Thursday, May 31, 2012

enjoy being non- joyful

O.k. friends, the energies are definitely on the move- full super moon, lunar eclipse, venus transit- hang on to your hats! Some people are reporting feeling sick to their stomach and other symptoms. I am actually doing fairly well, mostly in balance yet definitely NOT jumping for joy. I realized I had a mild judgment about feeling blah and a little down after my visitation with that harbinger of joy, the humming bird. Just spoke with a friend who was trying to muster up gratitude just like I was trying to force joy. The hell with that- it soooo doesn't work. So I have decided to enjoy being unjoyful instead of judging myself and boy, do I feel a lot better already! 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

playing with Christ consciousness

At my Way of  Mastery class yesterday we read something that challenged us to live just one day as the Divine, as awake, as without challenges or judgments, blessing and honoring each moment.  I woke up this morning and decided to play with it. Nothing earth shattering is happening yet I am having a peaceful day despite rather grinding heat. I am doing my best to live without opinions or even preferences. It actually has been even more peaceful that usual- usual being for the last week and a half. I am aware of only one bigger judgment and one small one. I definitely was annoyed by a driver crawling up the hill where there is no passing for about 12 miles- yea, I was categorically of the opinion that that car should speed up so I could pick up my daughter on time. The second smaller opinion I caught, which was that my daughter should not bad mouth her tutoring teacher. I immediate questioned that and I actually do realize that the complaining genuinely makes it easier for her to do the tutoring without the previous high drama. I actually acknowledge how much she dislikes it and would prefer to do just about anything else- so I really can’t say that I know she should not moan and groan. 

My mentor told us yesterday that we have passed a major milestone in our awakening. He also said our next release will be about letting go of all judgment. Let’s see how it plays out.

My health coach told me yesterday that I have a Jupiter/Mars personality. He said Mars is about being martial or military, wanting to fight, having a lot of anger. It has been very hard for me to own my anger, having been raised by a man with tremendous and, for me, very frightening rage. Yet I was able to recognize that my anger over a recent “injustice” was very much out of proportion to the actual event. I was then able to express my concern in a more balanced, fair way and got a wonderful, very endearing response.

I am sitting in the back yard of the tutor's house surrounded by very tall, very green trees. A gentle breeze dances the lower leaves. I am immersing myself it what is being called Christ consciousness, seeing myself as unlimited and all powerful. I am playing with this new identity. Initially it felt way too big for me. Now it seems to fit me just right.

Finally, I will be doing a ritual on Saturday June 9th at 5 p.m. California time to celebrate the end of the venus transit which is complete on June 5th I believe at 6:10 p.m. This transit is about anchoring and embodying even greater Love in our lives. During the ritual we will be burying symbols that represent our deepest longing and desire.  We will also be burying a symbol of our gratitude to Gaia. If you would like to joins us energetically, please do. If you would like to send your deepest longing or wish for Gaia, I will print them out and bury them during the ritual. I would love to have you join us!


My day is ending. I really only got caught by one major judgment/opinion. It is one that has gripped me for a long time. The same dynamic played out and I assumed I knew what should happen and what was happening. Perhaps only because today is my day to play out Christ consciousness, I am now questioning the whole thing. Do I actually know what is happening? What should happen? I realize that actual, I have no clue. An interesting way to end the day.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have written before how in the last weeks wild animals have been approaching me in very unusual ways. Yesterday was by far the most unusual.
I heard a car on the driveway letting me know friends had arrived. As I was about to get up from my beloved hammock (site of many great shifts and insights) I heard a loud buzzing and slowly turned my head to see a hummingbird about 8 inches away (way less than half a meter). It shot off and then hovered near my right shoulder, moved in front to me, to the right again and then behind, never more than a foot away. S/he did this twice, once coming so close to my face that I ducked back. Then s/he stationed herself directly in from of my face, nose to beak for about 20 seconds, looking right into my eyes! Then s/he shot off at the speed of light, leaving me stunned and awed. The whole encounter was almost two minutes I'd say. Hummingbird was my symbol for last year and represents joy. The connection brought me such magic and joy.

flower petals on my head

I had the most delicious, peaceful, loving weekend welcoming my daughter back from her week in Yosemite and connecting with friends old and new. I am coming into a new era of truth telling, sharing my purpose and insights with increasing openness, even to
'strangers." It feels very good.
I decided at the last minute to go to a meeting with the American teacher Gangaji. I heard she was going to be here, looked up her teachings and wondered if I would go. Then a friend wanted to go see her so we did. I was the first to raise my hand to volunteer to speak with her, knowing it was being filmed. I was way in the back and she did not see me. My friends urged me to move closer, as several others did, so she would call on me. I looked inside and saw a new landscape. In the past I would have felt the need to connect to her energy field, to see if she had any answers, to contribute through my willingness to be vulnerable. I checked inside to see if my contribution would be of benefit and I felt silence, no need to do or say anything. The most amazing shift was apparent. I felt no need to GET something from outside of myself. Someone recently shared this story that perfectly summarizes how I felt. The story goes that the disciple goes to study with the Guru, sitting at his feet in awe and gratitude, showering his teacher with rose petals. Until one day this student wakes up and showers her own head with rose petals. When I realized I needed nothing from Gangaji, tears came to my eyes as I imagined myself showered in flower petals.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

two weeks of profound transformation

I just read this article and find it very accurate. We are in an extemely potent few week period where profound transformation is possible. I highly recommend you read it :

rHere is another great article by her:

I just decided to move the whole first article over as some of you may need the transator posted here.

