Wednesday, November 30, 2011

new friends


Welcome- it is wonderful to see so many new friends checking in today. Please feel free to comment, dialogue, disagree respectfully, sign up to follow this, as your heart desire's. Just recently I began to comment on and I have developed such amazing connections and support. This is a dream come true, a circle of loving support as I have always envisioned and my desire is to create the same sense of belonging with this blog. I wish all of you to experience this same delicious sense of family, if you so choose. Please feel most welcomed and appreciated. Know, as I do, that we are all indeed the Beloved!

I also want to share my new friend's site. For those of you into magic, fairies and being given a mission to add sparkle to others' lives, please check out Kate's site at:

forgiveness, again and "them"

I had a small yet powerful experience the other day. I wanted some lunch so went to my local co-op. Turns out I was early and they were still serving breakfast at the food bar. The only lunchy type food was soup. The one I wanted had no spoon so I borrowed the spoon from another soup and served myself. A man came out with more serving spoons and I told him what I'd done. He became unglued and yelled at me, "Don't do that!" He explained I'd mixed up vegetarian and non vegetarian soups and that the soups weren't ready. I felt a mild charge in my body yet stayed neutral. Now the first miracle is that the charge in my body was very mild, the second that I could stay neutral. I said evenly,"Sorry, I wasn't thinking." He immediately calmed down too and explained why it was important. What could have escalated into something unpleasant actually turned out to be a gentle exchange. Now this for me is true forgiveness. I did not make him wrong, saw no "error" in my "brother" and we were both able to go on our way. For me forgiveness has been to slowly retrain my nervous system not to perceive attack. If it does perceive attack, I often can override it with my powerful intent to stay neutral. I notice every time I counter attack, I suffer. Every time I stay neutral I remain at peace. Duh, which do I prefer.

I have an official announcement to make. It appears I am channeling a group I call "them." I have been receiving messages since 2005/2006 usually to tell someone something or to do something for someone.  I never gave it too much attention. I sort of played it down within myself. My new dear friend Hein suggested to me yesterday basically to own "them." I recognized I never thought of it as channeling as I don't hear anything I just KNOW. Now I don't have a clue if this is a group of aspects of my Higher Self or energies from elsewhere. I just know that when I relay their messages people often burst into tears or have some revelation. I am speaking about it here to get over myself and own this. I sense some unworthiness, as though to admit this would be some form of grandiosity. I am getting more and more clear about how we are unlimited, powerful beyond imagination. As Marianne Williamson has said, who are we NOT to own our own magnificence. We short change ourselves and the Universe when we play small. I feel fluttering in my tummy when I write this. Too bad, I'm coming out of the closet.
I had an unique experience when I listened to them the other day. Someone I have connected with on was having a meltdown while at work in a skyscraper in Seattle. This was happening in the moment. I got this urge from "them" to light a candle, go barefoot out on to my land, recognize the sacredness of this land and all life and call out her name. She, Jenn, had said something about looking out the window at the clouds to help calm down. So I told her I'd send her a friendly cloud to support her. I wrote to her that I would do this and proceeded to get a bunch of thorns in my feet as I hopped out on to the land. I called Jenn's name nine times. I truly experienced how sacred Gaia is, how blessed I am to be the steward of this hallowed land, how vast my connection to Jenn felt in that moment. She got my email hours after the fact. She said she was stunned because she suddenly started saying to a co-worker that she was feeling much better, she did not understand but her energy changed rapidly apparently at the same time as my ritual. She also had the urge to take a picture of the cloud outside her window- all this BEFORE she received my email. I ask you, is something up? I tell you for sure, we're not in Kansas anymore. (For you readers from other countries, this is a reference to a famous line from an American classic movie, The Wizard of Oz.")

Our Deepest Fear

by Marianne Williamsonfrom A Return To Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

Friday, November 25, 2011

this lousy world- Pema Chodron

Here is a delightful little video about how to deal with a lousy world. I hope you can get to the site- you might have to join serreal-. it is a lovely community you may wish to join anyway.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

happy thanksgiving


I am so thankful for each of you and the connection we have. I hope each of us finds something today that makes our hearts sing with joy and gratitude. I am extremely thankful to have come through the bone crunching energy of transformation- at least for now. For now, I have vision and see where we are headed and IT IS GOOD! For those of you who can not see clearly today, I hope you can borrow my faith as so often I had to borrow trust from others that I would indeed survive. A year ago yesterday I really wondered if I would make it when my then husband announced that he would be leaving in a few days (he didn't- it took almost nine months which gave me the time I needed to heal.) If you would have told me then that he would indeed leave and that I would see clearly now that it is for the best and truly essential for both of us to reach our heart's deepest desires, I would not have believed it. Now I am absolutely certain that it is true. Luckily, my soul knew better than my mind. I feel yummy peace and gratitude and a slowly unfurling Love. I send it to each of you. For me, you mysteriously do feel like part of my family. A family that supports each other and never fights- perfect! Happy Thanksgiving, my Beloveds!

