence of every heart through the growth inspired by the inevitability of change and loss.
Whenever you are fully participating in the movie of your life, you also begin to notice how the energy of other people’s movies cannot influence your behavior or inundate your energy field. Ironically, you only feel the heaviness of what’s unresolved in the collective whenever you are captivated by any other movie but the one you’re starring in. This doesn’t mean you should ignore others around you. Instead, you are able to welcome them into your movie, as supporting characters, who motivate you to reach out and support their growth as a means of expanding your own gifts and abilities.
In 5D reality, the spiritual journey is less concerned with shifting the collective, since the wisdom of the 5th dimension already knows the collective is transformed at the rate in which the individual blossoms in consciousness. Unlike the 3rd dimension where individual growth was pursued at the expense of helping the collective, in 5D reality, the individual grows as an act of loving service to transform reality for the well-being of all. From this space, a conscious being asks nothing of the world, but the chance to be inspired by however the world unconsciously behaves. This means daring to make the most honorable and loving choices that seem absent in the lives of others.
In the 5th dimension, when others don’t listen, we listen deeper. When others are impatient, angry or frustrated, we slow down. When others are sad, we become more loving. When fear is present in the world, we find more time to celebrate the joy of being alive. Remember, what you act out in the world gives the world something new to copy and energetically reflect back to you.
As you begin to explore 5D reality in the absence of outdated 3D timelines, the joy of simplicity and self-care soon replaces any desperate hunger to control life or judge it through beliefs in comparison. During this time of energetic reorientation, it is helpful to think of your heart like a newborn in an exciting new world. As often as possible, take your time with every encounter, so you may allow the joy of deeper, more meaningful interactions to be welcomed into view.
For more energetic support throughout your entry into 5D reality, I invite you to participate in our upcoming Angel Academy 7-week telecourse. During this 7-week period, I will be guiding you into 5th dimensional consciousness and helping you understand the journey of awakening from an energetic standpoint. This will allow you to have the most loving, joyful and exciting journey possible, as you open up to a brand new paradigm of human potential. To sign up and be a part of the Angel Academy, simply follow this link to the sign-up page:
May these words help you turn your life into the movie it was always meant to be – one relaxed breath and “I love you” at a time. May the radiance of your light awaken so deeply, it reminds the world how brightly it shines. No matter how anything feels or appears – all is well.
Many blessings to one and all.