Dear Light Friends,

We are in an intensely potent window of time right now, between May 20th (Eclipse) and the following two weeks leading up to the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of the 4th June. This two week window we now find ourselves in is forcing to the surface issues connected with the past that need to be finally released, or which have come full circle and are now completing.
The May 20th Eclipse asked us to cast our minds back to nineteen years ago and to what was taking place then in our lives and to note any correlations to any similar themes that are occurring in our lives and awareness now. The May 20th Eclipse is inviting us to recognise that what we are noting and noticing in this period of time is not by chance, and that we are undergoing a critically important release which directly relates to ‘then’ and ‘now,’ in terms of the process that each one of us is immersed in throughout 2012, leading to 21.12.12.
For many of us the May 20th Eclipse is revealing how we are experiencing a more refined theme/version of what was occurring ‘back then’. Yet, nevertheless, a ‘theme/version’ that remains an active force and which seeks a final resolution. So, my advice is to use this two weeks until the June 4th Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon to finish a process which really began nineteen years ago, and seek a healing resolution for an historical/karmic pattern that has become fully conscious and ready for a final release. It may not be the actual events from nineteen years ago that are seeking release, more importantly it may be the overall karmic theme that has been active for lifetimes, and during the past 26,000 years cycle.
You may find yourselves feeling overwhelmingly tired to the point of exhaustion, experiencing headaches, hormonal problems, brain fog, dizziness, nausea, weak limbs, sweating, shivering, or both at the same time, loss of appetite, confusion, loss of interest in what you are doing, inability to function or concentrate in your normal manner, and finding yourselves immersed in spontaneous memories of events, especially from the past nineteen years.
You may also find yourself in an unexpected life review, and if so, it is a good idea to write down bullet points of what is rising to the surface of your memory to seek a final release.
You may find yourselves with a feeling of needing to live your life in absolute alignment with your truth, with what really feels right for YOU, no matter how much it contradicts what you have committed to, or what others expect of you. The need to do so will be overwhelming and one which you simply MUST follow.
I suggest that we each put aside time over these next two weeks to consciously contemplate just what was occurring nineteen years ago, and any general life review that is insisting on being part of that process. This is an opportunity to consciously reach back and bring this energy into our current awareness. Let it become known to each one of us just what is wanting to be seen, to be heard, to be validated, to be acknowledged, to be healed, in order to become complete during this auspicious two week window of time. Write it all down, or type it and print it out, sit with it, feel it, love it, appreciate it, understand it, forgive it, and prepare it for a final releasing ceremony on June 4th.
The short time between June 4th and June 6th, (6.6.12 beng the Venus transit), presents a transitional moment – a limbo state – from the conclusion of one cycle of experience to the opening of another, (catalysed by the instrumental Venus Transit). This takes us to the penultimate Solstice of a 26,000 year cycle, leading to the final Solstice that is 21.12.12.
All that we are processing in these next two weeks, consciously or unconsciously, in terms of our own deep healing process of the past up until this very moment, is in preparation for the profoundly auspicious and extremely rare Venus transit on June 6th. I will write specifically about this transit and its effect on the individual, humanity and the Earth in the days leading up to it.
Let it be known that those of us who are consciously awake are in deep, deep process for these next two weeks, and that we MUST give time for moving back and forth across the bridge that connects us to nineteen years ago when this May 20th Eclipse last occurred. However, let us also remember that the May 20th 2012 Eclipse has impacted us way beyond anything we experienced nineteen years ago BECAUSE it involved Alcyone, the Central Sun of the Pleiades, a rare event which last occurred 26,000 years ago.
2012 is the year that leads each of us into a ‘never before human experience’ of the convergence of ALL timelines, both inner and outer. We can observe how 26,000 years of human history is coming to a close by understanding the significance of this astronomical phenomenon.
Let us make no mistake, WE ARE on a ‘deadline’ in this year of 2012. I am going to write more on this in the coming weeks, however, suffice to say, WE ARE against the clock in terms of our own momentous and transformational consciousness shift and convergence of all timelines within ourselves.
If any of us believed 2012 was going to be an easy year in terms of our personal evolutionary process, we couldn’t have been further from the truth! 2012 has a mission to sound the Wake Up Call, and bring us to our knees if this is what it takes, in order for us to implement the necessary changes that will set us on the path to a new paradigm experience both within and around us post 21.12.12.
2012 is about Love, and that may be tough Love when needed. Yet, rest assured that whatever 2012 is here to do, it is here to support us to purge the past, and cleanse, clear and purify in preparation for post 21.12.12.
The last Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Gemini occurred in May 1993. In that nineteen year period, wherever we have become or remained out of balance, we have until the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon of June 4th to address this and literally pull ourselves back into balance. Fundamentally, it is during this period of time that we are being given the opportunity to go inside and LOVE OURSELVES. In essence, it is as simple as that.
2012 WILL break us down in order to support an unprecedented breakthrough as awakened human beings. NEVER before has such a breakthrough been possible to enable us to embody the new human template, (a template which has remained dormant in most of us for millennia). We live in incredible times. It is the greatest privilege to be alive at this time, and the greatest opportunity for an unprecedented leap in our evolutionary journey of the Soul.
Nicolya Christi
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Friday, May 25, 2012

TRUST- post eclipse

Wow, I don't know what is up in your world but for me the eclipse was a real mover and a shaker. Quite honestly I was afraid it might shake me right off my axis and in a very real way, it did. I was afraid it might just finish me off and, as it turns out, a part of me did die, was "finished off." My guides explained it to me by saying that a part of my nervous system that was tied to old karma and a now dysfunctional operating system had to be dismantled. The part of me tied to old energies and limited beliefs had to be severed and it was not a particularly pleasant process. (O.K. I got a message to add what I have let go of and here's what pops up for now: judgment, comparison, future negative fantasies, fear, politeness that is false, seeing myself as limited, control, the belief that my emotions or my body rule me, the belief and negative self image that my nervous system is too sensitive and can keep me confined to a small world. I am sure there are more but that's all for now.) I have had a lot of aches and pains in addition to the worry that I was going bonkers (American slang for crazy, insane since I am unsure how the translator might interpret bonkers). Well, now they assure me that was the worst of it and from now on, as long as I stay out of any limiting beliefs, out of trying to control things, out of seeing myself as the "doer", things should be much smoother sailing. There will be a few bumps and grinds but nothing so earth shattering.

Apparently I am not the only one to get so shaken. I shared in my class how I was feeling and a few people came up to me after class to tell me they feel the same way. So if you are one of the ones that has been shaken to your core, take a deep breath, dig down inside yourself and see if you can find a center were trust resides. See if you can begin to truly imagine yourself as unlimited and powerful. Can you trust that these energies are benevolent, here to blow away all that is false in us, all that limits us? I know for me it is not easy. But this is the shift I must make if I am no longer willing to suffer (and I am not.) I must trust that I will survive and thrive, that this is all occurring for my, for our highest good. I must keep my eye on the prize, unconditional Love. Now that is and has been enough to keep me going, sometimes on my hands and knees and sometimes slithering on my belly. I can't say it has been particularly easy. Yet I am beginning to get a glimmer of trust, beyond the level of thought. There trust has resided inside me for a long time. Yet now I am dipping my toe into an embodied feeling that all will be well, that these energies are taking me exactly where I need to go.

From what I am reading, the eclipse was a major portal from which there is no return. We have now entered a new dimension of  energy where limitation will kick your butt in a new, perhaps physical way. In order to stay in balance, we simply chose to see ourselves as the infinite beings we are. Easy peeze, right!?! I don't know about you, but I prefer the carrot to the stick so I will do my best to dive into a warm blanket of trust and move forward with a renewed sense of hope and maybe the tinniest smidgeon of joy. Will you join me?

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Solar Eclipse This Sunday Evening – Fasten Your Seat Belt!