A gorgeous short video on gratitude:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Hello Latvia,

I must admit I knew nothing about Latvia. I had to look it up. I know it might sound silly but I am so excited.  I read there are not many more than two million people in Latvia and I am somehow connected to one of them! That is very delightful for me. I wish I knew more about each of you. I just know we are connected in some mysterious way. How delicious!

Monday, November 21, 2011

11-11-11- bliss or dud?


I gotta tell you the truth. 11-11-11 felt like a dud to me. No big thing. Then to get hit two days later with another egoooo storm, part of me felt like I'd been had and not much had shifted. Wrong! Now I realized that that major crude that might have knocked me out for months passed in days. Yes, it was plenty nasty but am I glad it is up and out. As each of these gunk waves pass, I see more clearly and keep wondering how I could have been so blind. For me it is true. Vision is essential. When I see clearly, all desire to judge evaporates. I feel earth shaking belonging and connection, soul nourishing compassion. Yesterday I had the gift of a Thai massage done by a student at a massage school. It was fantastic and almost free. I giggled my way through it with waves of bliss. I wasn't foolish enough this time to think it would last or that the egoo was done. I just celebrated the moment and moved on. Synchronistically I kept meeting people I'd been wanting to connect with. Then I was offered a tiny job out of the blue, yet a job with tremendous potential doing something that is my passion and that I often do for free anyway. Also the situation with my daughter's school got change drastically. I am able to be more present and do things other than heal, heal, heal. I am actually able to live a bit. I do feel supported by Gaia and get something major is up. So I am going to have to change my vote on 11-11-11 from thumbs down to thumbs up. Something is definitely up and for me now, riding the wave is getting easier and even enjoyable. Thank God. If that is NOT the case for you, just trust you caught a different wave than I did. Shifting is actually quicker now albeit perhaps more intense. Trust you will be guided, surrender the reins. Have faith Beloveds, the new earth is being born.

For those of you still in despair, wanting to give up, here is a delightful article of hope and explanation of what is occurring, talking to those who feel 11:11:11 was a dud:

Saturday, November 19, 2011

soul support


I just started following the comments on Lauren's site

I had never done that before. Toward the end of the comments on the post about rebirth she gives some excellent information. Also there is such a sense of community for all of us ascending you might want to give it a peak. My energy has shifted and I feel like I passed through a big pile of major goo. Yippee!  Hope all is well for each of you.

Some word's of Lauren's I found helpful:

"so many of us on this path chose really hard beginnings to remove/heal/transmute human genetic implants that will benefit all of humanity, not just our little families."

Also here is a soul retrieval exercise from Lauren- see what you think.

this one is longer and explains how our world has been fueled by negative creation and how we can begin to use positive creation to initiate unbelievable transformation- mind boggling, really recommend this one, thanks Dave:

wow, keep finding more inspiring videos; this one is a bit outdated but explains ascensions, twin flames etc., uplifting

ENJOY yes I feel more and more inspired by the possibilities.

Friday, November 18, 2011

surrender, trust and education

Wow, things are whirling for me since 11:11:11. Few days of peace then the baseball bat. I want to try to boil the essence of what I have realized these last days. Please be patient with my ramblings as I am not crystal clear. My daughter and her Dad came to blows over homework a few days ago. She has profound learning differences so school is very challenging. I finally got him on board helping with homework but it didn't go well. To cut to the chase we all ended up hysterical, threatening, separated, angry, hurt, and, at least for me, in utter despair. I could see no way out. I tried to resolve it logically, find a new school geared to her learning style- nearest one about 100 miles away and cost $25,000 per year. I really tried to use my will and control to fix it. Disaster. I finally surrender because there was nothing else left. A miracle occurred instantly and it was absolutely clear I got direction from beyond. We did a process that shifted my daughter's energy and was funny. Then she got the idea to write about her experience. It is wonderful and might be published in the local paper. I sent it to some people and we got an outpouring of support. I heard my friends' horror stories of being labeled retarded and developing such self hatred because of their learning differences a generation ago. Their experience and the new way I was holding her helped my daughter shift her negative view of herself. I continue to be almost shocked by how blind I have been to her experience. How is it that it is so difficult to see another's reality even when we live with them? Wild!
We were in unity and bliss until the next day when we tried to do homework. Now again I had expectations, was controlling and still in the old consciousness of do it or else. She ended up tearing the homework up and throwing it to the winds, I shouted until my throat hurt and again, separation and anguish, heartbreak. I tried to surrender but my surrender was shallow and false, linked to my ideas of right and wrong, very controlling with strong expectations. Well, after that explosion, I again truly surrendered. More miracles occured. Her parent/teacher conference led to a new direction, my Way of Mastery group held us both in such powerful love and light that things shifted, she miraculously did pages of homework without hassle with her Dad's help, etc. The point I finally got is pure Course of Miracles. Of myself I can do nothing yet when I join with my soul, God, higher self, whatever- I am unlimited. Possibilities outside the box miraculously appear. Hearts and doors open, love flows. Hum, let me think, which is better- despair, rage and control or surrender, trust and Love. I am on the Trust train and just pray I fall off of it less and less. Trust in a power beyond my little ego is all that keeps me out of edgy, nervous despair and discomfort. Boy, am I committed as I really feel horrible in the goo. Trust, trust, trust. I trust these disjointed ramblings convey beyond my words the hope I have for all of us. I just read a wonderful article that summarized my view of true education. If we education our children in this manner, the world's issues would be solved. Because education was my family's most important value it has been very hard for me to shift my beliefs about education but they are starting to crumble. My family members are doctors, lawyers, a former senator, etc. You get the picture. I was indoctrinated in the value of education. The question for me now is- what is a true, valuable, alive education? If anyone has any ideas or comments how we can alter our education system to truly draw from within, please let me know. Blessing in these interesting times! love savannah

