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grounding increasingly beneficial and important


Just read this and already know how critical it is to spend time in nature and to ground, from my own experience. The other day I was teaching a class and felt totally grouchy and off balance. Luckily I had intuited that grounding would be vital and had it worked into the class plan. Also lucky, it was toward the beginning of class. I went from extremely agitated and almost rageful to serene and calm, in a very short period of time merely by sitting on the earth with my hands touching ground. Solar flares have been pummeling us lately and can cause agitation, sleeplessness, anxiety. If you feel off balance, please take time to connect directly to Gaia's gifts. Below are notes someone took from a video by Dr Stephen Sinatra and Dr Joe Mercola:

4- Finally, here are the “pearls of wisdom” on grounding/earthing that I have pulled out of watching
the video by Dr Stephen Sinatra and Dr Joe Mercola:

NOTE: The majority of these comments are from Dr. Stephen Sinatra

“I said, my gosh, putting my feet on the ground is going to improve my heart, improve my body…I was skeptical.”

“I spoke to [Clinton Ober] for about an hour, and I went from being skeptical to being all in.”

“The way that happened was look, the heart is the most electrical organ in the body…the whole body is electrical, we are electrical beings…we see flesh and blood, but we are really electricity.”

“If you show grounding improves inflammation, then you can show it improves heart disease.”

“It is not cholesterol, it’s really inflammation that causes heart disease.”

“I’m a big believer in grounding…I’m smack in the middle of it now, but it took me ten years.”

“ATP is our energy; its our chi.”

“CoQ10 is one of the biggest electron donors we have; and it helps turn over ATP.”

“When I realized that grounding could enhance ATP via another mechanism…I said wow!”

“Grounding contributes to healthy living.”

“Grounding should be part of a healthy life-style program.”

“You must bring grounding to the table as a healthy lifestyle.”

“One thing I learned about grounding is that it improves the data potential of your blood. Which means…it improves the energy between the red blood cells.”

“Grounding is another natural energy that everybody should do in their lives because it just makes sense.”

“Its hard to argue against it since it seems to have no real side effects.”

“What has happened over the last fifty years is that we have become disconnected from the earth.”

“What grounding was doing was making human physiology better…through all these different experiments.”

“What I saw, I said, man there is something going on here.”

“I think the reason why we have a generation of diabetic kids is because we took away the ground, we gave them a lot of sugar, and we don’t exercise them–and that’s a perfect storm!”

“As parents, we have got to get our kids off sugar, onto exercise, and grounding.”

“Its only natural to be skeptical of grounding.’

“What’s really cool about grounding is that all the studies point in the same direction–in that it improves benefits.”

“We are overdosing on our own stress hormones.”

“We live in toxic times, physically, emotionally, and even spiritually as well.”

“We ran an experiment…and what we showed was that when people ground to the earth…there was a calming of the sympathetic nervous system…in other words it was improving heart-rate variability.”

“Whenever you improve heart-rate variability, you are improving the life of the organism.”

“When heart-rate variability is disturbed, the heart is more likely to go out of rhythm…So when I found out that grounding…improved heart-rate variability, that was the most incredible discovery I have ever made in my life…living in these times where our autonomic nervous system is in overdrive, we need something to bring us back into balance, and that’s what grounding will do.”

“One of the things I do know is that grounding creates tranquility in people.”

“When I learned that grounding increased data potential…an average of 280% I said wow! This is the most incredible discovery because if you can increase the thinning of the blood naturally by grounding you could fight off disease.”

“Blood viscosity is a forgotten risk factor in cardiovascular disease.”

“Grounding puts out the fires, it improves data potential, it puts out inflammation, it puts out the fires
of inflammation.”

“Grounding is not for everyone. Some people get worse on grounding, before they get better–because they are having a detox reaction.”

“Ideally–grounding is something everyone should implement into their personal good health practices.”

“Grounding improves sleep, improves cortisol, improves physiology, improves the autonomic nervous system…”

“Grounding and CoQ10 was a knockout punch for migraines.”

“Grounding reduces oxidative stress, brings the autonomic nervous system down, improves blood pressure.”

“Grounding decreases blood viscosity, which makes the blood thinner, so blood pressure goes down.”

“Thick blood causes high pressure.”

“Hugging a tree is an excellent way of grounding.”

“The best benefits of grounding by ranking: 1- It gives the body another raw material to heal itself.
Grounding provides ATP support. Dr Sinatra believes that ATP will give you the raw material to repair cells.”

“Everybody needs to ground–even if its only for an hour a day.”

“Leather soled shoes will ground you–if you are walking on natural surfaces like earth, grass, sand, concrete…”

“Mitochondrial DNA have no defense mechanisms…so there is nothing to protect them…so we have to fortify them…without mitochondrial support then we are very vulnerable….the most powerful interventions for mitochondrial support are: no sugar, CoQ10, an Grounding”

“Melatonin is probably the most potent antioxidant in body–even more than CoQ10.”

“RF from cell phones and cell phone towers shuts off melatonin.”

“Grounding works on melatonin because people sleep better.”

“Grounding-melatonin-DNA, can we connect that dot? I think we can. But we need to do more experiments.”

“What I have learned–is the sicker you are–the more you need to ground.”

“When grounding, you need the moisture to help transfer the electrons…”

“Take just a pinch of Celtic Salt or Himalayan Salt in water, twice a day, and I believe that is going to your body even better with grounding.”

“Some simple measures to monitor the effectiveness of grounding: Pain is an excellent monitor of the effectiveness of grounding….Muscle soreness is another good monitor….

“Grounding will help alleviate a lot of fear.”

“Grounding will work for people with chronic anxiety. People just need to give it a chance.”

“The most important ground to do is when you are sleeping.”

“Cordless phones–cellular phones–make our blood thicker.”

“The earth trumps everything, because it has a huge magnetic charge.”

“Remember–the body tends to get worse–before it gets better.”

“Some really sick people–need to take grounding in baby steps”

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