Here is some great information about the power of tomorrow's eclipse. After tomorrow, we can embody MORE LOVE- let's go for it!!!
by MLENNOX on MAY 18, 2012
Have you got your seatbelt fastened?  The first of the four big events that I’ve been writing about are upon us.  This Sunday features the Solar eclipse at the zero degree of Gemini.  Early June marks the Lunar and Venusian (thank you CdlH) eclipses in a one-two punch fashion, both in the middle of the sign of Gemini.  There is a third lunation on June 19th; a New Moon at the very end of Gemini.  Though not an eclipse, it is the third lunar event in Gemini, which is very significant.
Three lunations in a row in the same sign is known as a worm hole.  You know those special effects in a movie where you’re traveling through time and space as if you were swirling through a tube of light?  That’s a worm hole.  It’s as if you are picked up in one landscape, pummeled through multi-dimensional reality, and land in completely new territory.  The journey that is this wormhole starts on Sunday and by the time the third week in June is over, our consciousness will have completely transformed.
This is why I have been writing so much about the heart-centered transformation that is going on right now.  This is also why I have offered my services at such a low fee for the first half of 2012 (FYI – this fee goes away after these events, so if you want some assistance in this journey, you have about four weeks to get it at such a reduced rate).  I have done this so we will all be as prepared as we possibly can for the shift that is available during this four week transit.  This is that moment – and it can pay off great dividends:  The more consciously you have approached it, the greater the rewards will be.
An eclipse is the only astrological phenomenon where I put great emphasis on the actual moment that the event is occurring.  Most transits are like waves in the ocean and we are the surfers; it doesn’t really matter where you catch it.  If you want to ride the wave, you prepare yourself where you are and grab it when you’re ready.  Your experience of where it can take you is based on where you are in your development and what you choose to do with the energy that comes, even if it is appreciating the beauty of the wave from the safety of the shoreline.
However, an eclipse is a very definite event.  While the beam is broken and the shadow of the Moon passes over the Earth, an actual change is taking place right then.  The interruption in the constant flow of light from the Sun to the Moon is a lot like powering down your computer.  When you power back up again, all the software (read = all the new ways of being in the world, new thought patterns, new expressions of consciousness) that you have recently downloaded now become fully available for you to use.
Given the enormity of such a moment, it behooves us to be in a place of stillness when this is occurring in order to take full advantage of the opportunities at hand without the distractions of your chaotic mind being involved.  The exact time of the eclipse is Sunday, May 20th at 4:46pm PDT.  For my UK friends, you may be sleeping while the eclipse is happening.  Not to worry, as sleep is a great state to receive the energies of an eclipse, so do your prep before bedtime.  For those of you who are awake for this, simply be in a meditative, receptive state for about ten minutes before the peak of the eclipse and about ten minutes after.
This is a New Moon and as such it is a seed planting moment.  The best way to prepare for this is to have a sense of what you desire to draw into your experience.  If you have been following my posts, then you are likely to be well aware of the ways in which your Heart is calling you.  This is definitely a moment to trust that the work you have been doing has been exactly right.  Do not over-think this and do not second guess yourself.  In fact, if nothing else, allow your preparation to be the mantra, “I am grounded and centered in my Heart.  I am the perfect giver and receiver of Love.”  Have faith that the cultivation has been done and allow the changes you have been busy making to now be made manifest in your consciousness.
If you need a review of the themes that are being expressed at this time, re-read the previous few articles on Venus and her retrograde cycle.  The short version is that we are dropping more deeply into our Hearts than ever before.  The possibility that is on the table is for healing duality and separation in unprecedented ways.  The preparation has been to identify the ways in which you are still feeling split between living in the Heart and letting your Head dictate your experience.  You have a few more days to do some exploration about how this phenomenon is holding you back.
Since Gemini rules words and communication, a little writing may be in order.  Consider sitting down and writing yourself a love letter extolling the virtues of what it is like to be in a relationship with yourself.  Take the opportunity to also let yourself know just how you could improve your own love life in the holiest of holy relationships, the one you have with the Divine.  The more intimate you can be with yourself right now, that much more profoundly will intimacy begin to show up in your life.  You ARE the beloved in which the Father/Mother God is very well pleased.  Now start treating yourself like you actually believed that.  The moment for profound Love has arrived.  Have at it.


I want to welcome the latest countries checking in- Chile, Taiwan, Vietnam, Romania and Poland. We are such an international family and I love that! I just looked up the number of countries worldwide- officially 196. I have visited in the neighborhood of 75 countries and we now have 53 countries represented here. This gives me such a sense of unity and joy. You are all most welcome. My wish for all of you is that the energy of tomorrow's (in USA) eclipse will bring even more Love into you lives. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Divine Mod Squad

I am guessing by the fact that my blog is becoming increasingly popular that I am not the only one getting my cute little ole derrière kicked. But right on the coat tails of that kick are incredible blessings and insights. One of them is so out there that I only really started to believe it, beyond the level of mind, just a few days ago. It is a bit out there, (O.K., just kidding, it is wayyyyyyy out there) but here goes. I am announcing myself as an official employee of the Divine Mod Squad (Mod Squad was a TV show in the 70’s that was oh so very hip.) I have been saying I was employed by God for many years now and believe me the job has many perks. It also has a number of kick ass responsibilities. But to be honest, part of me said it as a joke. Now I  am 100% on board. First I listened to a CD from the Shanti Christo Foundation of Jeshua saying we were the embodiment of the Christ (please don’t freak out with the Christian language- it is just a way to speak and is totally alien to the Church associations). He said we’d come down here to experience separation first hand for one reason only- out of infinite compassion and the desire to transmute suffering. But the name of the game is- we have to know what it is so we get to taste test suffering first. He said two things I found hysterical. He said he chose the crucifixion to prove a point but he thinks he may have been over ambitious and overshot the mark, saying something  like, “Maybe I went too far and that crucifixion wasn’t REALLY necessary.” Then he said we were the ones down here with the hutzpah to experience what the hell is going on right now, we were the ones with the fortitude to experiencing suffering so we can support others to get free of it. Then he said something like, you all are amazing and we totally have your back because YOU are the ones doing it, you are the ones!
He said, - I LOVE THIS- you don’t see me doing it again, no way, something like that. What a hoot! Yea, so this earthy gig isn’t the easiest, especially now.
Here’s my new plan: I’ve decided to quit suffering, to no longer agree to suffering. I’ve decided to dance and enjoy. I did something called NIA today and it was so yummy. It is my fasting day and I decided to have a BLOODY Cappuccino- the heaven with it! OMG. I have decided to set a few parameters to my employment. I sensed for a long time that many people have learned through my example. Someone told me (thanks R.J.) that hearing about my pain helped him heal something within himself without having to go thought the actual suffering! I knew this about myself yet it was nice to hear it confirmed. I have done this in a few official settings. I did it where I was getting my Master’s in Spiritual and Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing. (man, no wonder I never talk about that title- too dang long.) My teacher Mary would often call on me as I would revert to being 5 years old and break down in front of 200 people, not even realizing until it was over that anyone but she and I were in the room (one example).Then I did it at my counseling center where I got part of my hours to be licensed as a therapist. (THEY are telling me to name names so I will- University of Santa Monica; Southern California Counseling Center.) Then I did it as I became certified in Cellular Memory Release ( Next I did it as I taught consciousness classes and facilitated clients ( a former client and student just confirmed to me how much that had helped her.) And now at my Way of Mastery group. As you might have recognized, I have no problem baring my heart and soul- one of the perks of being a four on the enneagram. And I understood for awhile that was part of my terms of employment for which I have been amply rewarded- financially and otherwise. (One example- I once had a student tithe me 10% of her yearly  income as she said I was the person who had most contributed to her spiritually that year.)
(INTERMISSION- PLEASE RECOGNIZE MY BRAIN IS FOGGED AND I feel like I am 20,000 leagues under the sea so don’t expect good writing or clarity- are we god?  Hoho- I meant to write good- but I wrote god; so the question is - are we god?- the answer- YES!!)))
What was I saying, actually I have no clue except to share I am part of the God Squad and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are too.
Oh yea, now I remember, terms of employment. So I have decided to no longer agree with certain things-( see do you agree blog). Here's what I no longer agree to- processing anyone’s pain and suffering/karma other than my own; having my daughter be adversely affected by my employment; suffering!! I no longer agree with suffering!! Yippee! That means I have to give up all resistance. YES YES YES. I use to call this blog say yes to love- that’s partly why.
I am beginning to see behind the curtain, the veil. I see how much support we have, how legions of helpers run before us clearing the way. One teeny example. The drive to my daughter’s school is very curvy. I came around a sharp curve and someone was turning into a driveway right on the curve. I was inches away and stood on my brake in a millisecond. Someone/something helped me stop so fast and not plow into the passenger I saw inches in front of me. Other little miracles: how mysteriously I do not have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for my daughter’s Pentathlon games. Dad has it covered. Or how I get money just when I need it. Or I get a day to myself when I fear my body is about to blow a gasket running these energies through it. Miracle after miracle- look for them, they are everywhere. I am running out of steam. Hope it makes any sense. Here’s the deal- They told me to offer my blog family discounted sessions. So here’s what I feel up to at this point. First two people to ask abut having healing sessions assisting one to clear the obstacles to Love using the gazillion years of training and techniques I have, I will give a 20% discount. Email me if you are interested. Must speak English, have access to a phone. Love ya!