Here is the article I liked so much:

Sunday, November 13, 2011

transformational energies available through a portal until 4 p.m. PST November 13, 2011- Tom Kenyon

My intuition told me to pass this on. I did the whole hour meditation as suggested below. I have had slight discomfort around the area of my pituitary and a mild headache. Use your intuition to determine if this will be supportive and, if so, how many times to listen to the toning. Happy Age of Aquarius.

Transmissions of Light: 

A Hathor Planetary Meditation Reminder from Tom Kenyon

The World Meditation on 11/11/11

The actual “Transmissions of Light” World Meditation (as our group together in Seattle will experience it) will run from 9 pm until 10 pm November 11th PST. Note: This is 5 am – 6am Saturday, November 12, GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).

During this specific hour Hathors from the 5th through the 12th Dimensions will be bringing in light through sound. Hathors who reside in the higher dimensions (i.e. 9-12) are the ancient masters of their culture.

In past Hathor events, Hathors from the 5th through the 8th dimensions have participated, but this will be the first event where Hathors from the 9th through the 12th dimension will bring in light and sound.

While the concept of dimensions is a very complex affair, in this instance the central idea is that each dimension upward means that it is subtler in its nature. And the subtler the dimension, the more potential power there is to be accessed. As a result of this multidimensional orchestration on the part of the Hathors, I fully expect a profound and potent experience for all of us.

If you choose to ride the energetic wave during this specific hour-long meditation, the Hathors suggest you listen to the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement seven times and then sit in silence for twenty to thirty minutes with your attention in the area of your pituitary. If possible, they suggest that you then lie down and rest. (Note: a link to the audio file for the Pituitary Attunement and instructions on how to use it, are at the end of this message.)

The transformational energies around this Meditation will extend for a three-day period. The portal will initially open when we begin working with the group in Seattle at 7 pm on November 11th PST and continue until November 13th at 4 pm, PST, when it will close.  Meditation on the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement will be particularly potent during this entire time period. (To find your time corollary go to

The energetic of the Meditation, as well as the three-day gathering in Seattle, will transcend both time and space.  In other words, you can enter into profound states of inner awareness using the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement at anytime while the portal is open during the three-day period, regardless of where you might be physically located.

If you follow the Hathors’ suggestion regarding the meditation, you would set aside about an hour when you won’t be disturbed. You would then listen to the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement seven times back-to-back (from your own computer and/or mp3 player). Then you would sit in silence with your attention in the area of your pituitary gland for twenty to thirty minutes. And finally, you would lie down, if possible, and rest for a while. Many of us will, no doubt, fall asleep during this rest period, and this is a good thing. If it happens for you, my suggestion is to just go with it.

If you feel drawn to do the meditation more than once during the three-day period of the energetic, monitor yourself. If you start feeling more weird than usual, stop the meditation and rest.

I anticipate a profound and deep experience for everyone who joins us in this meditation wherever they may be. And I welcome all of our world sangha to The Table of the Great Mystery.

May we all be nourished and enlivened by the realms of light that will be opened. And may these transmissions of light extend to all beings who wish to receive them.

Note: To listen to this file seven times, you must download it onto your computer and/or mp3 player. Do not continuously listen to it on our website. Too many people trying to listen to it on our site by clicking “play” over and over will literally freeze the audio file, and no one will be able to listen to it. Please download it to your computer. Also, you cannot download directly to a smart phone or an MP3 player. You must first download to a computer.

Click here to read the instructions for the Pituitary Dimensional Attunement, as previously given, as well as to access the free audio file.

On an unrelated topic:
An independent documentary is being made about Tom’s life and work in sound healing. To see a preview of the film:

© 2011 Tom Kenyon. All rights reserved
You may make copies of this message and distribute in any media you wish as long as you change nothing, credit the author, and include this copyright notice and web address. 

