Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have written before how in the last weeks wild animals have been approaching me in very unusual ways. Yesterday was by far the most unusual.
I heard a car on the driveway letting me know friends had arrived. As I was about to get up from my beloved hammock (site of many great shifts and insights) I heard a loud buzzing and slowly turned my head to see a hummingbird about 8 inches away (way less than half a meter). It shot off and then hovered near my right shoulder, moved in front to me, to the right again and then behind, never more than a foot away. S/he did this twice, once coming so close to my face that I ducked back. Then s/he stationed herself directly in from of my face, nose to beak for about 20 seconds, looking right into my eyes! Then s/he shot off at the speed of light, leaving me stunned and awed. The whole encounter was almost two minutes I'd say. Hummingbird was my symbol for last year and represents joy. The connection brought me such magic and joy.


  1. Hi Savannah
    Love the story of the humming bird.
    Joy, joy, joy, all is joy

  2. It was an astonishing experience, truly mesmerizing and awe inspiring. Yes, joy, joy, joy. Just spent the afternoon at the river and I did feel such joy.