P.S. They are getting pesky- I had no idea when I started this, that this is where it would end up but part of the terms of my employment is to sometimes have to shut up and just listen. If you are reading this, I guess I had the cojones to post it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Love or fear- moving mountains

The last few weeks have been rather challenging. I have healed so many things this year, mostly with relative ease. But these last weeks have been a cumulative trial. I know huge healing is occurring yet honestly I have not always been sure I can make it. And that thought is the one that sinks me.
Now despite doing this work professionally, it took me awhile to catch on to the fact that I was bumping up against a negative self image. It just seemed so darn true. My body has been in overwhelm, I am on a hair trigger. This experiences has haunted me much of my life and I thought was finally behind me, the feeling of wanting to jump out of my skin, as though red fire ants were just below the surface, of a loud noise startling me so much I want to cry, of feeling so much tension in my body I swear it could snap. So for it to reappear when my understanding from my guides is that overwhelm/anxiety was behind me, well, I have not been a happy camper. So I did what I usually do, hunker down, keep stimulation to a minimum, not make commitments. But this time I wasn’t going to get away with it. This is the time I am destined to turn and face this monster that has terrified me all my life, that has frightened me into making my life so much smaller than it could be, that has kept me on the run forever. Now, mind you, that was not my first thought since I have a crippling belief that this one could take me out, take me down, finish me off- you get the picture. I am trained to surrender and allow, but this one, no way, jose. ENOUGH ALREADY!! Yes, I have had major resistance and boy has that made it oh so much worse. So I have kowtowed to it, begging for mercy, please leave me in peace!! No such luck. Until finally, I thought I would shatter into a million pieces Then I woke up to the reality that I must irrevocably  face this demon. I woke up to the self image I have encased in cement- I believed I was a person who has a sensitive nervous system, is easily overwhelm, etc. I made it into an I AM statement- that is who I am and there is nothing I can do about it. These solar flares, eclipses etc, well, I am just a victim of those energies. Now that doesn’t quite match my statement this year- unlimited power dancing unity. This self image has handicapped me more than any other. It has me on my knees begging for relief. And I finally saw it for what it was- naked, abject fear. So, like always, I have two choices- love or fear. I finally saw I could make another choice.
So what's a girl to do? First I began to “try” to be willing to surrender. To be willing to be willing to allow. Then I began to toy with the truth that this was NOT bigger than me, could NOT take me out. I began to disagree. I asked for Divine assistance and asked that Love dissolve it. I began to entertain the idea I could get through this and be restored to Wholeness. That brought limited relief. So this energy has felt like the most humongous wave in the world, barreling down on me at a million miles an hour. My friend Jenn has been riding the energies as a force of nature like a thunderstorm, saying, “bring it on, I’ll ride and even enjoy whatever is thrown at me. I’m human and I am going to embrace the whole mess.” Impressive. I decided to (timidly) follow in her footsteps. I know this condition has taught me more than almost anything else has, has brought me humility and incredible compassion, has forced me to leave behind all judgment and many attachments. I can actually see its gifts. And still I quake. 
Less than a week ago I saw the negative self image and knew it was time to dissolve it. I began to monitor my thoughts and self talk and to disagree with any limiting beliefs or thoughts. I began to surrender and count on Divine assistance. I began to tip toe toward the wave. I began to give up my future negative fantasies of total annihilation.
I began to speak of the possibilities, my unlimited nature, the Love that is behind this obstacle, the space I would create inside by releasing this, the certainty (um, hem, haw) that I would heal this.  I used every resource I have to gain the courage to face this one with trust and faith. I recognized that once again I was trying to use my puny little ego to face this monstrosity- no chance. I got that this one is the acid test for me- am I or am I not tapped into an unlimited Power, a Source, a Love that can heal all things?  (I just took a little intermission to tell myself I love myself- photo-booth “accidentally” clicked on and there I was sitting in a chair typing. I felt such love for that dear one sitting there, I though I’d take an intermission to tell her how much I appreciate her. Guess what, this is the best I’ve felt for a while.) So, back to the question at hand, to be honest the jury is still out on that one but for sure I am beginning to sincerely lean in that direction, to feel a faith alive in me which calms down my body, to drop down into my heart and out of my head, to have the faith of a mustard seed. To believe that maybe, just maybe, this mountain will move.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012


My dear International Friends,

I just added a gadget that should translate this blog for you. It is located on the right side. I have no clue how it works but it seems to have a ton of languages. Give it a try and let me know how it works!

Do you agree?

This is a little exercise I am finding helpful. I am still feeling very challenged healing overwhelm yet I really get it is time and this one must go for me to fulfill my purpose in life.
So I herby declare- I DO NOT AGREE with overwhelm, I DO NOT AGREE with power over others, I DO NOT AGREE with fear.
I DO AGREE  with Love. I DO AGREE  with peace. I DO AGREE with calm. I DO AGREE with unlimited personal power dancing unity. And so it is!