Copyright (C) 2011 Tom Kenyon All rights reserved.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

focusing on what you intend and releasing the negative core identity

Two topics are brewing in me so I guess I'll throw them together. Are any of you noticing what happens when you focus on what you don't want? It's not pretty. Now, don't we all know about the law of attraction? Yet watch what happens when a problematic situation arises, especially if it is one with a lot of history, a lot of past linked to it. Witness how much of your thought spins out anchoring the problem, visualizing all the ways disaster can strike. And then see what unfolds. I have been doing this often yet, boy, it is hard for me to always catch it. Well just this morning I was DETERMINED to nail it and then see what would occur. My daughter has had a lot of trouble getting up on time for school, resulting in mucho parental stress, especially on car pool days. Last night we went to a performance of Riverdance in Sacramento and got home quite late. Now I had already caught myself worrying about going out on a school night and then having her not get up on time the next morning. So I decided to run an experiment. I prayed, visualized, called my guides, stood on my head, rubbed my tummy etc. all to stay on target and SEE her getting up with ease and grace. Let's just say it didn't start off that way. Her head under the covers, a few angry shouts and my body started buying it and getting stressed. Yet my commitment was deep so I went back up stairs and regrouped, called my wake up guides again, saw her getting up with laughter, whatever I could come up with. Back I go. Now she wants to cuddle and time is ticking. I do as she asks and am able to calm my body down. We now need to leave the house in 12 minutes and she is in bed. We decide to have a contest to see who can dress faster and with much humor and laughter, we jump in our clothes, she wins the contest and off we go.  I ask you, did the experiment work? Now the opportunity is to be consistent and stay out of ALL NEGATIVE THINKING. Not so easy, I know, yet critical at this juncture. At least for me, all my thinking shows up almost instantaneously so I am dedicated to staying positive.

O.K. this one is important too. I have been exploring what I am calling a negative core identity. I wasn't aware of this until about two weeks ago when I managed to heal something that has crippled me all my life- the core identity of being a person who could not handle life. This has led to incredible challenges with my energy, feeling exhausted and depleted and so on. Because it was my body experience I never even questioned it. It was beneath my core negative beliefs about love and separation. It was subconscious, below the level of thought. I merely accepted that I was too sensitive, too emotional, unable to handle the harshness of life. When I discovered the core sponsoring thought that I could not handle life, all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. I had recognized for about three years my sense of not being at home on the planet and my lack of joy in life.  I was one epiphany from a paradigm shift! My life feels totally different since I was able to surrender this negative core image of myself as limited, as unable to cope with life. Initially, I had no clue how to heal it, even when I had recognized what was going on. At that point, my sense was/is only grace could carry me, can carry us. And it does. What I realized is that I had to trust enough to let go, surrender and expect a miracle. That is what I got. A miracle. For 16 days I have not felt depleted, overwhelmed, unable to cope. What a relief.
I went to my Mastery class and found out my teacher was working on the same concept. He calls it the personal lie. How are we limiting ourselves and accepting that limitation as the truth? When you find it, ask why do I belief that about myself? Where does it come from? Dig until you find the core negative self identity that has limited you all your life. You'll know you've hit paydirt when you realize your whole life has been formed around this negative image. That this limitation has shaped your entire existence.
I felt I did not have enough energy to deal with life. Why? Too sensitive and too emotional. O.K., that is a lie right there. I am sensitive and emotional and that is wonderful- yet I always believed and was told I was TOO sensitive. I will give a link below to help heal all of you who identify with the false belief that you are too sensitive. But for me, there is even another layer. Why do I feel too emotional and sensitive? Because I feel I don't belong here and this planet is way too harsh for me. So maybe I really am a starseed from another planet and that explains it. And maybe not. I just throw that possibility out in case you identify with that too. Regardless, explore this question. What core identify have you given yourself that limits you greatly? You might be surprised at what you discover. And if nothing comes forward now, keep asking. These pesky negative identities loves to hide in the murk- you might not be able to see it yet. That's O.K. Trust and surrender and turn to the Mystery to help guide you.
And finally, I am going to go on record about this 11:11:11 gateway.  I've got a really good feeling. I heard we are now entering the Age of Aquarius and I say it is going to be good and very, very good. I heard we might get blissed out- can you image? I am in for the ride and finally truly looking forward to it. Bliss, here I come. I have declared myself for joy (see previous blog) and the time is NOW!!! Beloveds, I wish you a joyful 11:11:11. See you on the other side! much love, savannah

Osho video about sensitivity

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sun flares and 11:11:11?

Credit: NASA/SDO
Nov. 5, 2011 -- There's a storm brewing on the sun's surface and it could unleash its magnetic fury on Earth within the next five days.

That ominous warning comes from solar scientists at the NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center who are tracking a huge group of sunspots that are slowly rotating to face our planet. As imaged by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) in Friday, this is the largest group of sunspots seen on the sun since 2005. The largest sunspot (pictured above) is 17-times the width of the Earth.

Active region 1339 has been crackling with flare activity -- for now blasting the majority of its energy away from us -- but on Thursday, it showed solar astronomers what it's capable of; erupting with the most powerful type of flare.

The effects of the X-rays generated by the Nov. 3 X-class flare were detected in our upper atmosphere as waves of ionization altered the propagation of radio waves over Europe and the Americas, according to

Sunspots are the result of intense magnetic stress inside the sun. As we approach solar maximum (expected around 2013), we can expect to see more sunspots as intense magnetic fields break through the surface, exposing the cooler solar interior -- dark spots are the result.

Sunspots are found in regions of intense magnetic activity on the sun -- unsurprisingly known as "active regions." And it is active region 1339 that could put on an impressive fireworks display as it rotates across the disk of the sun, pointing directly at us at the halfway point. But will it erupt? For now, we have no idea -- it remains a risky game of (solar) Russian Roulette.

-- by Ian O'Neill.

Image (top): A view of the sun's photosphere through the eyes of the SDO's Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA). The sunspot cluster (toward the left of the solar disk) is easily visible. Image (bottom): An image of the hot solar corona above the sunspots taken at approximately the same time as the image above. Long loops of magnetic flux connect the sunspots and spread from the active region. Credit: NASA/SDO
Credit: NASA/SDO

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Transference:the Rebirth

This one feels so important I am going to copy and past it in its entirity. It is a forecast for the 11:11:11 gateway which is fast upon us. I am getting a strong sense of excitement and possibility. Hang on and ride the wave!!! much love savannah

source: Think with your

Transference: the reBirth

**Important to note: this transmission is encoded with specific frequencies that the Pleiadian High Council have asked me to distribute to those in resonance. This means that the energy contained within this article will activate, accelerate and/or align you to the Source Code frequencies, those codes that are contained within our God-DNA. As a disclaimer, these frequencies have the potential to greatly accelerate your awakening process and the activation of your divine blueprint.
I am sure most of you are feeling it already, but we are in a pretty profound passage this week and so I have been asked by the Pleiadian High Council…on what they call a special mission of service… to address some things that they feel we would benefit from knowing. Please bear with me as I have not fully integrated this information…which I try to do (at least a little) before I post an update…however, there is a sense of urgency behind this that is forcing me to wing-it. As always, the energy of the article is more important than the words that are preceding our mental comprehension of it all.

11/11/11: Preparation
If I could sum up this entire update in one word, it would be: HUNKERDOWNANDGROUND.
And how.
The PHC came bursting thru the veil yesterday with a preparation message for the 11:11 this week saying that we need to make a conscious effort to stabilize and anchor ourselves in the earth plane because the incoming frequencies are not only powerful, but in the words of the council, are “literally restructuring the physical foundation of your existence with the Source Codes of regeneration.”
“What we would like for you to understand is that the upcoming alignment is the one you have been waiting for…it is ostensibly THE most powerful event of the ages…an adjustment that will enhance your lives in every way.” -PHC
From the perspective of the Pleiadians, the purpose of the 11:11 gateway is to anchor the frontrunners of new humanity both into the crystalline unity grid…the portal to full multidimensional consciousness…and into the heart center (crystalline core) of our planet….that which will precipitate the final integration period, the alignment of the physical body. This unprecedented alignment between the earth and those starbeings/lightworkers ready to be “plugged in” will apparently trigger a great psychic and physical opening that the PHC are coming forth to address.
“The changes that we speak of are psychic in nature, but also offer you the unique ability to harness the power of earth to propel you out of limitation and into pure love.” -PHC
From what I can understand, this sacred passageway is bringing us into alignment with both the forces of nature (earth), as well as the forces of creation (cosmic), which is not only enabling/activating this heightened sense of perception & pure love that the unseens have been telling us about for so long…but it also the divine dispensation that the ultra-sensitives have been waiting for to balance themselves and be released from the electromagnetic distortions that caused so much suffering for so many years.
“This activation is infusing your biology with the new Source Codes of mastery arriving through the 11:11. These changes can certainly be felt in your cells as feelings of fatigue & detoxification discomfort, however, this particular activation is responsible for addressing the physical body’s connection to the planetary body, and will result in the release from suffering.” -PHC
I am hearing that there will be an adjustment period required to align our bodies with the new frequencies of what they call the 12th level of galactic initiation… but that this will pale in comparison to the journey to get here because of this reconnection to the planet. The PHC are calling this alignment with our mother a kind of “surge protector” in the sense that we will now be safeguarded from the heavy infusions thru the disbursement of these energies thru the planetary grid.
NOTE: For those starseeds/indigos/bluerays who were unable to fully ground into the lower dimensions due to the (sometimes frightening) electromagnetic discordance created from the genetic implants placed within humanity’s lower three body system, I am being asked to specifically to enforce the fact that it is safe now to enter your bodies fully. The planet is prepared for you now and you will be supported.
Apparently up until this point the starseeds/lightworkers/indigos, etc. were the only anchors for this energy which meant we had to channel these ridiculously high frequencies thru our bodies alone, and while spread out all over the world, in order to ground the vibrations of universal love into the planet and assist the earth in her own ascension. We were the acupuncture needles required to open & stimulate the flow of chi through the crystalline grid. But as of the 11:11 and throughout 2012, the earth is aligning with her divine blueprint which means that we are now sharing the “burden” with her, which will of course make all our jobs way less cumbersome.  Gives new meaning to the phrase: many hands make “light” work : ))
“Those at the forefront are embodying the mastery activation codes and distributing them to the rest of humanity thru the shared planetary crystalline grid which is easing the process on both humanity and the great mother. This will be a magnificent change for both the planet and for those at the guild.” -PHC