Learn the rules.  And the first, and most important rule to learn, is that whatever happens on the planet, or in your life, cannot happen if you do not agree with it. And everything that happens, happens because you either agree with it, or do not cast a vote.
It is not up to me to choose whether those billions of sleepers are carried by us, forced to wake up, or left to their choice of wanting to stay asleep, not responsible for their actions, and let the "dark" take responsibility for them as they take them into a denser, darker Earth.
It is not up to me to decide how fast we remove the shadows and step fully into the new, higher vibrational, reality. Why wait 3 generations when we could have it in 3 months?  We decide. We decide what we agree with and what we don't agree with.
We all cast our vote.
So here is what we do, here is how we cast our vote:
Choose a person, situation, location, personal topic, or worldwide event, that you do not agree with.  Then, draw a red circle around it, and a line across it.  Say the words, "I do not agree with this".  Next, visualize what you would like to see, what you do agree with, and place a green tick next to it. It is very, very simple, and quick. So much so, that one might think it is not life changing, but it is.  Try it.  Try it with the big things, and the little things. Use it every day, and watch.  What do you have to lose by trying it out? Nothing.

Monday, May 14, 2012

suffering not necessary

I am still getting slammed energetically processing all the Love coming in so can hardly think yet I love this- suffering is not necessary for transformation! Hang in there my lovelies. This is some intense energy transforming us. Rest as much as possible, drink lots of fresh water, eat well and know that on the other side we will have embodied so much more love! I am really enjoying many of the ascension 101 post.

Some people say that the only way to ascend and grow is to suffer. That might be true to them, but it is not true for a lightworker.  The only thing it does to a lightworker is put out that light which the lightworker came here to bring and use.
So, as a lightworker, light warrior, or ascension worker, what can you do?  Process the negativity.  And process some more, then some more.  And you continue processing until IT IS ALL GONE.  The fastest and most effective process I have found is the following:  You scan all of your different bodies for the negative energy, for example, "I feel violated", you find it, maybe in your physical body somewhere, or your aura, or your mind as nasty thoughts.  And then you say, "[description of what you found] you are welcome here." For example, "tight knot in my tummy, you are welcome here", or "fear in my shoulder, you are welcome here".  Then you allow it to be there.  You allow it to grow, expand and express to you.  You welcome everything it does, any thoughts that come up and you continue focusing on it.  It might move to another location, it might bring you memories or thoughts, in which case you say, "memory, you are welcome here", "thought, you are welcome here". Then you embrace it with love.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day


Friday, May 11, 2012

energy of money

Another great one to heal one's relationship with money and pull lots of the fun stuff in, make friends with it!

And this call to action to get us aligned with true and equitable prosperity for all:

victim/aggressor/savior or rescue triangle

Stella just brought me this excellent article on the victim/aggressor/savior triangle. I have studied this before but somehow this article brought it home in a new way. I see how often I want to rescue or save my daughter. Today she had not done her weekly homework- again- and she wanted me to give her the answers. Before I'd be so freaked out she hadn't done it and want to rescue her because I saw her as a victim of her learning differences. Today I was able to stay almost complete calm and choose not to rescue her, choose to see her as empowered, as able to solve her own problems. Felt good.

The intensity of incoming energies are depleting my physically. I just took a nap for the first time in decades. Yet I made a huge shift yesterday and will write later about it if energy permits. I also had another big awareness. I used to be exhausted so often that being tired freaked me out and sent me into story. Now I can just totally allow the exhaustion with no story and take a nap! Whoppee, major progress.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


o.k., now lizards keep running up to me- and the meaning is:

Lizard- Detachment from Ego, Power to Regenerate That Which is Lost, Facing Fear, Controlling Dreams, Moving in the Otherworld, Conservation, Agility.


Lizard, Power Animal, Symbol of Dreaming and Conservation

By Ina Woolcott

Through myth and legend Lizard is associated with the dream time. When we dream, we imagine different futures and decide which we will materialise. Dreams contain some of the subtlest perceptions of the mind of which we may not be conscious. Lizard helps us see the importance of respecting and remembering our dreams. Lizard medicine is the companion of every day waking reality, where our dreams are studied before they are manifested physically. Pay attention to your dreams, as they reveal to us what we are not aware of when we are awake. Dreams show us our fears and desires. It is suggested that you keep a journal of your dreams, to be studied. Especially the symbolic and recurring ones, lizard shows us hidden messages in the dream state.

If Lizard is your power animal, heed your own intuition before anyone else’s. Lizard will aid you in becoming more detached from situations in your life. Now and again it is required to be detached, to separate yourself from others, to succeed in what is necessary. Lizard will also show you how to leave the past in the past! To move on and quit being attached to what has been. Lizard is proposing immediate change in one or more areas of your life. You may need to let go of old ideas, patterns, belief systems, habits, actions or lifestyle because the old may threaten you in some way now. It is time to let go. Lizard prompts the need to go within and examine your present reality and then, move with confidence and utmost assuredness into a new chapter of your life. 

One of the most interesting traits of the lizard is the ability to break off their tails to escape predators. The tail is left behind writhing, to take the predators attention off them, in order to flee. However, they are only able to perform this feat once, as the new tail which grows to replace the old one consists of cartilage instead of vertebrae. Lizards power lies in the quality of being able to rescue himself from danger by leaving a part of himself behind. As lizard only has the ability to lose his tail once, you need to make any choices wisely as the consequences may be experienced for a very long time hereafter!

Lizards are very sensitive to vibrations from the ground, they are adept at subtle perception. They have amazing hearing capacity, and with their sharp eyes they are able to sense the most minute of movements. If lizard is your power animal, you have the ability to utilize all aspects of psychic perception.

The psychic characteristics to be found in the lizard teaches us how to awaken our abilities by choosing one path over another that honour every part of our lives. Lizard is a powerful power animal to have, revealing your weaknesses, your strengths and prompting the energy of change. 

I wonder who will visit with a message next.

Buddha at the Gas Pump- Neelam

I just listen to this long interview and got a lot from it. I'm too tired to write all I got but will make the key point. Neelam said on this interview that movement away from our true nature causes suffering, NOT outer circumstances. I could hardly take it in yet when I did, I recognized a deep truth. I hope you can find it with the information above. It may shift your reality a smidgen, as it did mine. She said the question is always, can I be with what is? She also discussed our innate tenderness as the antidote for the toughness all of us have acquired to cope with harsh conditioning and expereinces. See what you think.

Also, I had a great Way of Mastery class yesterday and am now asking myself if I can hold in my own Presence, own self Love, even when I experience overwhelm, a life long experience which has felt like my arch enemy- can I surrender even that and allow Love to dissolve it- yikees- scary!!! wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

bluebird of happiness

A bluebird just landed on my deck and called incessantly until I looked directly at him/her, then hopped around awhile before taking off. It so caught my attention I thought I'd look up the symbolism:

The mythology of the bluebird of happiness has deep roots that go back thousands of years. Indigenous cultures across the globe hold similar myths and beliefs about the bluebird. It is a widely accepted symbol of cheerfulness, happiness, prosperity, hearth and home, good health, new births, the renewal of springtime, etc. Virtually any positive sentiments may be attached to the bluebird.