The PHC say that those at the forefront of new humanity are about to experience “a coming together of unparalleled proportion…a weaving of cosmic intelligence within your earthly bodies that will astound you”…and that we are soon to experience a multidimensional understanding of the forces of intelligence at work, thereby enabling us to realize a great many things never before seen or understood. The visual I am given is that we are turning on our heart-lights, which will illuminate our entire being from the inside-out, disabling our ability to cast shadows as every area of our lives is lit up with clarity and truth.
(BTW, really sorry for that Neil Diamond ditty now spinning on repeat in your head. If it makes you feel any better, that played-out elevator track was inspired by the movie E.T. which, incidentally, is about an extraterrestrial who comes to Earth and is literally dying to leave. i-r-o-n-eeee)
The reason the council is sharing this information is to enlighten us to a process that we will be undergoing that they call transference, which they say is “the energetic transfer of christed intelligence from your higher self to your lower three bodies”. Apparently we will be undergoing this transfer until the 12:12 gateway by which we will receive the final set of activation codes that will enable the integration of our full-body ascension, the manifestation of pure divinity in form.
I am also being told that this process requires our participation…especially between 11/11/11 and 12/12/11…in that we will need to assist in the transfer of information from one body to another…akin to a file transfer on a computer, we will need to ensure the proper routing.
“What we mean is this…as your lower three bodies align with your christed avatar-self you will undergo a temporarily amplified release from dross, an expansion that will catapult you into a heightened state of sensorial-based bliss and clear conscious awareness. Many of you are already beginning to feel these energies enliven you as your cells take on the full radiance of christed-love. Following this climax of sorts, that is to say, the peak of this energy transfusion, you will be required to consciously maintain your temporal existence throughout this period of great expansion.” -PHC
Now, I barely know…on a mental level…what any of that means, other than the fact that the seven sisters have eluded to something like this in the past. Alls I know for certain is that thru this stargate, we need to keep our feet solidly on the ground because if we don’t channel this energy properly…meaning, into the earth…the PHC say we can be overcome by, get this: feelings of elation. They go on to say that even though it seems contradictory, the feeling of release precipitated by this expansion can be quite ecstatic…and if left unfocused, can result in what they call spiritual detachment. I imagine they are referring to a type of “blissed-out”…the popular escapism so prevalent in new age circles.
It’s hard to say without a doubt, but the feeling I am getting is that this happening is related to all those things the seven sisters have referred to in the past in various ways as: quickening, rapture, light-body expansion, tightening, moment of truth, bestowal of grace,inception, etc.
Since I am piecing this together like the rest of us in the front car of this surreal-roller-coaster-of-creation, I am thinking that this transference process follows the “light-body expansion” that the sisters described to us as “an expansion of great realization, an infusion of light/intelligence that supersedes all limited human understanding and occurs at the moment of inception…when the physical body interfaces with the divine body, or the KA”…which sounds pretty similar to what the PHC are saying here.
Actually, the council just confirmed that by saying…“inception is the word that we have used in the past to loosely describe the moment of release from the fear-body …transference is a word we use to describe the process of it…the exchange of christed-intelligence as the spirit body interfaces with the physical body, which is a simultaneously happening. This is the period of dissolution of the mortal body template and the emergence of the divine body template. And this is nothing to fear. Contrary to that, you will take great delight in this passage”.
Whatever is happening or how, I am going on record to say: it’s a big deal.  Luckily, we don’t need the mental understanding to experience it. And experience it we will.