Yup, in this moment, things are looking up. Hang on to your hats and let's see what's next.

birthday blog two- things are looking up

First, I need to say something I may have said before. I have been told over and over again by numerous sources that I am on the fast track of this ascension business, for whatever reason. I am about ready to unvolunteer but that is another story. So my experience is I tend to get nailed harder and faster than almost anyone I know. Believe me, I have compassion for those few I know getting it harder than me. This last one for me just exceeded design parameters. I went beyond breaking point and broke. Yes, it was not fun, I did not like it, I want to moan and groan. At the same time it is clear to me I am breaking open and that is what I want. Yet I hereby make a demand of the Universe- I am willing to do as required but COOL IT WITH TAKING ME SO CLOSE TO THE EDGE!! ENOUGH WITH THE SUPER HUMAN DEMANDS. EASE UP A BIT, FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!!! 
I am officially better physically and emotionally. The fever that burned me through the night of my birthday is gone. I get that it was burning up crap but it singed me in the process- man, that was just TOO HOT!!! O.K., O.K., enough with the kvetching.
My dear friend  Kimberly gave me the book Mastery of Love by Ruiz and I started reading it again. It talks about the parasite that tries to get the love it so desperately needs through control, manipulation, demands etc. So my birthday acquired a new energy as that understanding which I had known but had not connected to in the moment really began to sink in. I could see what was happening as it was happening- something relatively new. I realized I was killing off that parasite by releasing expectations, demands, or the desire for others to be different than they are to meet my needs. This afternoon (yesterday- I wrote this part yesterday while it was still my birthday but did not finish it) the parasite was in its death throes and it was not fun. It was dang uncomfortable and I did not feel like allowing it- I wanted to go into victim but I held firm and allowed. My illness forced me to let go of control even more- I did not get to follow my plan for my unbirthday either, I did not go to the river for a solitary picnic. Instead I got to sit in the heat and feel miserable- oh what fun. Yet slowly things shifted- I know, big surprise. My energy got a bit lighter and lo and behold, my wasband showed up with my daughter despite a injunction that to visit was not necessary. After years of being controlling and demanding about my birthday, I wanted him totally off the hook. So they showed up with lots of bouquets of flowers, some gifts but most of all, love and concern for me. They know how wacky I get on my birthday and wanted to honor me. It was so simple and easy. A walk, small talk, the ease of long term connection. Added to all my calls and little gifts, I am quite pleased with my birthday. I had no idea how liberating it would be to get free of expectations. I never enjoyed what I got when I expected something, it never filled the hole lack of love left in me. I am finally really getting it. There is not enough love in the world to fill in the hole of my own lack of internal love, my own lack of wholeness. Now that I am addressing that wound, everything else is a delicious surprise. The smallest thing delights me where before the largest gift left me cold- and my husband hurt and at a loss. Dear friends, I slept through the night, I can talk again more or less, my body feels battered and bruised yet semi functional, I feel hope again. The birds chirp so sweetly and all is well in my world again. But oh what a friggin ride!! Whoee, those were some BIG waves! Here’s hoping that either your waves are down too, or were never up or that you are a great surfer. Big kiss

Monday, May 7, 2012

birthday- viewer warning, not cheerful so read at your own risk

Today is my birthday and I sense a turning point for me. I turned the age both my parents died at, so the number had a big significance for me for a long time. Now I see it as a demarcation point of my rebirth. My parents lives both ended for them in this year. I sense mine is beginning.
I can’t remember how much I have written here about my attachment to gifts as symbols of love yet I have been aware of this and attempting to heal it literally for decades. When I recognized how powerfully presents spoke of love to me, as the only time I knew I was loved as a child, I came to understand the incredible load I had put on my birthday and on presents. I vowed this year to end that attachment. I vowed to release my expectations and I have largely succeeded. I had a number of invitations for today and have had the courage to turn them down. This is something I must face alone. I did go to my dance class and have received wonderful hugs and good wishes. I had a wonderful conversation with a young friend, got a few surprise gifts. I had planned a solitary birthday picnic at the river yet feel too sick still to do that. So I am sitting on my deck with a lot of uncomfortable feelings. I feel quite unwell physically and suspect I had high fever yesterday. I had trouble sleeping. I woke up at 1:11 am and looked at my computer to read about burning away the ego. I was finally able to stop resisting how ill I felt and paradoxically fell into a deep sleep and my fever seemed to go down.
I took food to my daughter’s teacher who just had a baby. This was symbolic of reversing the need to get on my birthday. I did a ritual at a little creek releasing all that no longer serves me and embracing what I wish to pull in. I will do another one on the land burying the defended aspect of myself. 
In case you are wondering, no one entered my contest yet I still get the gift of having attempted to bring more love to our planet. I have done many things differently this year. I am truly touched by the drawings and love notes my daughter gave me. Yet I have made no progress in one area- expectations that I should be happy and enjoy this day.  I no longer feel on the total edge yet I am surely not happy. I feel a deep sadness that boarders on a profound fear that I am just not cut out for this world, that my sensitivity and how easily I become overwhelmed will plague me all my life, that despite all I have transformed I won’t make it to the finish line but will poop out just short. I am not a happy camper. I feel discouraged, ill, sad. I feel like this will never end. I am sad to share such sorrow with all of you and potentially pull some of you into a dark mood yet this blog for me is about truth and this is what is true for me in this moment. I have been in a difficult place for well over a week now and combined with the over two years of such intense transformation, I just feel plain discouraged. Wish it were different but it is not. I am truly grateful for all those who called and offered me love and support. I am deeply touched. And yet, I am still sad. And so it is.
I did receive a few gifts and I can say for sure they don’t begin to touch the gifts of love and care I was given. They pale in comparison which is definite progress! I see directly that only love truly matters to me and I feel so thankful to have so much love in my life. I know I have made progress finding the source of Love with me. Unfortunately I am just not in touch with it at this moment. This to shall pass.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

keeping energetically balanced

Here's another great one sent to me by Hein; again regrettably I don't know the author but I think it may be Blossom Goodchild:

Like A Glove

We do not know about you (well, technically We do), but things have been rather intense on Our end. Much background/foundation work has been accomplished over the past few weeks. It is quite remarkable really.

So much has been happening in the invisible/energy realms. Most of you sensitives and intuitives out there surely have noticed something... Truth be told, it was sometimes nearly impossible for you to figure out exactly what was going on. It was that intense... and felt so personal at times.

If you simply followed your intuition and your body wisdom, flowing through the various conditions, situations and events went a lot more smoothly than if you tried to understand or analyze everything.

Situations like waking up peaceful and refreshed, then at one point in the day, sensing a "click", like an invisible being turned up the intensity dial at home, work or elsewhere and suddenly, you were bombarded with tasks to do, problems to solve, situations to deal with and so on.

Or feeling that click as you prepared for bed. Then you either have a rough night (waking up to go to the washroom a million times, inability to fall asleep...) or wake up with a migraine and/or nausea for instance and you wonder how you will be able to make it through the day.

Both of these circumstances and others like it were catapulted in you reality, but before reacting to them in any way, We have some background information of Our own We would like to share with you.

The information is there for you to use or to disregard. What you bring into your reality and how you perceive that reality is always your choice. You make the call. We are simply providing an alternative view of this life on Earth based on how We experience the universe and all that is. 

The service workers have been quite active settling, clearing and moving the energy and building that foundation. A lot more than they would have liked, because there is much resistance and interference. 

All you need to know about the service workers is that they exist and that they lay strong foundations. That it as far as We will go with this, mostly for you to follow the flow or assistance, intuition and guidance if you feel a soothing and comforting presence that you cannot see with your physical eyes.

If you feel ready to pursue your own personal work and growth and you feel surrounded by love and support when you are completely alone in a room, trust that your call for assistance has been answered. It will guide you if you let it. But first, you must trust it.

Also know that you have your own work to do. The background service workers simply have laid the foundation for you so you have something concrete to build on.

And whatever name you give that invisible assistant, know that it is simply there to help you connect to your higher self/soul.

It is merely a bridge, a connector. The work is for you to accomplish. You are the one that has to establish contact with your higher self/soul (whatever that means for you) on your own. Then get to work. 

The right human teachers, healers, collaborators will show up at the perfect time as you pursue the work. Trust is about letting go of control. About allowing things to unfold naturally. Still, you must act on that trust to get any "result", even though you do not always see them. That is what intuitive work is all about. And that intuitive process is accessible to all... who trust it.

Establishing that relationship with your soul/higher self will help you learn to love everything that you are and that you have been. It helps you rely on that intuition of yours with more confidence. It helps you trust everything that you know in your heart and soul is true and real and right - even though you cannot always see or prove it. It helps you thrive in ways that have always been possible, but rarely taught. 

As you nurture that sacred connection with yourself, that trust in yourself,  your intuition will open up new doors. You may start to associate elements that seem mismatched, but are actually interrelated; to uncover solutions where none seemed to exist; to get closure; to ebb and flow through life with ease and grace. To be happy and bring joy to those around you, to the world. To make a difference Here on Earth in the way only you can.

Each and everyone's journey is different. It is a sacred relationship with the self that must be guarded and protected

Share wisely. If you are ever uneasy about sharing something magical or personal that has happened to you, then it is best to keep it to yourself. 

You see, everything is energy and when you exchange experiences, you give and receive so much more than words. You are also sharing of the energy attached to that experience. Energy ripples like a stone thrown into the sea through all actions and words. 

Such conversations can triggers situations/events you or the person(s) you are not ready for. It can activate things in you or in others that none of the people involved were expecting.

When the right connections are shared in your daily life, it can lead to beautiful things. We are specifically talking about your personal soul/life journey here.

Distortions can occur when you divulge journey information you should cherish and protect. Such sharings may lead to people seeking you out for their own journey. At the invisible level, their unconscious self may either attempt to retrieve something in you they believe is theirs or have you do their work for them. 

This can have disastrous effects on a personal (and larger) scale, causing needless enmeshments or boundary violations. Not necessarily in the moment - even though you may feel tension or unease in the pit of your stomach - but certainly in time. We have touched upon this in the past. 

These things are not always visible at first. Some "falling outs" can occur after oversharing incidents, especially if that type of exchange is spread over many months. 

Such "transgressions" do serve a purpose, if only a reminder of the importance to protect that sacred relationship with your soul and life journeyJust take the lesson, the wisdom from this road block, then release the rest. You are here to learn, are you not? Sometimes falling down is the prize. See it as an payment for the gifts of wisdom you receive. 

The key is to only pay for such precious "items" once. Remember that most of the times, you have no idea how you will receive the lessons you signed up for before you came here. Once you have acquired the lesson, release all parties involved of any shame or guilt. That oversharing served a purpose. Be grateful for that experience, you gained something extremely valuable.

It is the best way for you to guarantee that you truly get the teachings and for others to get them as well. Still, others make their own choices and see their life experiences in their own way. It is important to value other people's freedom of choice as much as you value your own.

Also be mindful of the thought energy you hold on to.

Punishments are in the eyes of the beholder. Taking time in stillness to see the bigger picture may help you see a situation with new eyes.

So, if/when you do sense that "click' and peace morphs into chaos or well-being transforms into discomfort, pause for a moment before reacting...

Then take a deep breath, physically move your body to get the energy flowing again, then scan your body. It will tell you if the discomfort (stress or other unpleasant symptom) is truly yours or if it was somehow sent your way soul-wise by people who either know you can clear energy (because you have done your work) or want to slow you down or stop you. 

The thing is, you have to take the time to assess the situation, to see if what came into your reality was brought on by energy (cause and effect; "unconscious" sending or receiving...) or by something you did (working too hard; too much computer time; unhealthy eating; lack of hydration...).

Then, if you pay attention to your body, it will tell you what you need to restore your inner balance and well-beingThe key is to trust it.

Setting the intention for flow, for only processing what is yours to process, for learning only your lessons, for being well and in the moment also helps.

The bodily symptoms and the various "energy shifts" you experience are real. Their source or origin may simply be quite different than what you are used to. The Messenger has been adapting to this "transition" over the past few weeks. 

Just because We are silent does not mean we have nothing to say. Many of the concepts have evolved. There are more layers to everything, and We have adapted to that in the ways We share Our messages.

Things are changing. We are changing with it. We believe you are too. It is a graduation of sorts. But to get the diploma, you have to do the (soul) work yourself. Doing so is not always easy, We know.

Also remember that people may not necessarily aware they are transferring their pain (anger, stress, shame...) you way. That includes you. More and more, things are occurring at invisible/energy/soul realms. It is never personal. 

There simply are links or "strings" you do not see. Some links you have to follow, some cords, you need to cut. Through your own personal work and with the assistance of the invisible helper, you will move through everything. Ask for assistance and trust all the "happy coincidences" that occur. They indicate you are on the right track.

Most of the soul work you came on this Earth to do is about unearthing who you truly are, about standing your ground at a physical, energy and soul level, about being comfortable in your own skin and about having your life fit your being like a glove...

This is All. 

Much Earth Light and Love to Everyone.

oh shit

I am getting crushed today. I am borderline hysterical and the outer problems don't stop- major house repairs and now came home to soaking wet carpets- some leak. I am ready to leave the planet if anybody knows of any departures. Anybody else having such a hard time? Plus I feel sick. I want to jump out of my skin. Lucky I know this will pass but boy am I ready to throw in the towel. I am REALLY hoping after the full moon things calm down. I have been getting emotionally flattened for a week now. At first I liked it as I saw I was healing so much but now I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!
Only good news is my daughter danced the May pole in a lovely spring festival- even that didn't cheer me up. Bah humbug!!!

energy of these times

sent from my friend Hein, good info on these time, I don't know the author but it may be Blossom Goodchild:

The Energy of You

How are you "keeping up" with everything Earthlings? 

It seems quite a number of you are being thrown so many curve balls you do not know where to duck for cover. Protecting yourself has become an exhausting act.

While everything appears calm and peaceful on the surface, the undercurrents have picked up and become quite strong.