Earth Star Chakra
“These energies are powerful and if not managed properly can cause electrical shortages and feelings of ungroundedness…in extreme cases, flights of fancy.” -PHC
To assist us in grounding ourselves this week and through to the 12/12, the PHC say the 11:11 brings with it a deeper level encodement, activation and opening of our earth-star chakra which will enable a fortified connection to the planet that will offer us reprieve….but that we have to consciously utilize. (Worth mentioning that all this grounding is extra stressful on the spine, feet, legs, knees, lower back, and all corresponding organs/systems related to the root/sacral/plexus chakras. Salt baths, stretching, walks in nature & conscious breathing help a great deal for the physical discomfort, as well as consciously moving the energy out of our bodies and into the earth.)
The only thing that is really required to ground is to hold the awareness of our connection to earth…however, if you feel like that is not enough you can visually move energy through your body and into the planet by visualizing your earth star chakra…which is roughly a foot beneath your feet…and which connects you to the core of earth. This connection acts as our grounding wire and secures our energy body to the earth plane by aligning us with earths elemental energies.
The PHC recommends that we channel these cosmic energies through our crown, down our spine, out thru the soles of our feet and into our earth star chakra which connects us to the core of the planet with a dark silver-brownish cord of light. I, myself, am not a big fan of meditation or visualization or anything really that requires extra-sensory effort, but based on what I am being shown, even I may make use of some visual aids. For those who like to keep it simple, one of my favorite and absurdly easy grounding techniques is what I call “magnet feet”…where I imagine that my feet are magnets that are clamped to the ground by the pull of earth’s metal core.  Tho honestly, I find laughter to be the best remedy…second to that would be cooking or baking or just spending time with loved ones.  I say, whatever works.
Lastly, the council recommends that we begin to hold the awareness of our earth star chakra and connection to the planet’s heart center starting today, thru the 11:11 and for the three days that follow the event. After that…well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.
Happy reBirthday!
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Monday, November 7, 2011


I had an exquisite experience today. A lot of things led up to it and have spun off from it. Yet the moment itself glistens like a precious jewel. I was feeling very emotional. My daughter didn't get out of bed until minutes before we needed to leave for school. The roads were frosty. A warning light came on in my car. Then a beautiful buck leaped from a bush as we rounded a steep curve. I slammed on the brakes, sending my daughter and her backpack flying but seemingly only giving the deer a glancing blow. I burst into tears and couldn't stop. My daughter asked why. "Because I don't like to hurt things," I heard myself say. In that moment a rush of awareness flooded me and it was as though every hurtful thing I had ever done surged back to me. Such sadness and grief.

Then I was at my embodidance class and felt inauthentic with every gesture. I couldn't find my true moves, even with my eyes closed. My body jangled with every false step. My image in the mirror repelled me. And then we went around the circle with each woman following our moves. I felt awkward until it was my turn. Then this purity flowed through my body, connecting me to the universe, to the gods, to Truth. I felt the nectar seep through my body in welcome. Tears sprang to my eyes and I felt a sense of being home, of belonging I can not possibly put into words.   My hands soared into the heavens, lifting my spirits.

The homecoming flitted in and out of me. I assumed it was a private moment until a woman thanked me after class, telling me how she too felt connected to the Goddess, to the celestial spheres through imitating and witnessing my movement. Her words dovetailed my experience and showed me we had been truly joined in that moment. Again tears sprang to my eyes with a sense of intimate connection. The moment seems distant now in time and space yet stands as an oasis of awakening and remembering a homecoming that made everything and everyone precious and dear, especially myself. I was HOME after such a long time in the wilderness. I was home.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I am not my body

Until a few years ago, I lived with debilitating anxiety. It wasn’t until I was in my forties that I even realized I had anxiety. I was getting licensed as a therapist and still had no clue I was anxious perhaps because I had never NOT been anxious in my conscious awareness. Only after some energy work done in response to a different matter did I come to know the state of non- anxiety. What an eye opener. I realize now that anxiety has been one of my greatest teachers. In order to keep anxiety at bay, I have spent years doing healing work, shifting my beliefs, allowing resonances to move through my body when they arise and so on. Yet anxiety has limited me in many ways, kept me out of crowds or noisy environments, kept my world small in some ways, kept me scanning and trying to control my world to prevent anxiety producing situations.
Then a few years ago I healed enough and experienced almost a year without anxiety. As the energy on the planet heated up, I would have bouts of anxiety again. So I would dig deeper, releasing whatever was required. Until July of this year. As we dove into the second half of the ninth and final wave of the Mayan calendar, a new dynamic reared its ugly head- impersonal anxiety, world anxiety, light increase anxiety, in other words, anxiety over which I had absolutely no control or seemingly no way to shift. Believe me when I tell you I freaked out when I first understood what was happening. I panicked, wondering how long it would last. Fortunately, it was only about a week. It has arisen again and again, usually in a pattern that related to the calendar. I learned to allow it without major terror until a few weeks ago. 
At that time the pressure on my body intensified, becoming extreme anxiety, the pressure squeezing my body in a vise like compression. I knew my beliefs and thoughts were affecting it so I didn't even call it anxiety- I am only doing so here to simplify what I am trying to say. Nothing seemed to diminish it, including a week at a spa with hot mineral springs. YIKEES! The only belief I could locate with this energy was the fear that it would never end and that I couldn’t take it anymore. I felt like it would blow me apart. I had no clue what to do and was spiraling downward. I told myself over and over, I am not my body yet it was an empty thought with no reality to it. Until about a week ago. I was at my Way of Mastery group and one of the other students told me I had to surrender it. Well, the only other time I truly surrendered something was my marriage when I also came to the end of my ability to tolerate the suffering and pain of not surrendering. That radical surrender lead to two days of bliss and seeing angels before I dropped back into the bog. I realized my fellow student was absolutely right. I also was blown away by something my teacher said. He said that every movement, thought, gesture, word we make, think, speak declares our identity- are we moving, speaking thinking as the ego or as the Divine? Somehow that statement was the epiphany that led to a paradigm shift. I got it. I got that each morning I had been waking up and my first, or as he called it, sponsoring thought was “Oh shit.” I woke up fearing the pressure in my body, I woke up feeling absolutely limited by what happened in my body. I was defining my identity by what was occurring in my body. I surrendered deeply and woke up the next morning, sincerely (as opposed to by rote) declaring my unlimitedness, my Identity as a child of God. What a difference.
It is now a week later and so far so good, I have definitely had some tension but I have not slipped into that panicked terror. That first day I watched every thought, word and deed as much as possible. I was able to score about 85% showing up as Spirit rather than as limited, as just a body. And boy am I committed! There is nothing like acute suffering to ensure an irrevocable commitment. Way of Mastery calls it being “vigilant for the kingdom.” This pain sure got my attention and I am more than willing to remain vigilant. I no longer am willing to let my sloppy thoughts torture me, I am no longer willing to ignore my unlimitedness. Let’s just say I am highly motivated. The other thing this is forcing me to do is examine all they ways I try to control life and now choose surrender instead. (yes, I know, easier said than done.)
Yesterday I was given a new practice that is helping me. The second I feel myself slip into fear of any sort, I notice it and choose to trust and let go in the moment. I remember when I first realized what it would take to truly wake up. It felt like mission impossible- take TOTAL dominion of my consciousness!?!?, take TOTAL responsibility for every thought, feeling, word and deed- no way Jose. Let me tell you after this I am willing to do whatever it takes. Still seems a smidge daunting but I got say “yes, way.” O.K.?