Much is being done behind the scenes if you will to settle the energy. Well, actually, to calm people down enough so they can clear their stuff and stop throwing it around to strangers and people they love.

It seems "everything" is being taken personally these days. The majority seems to be reacting in their own way to the permeating energy and underlying currents. Much is being perceived as a personal attack or affront.  

You see, the more perceptive you become of your own being, of your own feelings as well as everything and everyone around you, the easier it is to get overwhelmed. Even those who could tell between their own emotions/ thoughts/ energy and those of other are having a hard time distinguishing between the two. Like the lines have become blurred between what is yours and what belongs to everybody else. 

Well, they have become blurry. So you have to redraw the lines, redefine your boundaries, rediscover how much energetic space your being now takes and so on.

In other words, you may have trouble reading your own self because of the intense activity happening underground while you are walking on a seemingly quiet surface. Just because it feels like you does not mean it is.  

Much of the chaos and drama is disappearing, but not everybody is ready to let go of it. Even when people are well aware that these elements serve no good purpose.

As anybody who as ever felt under attack or edgy will know, this feeling can either make you want to bury your issues/pain deep inside (in other words hide or run away from the feeling) or direct that energy at others who know how to clear it to take care of it, so all these uncomfortable feelings go away.

Anything can and will happen. All the possibilities are out there in the realms of potentiality. The actions of the many and those of the few have an effect on the past, the present and the future all at the same time, but not necessarily in the ways you imagine or have been taught/led to believe

Sometimes what you feel will happen - positive or negative - does not materialize. While you may be tempted to dismiss your intuition or think it is "flawed" somehow, know that what you sensed was most likely true, it was just intercepted, cancelled, postponed, neutralized or attenuated. 

We are not talking about all the impending doom scenarios that never seem to occur. Those are woven from a different type of thread. The thread of fear, judgement, hate... 

We are talking about your intuition and your inner cues/clues.  

Sometimes you and/or the other party (parties) involved want a different result somehow, and make it so through intent. You send out solutions of your own making. Even if that simply means not showing up to an argument/drama
  you were invited to. 

Other times, there are bigger elements at stake. Simply know that there are countless service workers who change or redirect the energy/the concepts at play or respond to the calls for assistance your soul may have sent out.

The mind is a powerful thing/tool. So are your heart and soul.

This is an amazing time to be alive. Really. 

Cellular memories that paralyzed you or were harmful to you are being erased/neutralized so you can start anew. You are gaining access to all the treasures of your soul. 

At the risk of repeating Ourself, these are fantastic times to be in body on this magnificent planet Earth!

But not everybody likes change. Even change for the better. So they stir things up and turn up the familiar drama to keep things as they are. Sitting with oneself and experiencing the good, the bad, the ugly and the great can be challenging, and some are in too much soul pain to be able to do that. So they lash out. 

It's an awkward way of calling out for help, We know. Just hold space for these people in your life if you feel you cannot be there for them physically. If they directed their attack at you, they may not feel comfortable receiving your help. It's not personal...

To regain your strength and make sure you do not collapse or get sick in these intense times, the key action is to listen to the energy of your body. 

If you've been tired, rest. Stick to the essentials. If you've had trouble sleeping - like the people in your life or some unknown entity has taken over your dreams so you cannot rest - do nothing for 15-30 minutes before bed, and set you intention for the night's sleep before going to bed by stating what you want.

For instance: I will have a restful night all by myself. No intruders shall interrupt my sleep. Just like the sleeping beauty, I get centuries worth of rest in this one night. (This is just an example to get you started.)

Your adrenals/hypothalamus may be in overdrive too, so be mindful of what you ingest. One cup of coffee in the morning will not be the death of you, neither will a quad espresso, but one in the afternoon or early evening will just add to your stress. Go for alkaline and non-processed food. Limit your TV, Internet, news intake. Increase your time outdoors, in stillness, with beings who uplift your soul. Stretch, move, be active, and most important, laugh!

Make a conscious choice to decline all invitations to drama and chaos. Hand an invisible "do not disturb" sign on your being, your house, your office... 

Nurture your being, your soul. It needs time to adjust to these new energy readings it receives. 

Your body/intuition has not been deceiving you... you have been deceived by all the doers and the high society (the different 1 percents of the universe). 

The mind is a powerful thing, some will stop at nothing to make sure people are too busy to be, because all their time is occupied serving an invisible master.

A wise one you are and always have been. Remember that!

This is All.

Be well! Much Earth Light and Love to Everyone.

(This was also part of the text, but in the form of a reply to someone. She really is my thing, i don't need any other channel.)First of all, most people would never hurt anybody else on purpose. But it happens. Sometimes quite indirectly. Something "the universal you" does/does not do (or say) somehow reaching someone you love through the ripple effects of life. Everything we do has a consequence (or result), and sometimes that end result takes surprising or mortifying turns.

I have come to learn that as human beings, we have many layers, not just the physical one. It can happen that someone's unresolved or sharp soul pain/issues throws an energetic wrench into a situation or a relationship without even knowing. We are so much more than the visible us.

If something trivial in appearance gets an extreme reaction from someone who's usually quite easy going and would never react that way normally to that situation, well, chances are some salt was poured onto an energetic/soul wound. If the other parties involved take the reaction personally, it can get quite ugly. Hence the importance to take deep breaths, ground and scan your energy, the energy of others around you and the energy of the situation before saying anything or even sending retaliating energy. If things get tense or mad, you can simply pause for a moment and set the intention for energy clearing of the entire situation - according to the free will of all. If someone wants to stay angry for the rest of their lives, it is their choice, so you want to let them decide. In turn, you have freedom of association. If someone constantly give you grief, you do not need to spend time with them.

Is energy directing okay? Yes and No
Yes - if it intentional, like sending someone healing or comforting energy in person or long distance, or you are doing just so phenomenally that you are "radiating" good vibes.

No - when feeling in "surcharge" mode, you know, like when one gets an electrical charge at everything and everyone he-she touches because what feels like an unnecessary booster charge was received and everything is too intense. When that happens, sending it to the Earth, either by grounding barefoot or by touching a tree or sitting on the ground, just sitting somewhere by yourself for a few minutes, in the shower, while washing your hands... If you feel overcharged and can't do any of these things, just stand still for a moment, starting at the head down to your feet, feel the overload moving down from the head to your feet into the ground, the floor, whatever. You can also push an energetic "reset" button at the same time to neutralize whatever surcharge you are feelings.

This topic we are chatting about is a little "out there", we (society as a whole, scientists...) are only starting to realize that there is so much more to the world that we have always believed. It's like "inner exploration". A few centuries ago, you had explorers discovering new parts of the physical world, now you have inward and invisible realm explorers. But most of us have been taught to trust only what we see. This is a new twist on "The Earth is flat, no matter what you tell us, we refuse to think that the Earth is anything else but flat" scenario.

So those of us who know/sense/see that there is so much more to the world that what we see, that we as energy beings are more powerful (neutral term) than we were led to believe get the same "warm welcome" than those who told the world that the Earth was indeed round...