sponsoring thought

I am playing with busting one of my core self images- seeing myself as limited and incapable. There are two situations which I had been allowing to bury me. I could see no solution and was freaking. One was with the pressure on my body as I will post in a blog I have almost finished. The other doesn't even matter as the point is WHO AM I? Am I this sniveling, fearful, exhausted bag of bones hoping to survive these times? (O.K. yes, that is who I often have taken myself to be lately, waking up with the first thought, "oh no, another day, how will I get through it?") Obviously, not very inspiring or uplifting. I see myself in some basic way as feeble and incapable. Or, as I am now intending and making it my practice, I can wake up and say, "Oh boy, a new day, I wonder what miracles I am capable of? How exciting, the planet is shifting to unity/love consciousness and I get to release anything that obstructs that- yippee, what fun!" Now as you can imagine, that might not be exactly what I am feeling in the moment. Yet I really get it. If I keep limiting myself in thought, I will limit myself in deed. So, NO MORE!!! I have had enough of pain and suffering- how about you? Now, after much practice, both situations have shifted dramatically although they are still not gone. I choose to have faith and await with wonder what miracles will bring healing to them. That definitely feels better than my former- "Oh shit, I can't take it anymore!" So I am going to stick with door number two and see where my magic carpet takes me.
P.S. I seldom recall my dreams lately but last night I dreamt vividly about the actor Tony Curtis. He was visiting me and he was still young and handsome. I was sooo attracted to him and couldn't decide how far to take it with him. Anybody got a clue what this might mean? For those of you who don't know who he is, he was a famous actor who I believe died recently in his old age.

Here is a link to a beautiful video of a woman explaining in Japanese how to release limitations. It is a practice I learned years ago in a slightly different form and found extremely effective. The man who taught me had learned it while in Africa working with shamans. For me, the woman in the video is so graceful in her movements and the Japanese sounds so beautiful. Needless to say, it is subtitled. I had never heard of her before but I believe she is known to be awakened.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011



Happy 11-1-11! I wrote my first blog a year ago today and what a joy it has been. Sharing my journey and what it has taught me somehow makes it easier for me to live through the painful parts. I have such a strong sense that then my suffering can help alleviate someone else's and somehow that eases the journey. It is so strange to me that those of you who read regularly know so much about me and I only know what country you are from. Yet I feel viscerally connected.

I have a blog about the body brewing. The body is my last frontier as it is the one I have avoided the longest, not really wanting to "embody." The one thing I want to share now is a feeling I have had lately that is so new and delicious for me. I am taking a class called embodidance and I think it was there I first had the feeling, the feeling of expressing exactly what I was experiencing through movement. The expression was pure and absolutely authentic. There was a feeling of RIGHTNESS that was indesribable. My entire being vibrated with the knowing that for those few seconds I was 100% real, that my whole being was singing with Truth. It was joyful and fluid. I experience it again for one song while at ecstatic dance. I flowed through the song in a way that was so ME, so genuine, so alive. I saw someone staring at me and that somehow validated the feeling even more. He later told me how mesmerized he was by my movement. It as though a whole unknown world, a world I am sure many of you know well, opened to me. YUM!

Blessing, Beloveds as we travel toward the 11:11:11 gateway. Know that we are not alone and that legions of angels and guides are escorting our every step.