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energy of these times

sent from my friend Hein, good info on these time, I don't know the author but it may be Blossom Goodchild:

The Energy of You

How are you "keeping up" with everything Earthlings? 

It seems quite a number of you are being thrown so many curve balls you do not know where to duck for cover. Protecting yourself has become an exhausting act.

While everything appears calm and peaceful on the surface, the undercurrents have picked up and become quite strong.

Much is being done behind the scenes if you will to settle the energy. Well, actually, to calm people down enough so they can clear their stuff and stop throwing it around to strangers and people they love.

It seems "everything" is being taken personally these days. The majority seems to be reacting in their own way to the permeating energy and underlying currents. Much is being perceived as a personal attack or affront.  

You see, the more perceptive you become of your own being, of your own feelings as well as everything and everyone around you, the easier it is to get overwhelmed. Even those who could tell between their own emotions/ thoughts/ energy and those of other are having a hard time distinguishing between the two. Like the lines have become blurred between what is yours and what belongs to everybody else. 

Well, they have become blurry. So you have to redraw the lines, redefine your boundaries, rediscover how much energetic space your being now takes and so on.

In other words, you may have trouble reading your own self because of the intense activity happening underground while you are walking on a seemingly quiet surface. Just because it feels like you does not mean it is.  

Much of the chaos and drama is disappearing, but not everybody is ready to let go of it. Even when people are well aware that these elements serve no good purpose.

As anybody who as ever felt under attack or edgy will know, this feeling can either make you want to bury your issues/pain deep inside (in other words hide or run away from the feeling) or direct that energy at others who know how to clear it to take care of it, so all these uncomfortable feelings go away.

Anything can and will happen. All the possibilities are out there in the realms of potentiality. The actions of the many and those of the few have an effect on the past, the present and the future all at the same time, but not necessarily in the ways you imagine or have been taught/led to believe

Sometimes what you feel will happen - positive or negative - does not materialize. While you may be tempted to dismiss your intuition or think it is "flawed" somehow, know that what you sensed was most likely true, it was just intercepted, cancelled, postponed, neutralized or attenuated. 

We are not talking about all the impending doom scenarios that never seem to occur. Those are woven from a different type of thread. The thread of fear, judgement, hate... 

We are talking about your intuition and your inner cues/clues.  

Sometimes you and/or the other party (parties) involved want a different result somehow, and make it so through intent. You send out solutions of your own making. Even if that simply means not showing up to an argument/drama
  you were invited to. 

Other times, there are bigger elements at stake. Simply know that there are countless service workers who change or redirect the energy/the concepts at play or respond to the calls for assistance your soul may have sent out.

The mind is a powerful thing/tool. So are your heart and soul.

This is an amazing time to be alive. Really. 

Cellular memories that paralyzed you or were harmful to you are being erased/neutralized so you can start anew. You are gaining access to all the treasures of your soul. 

At the risk of repeating Ourself, these are fantastic times to be in body on this magnificent planet Earth!

But not everybody likes change. Even change for the better. So they stir things up and turn up the familiar drama to keep things as they are. Sitting with oneself and experiencing the good, the bad, the ugly and the great can be challenging, and some are in too much soul pain to be able to do that. So they lash out. 

It's an awkward way of calling out for help, We know. Just hold space for these people in your life if you feel you cannot be there for them physically. If they directed their attack at you, they may not feel comfortable receiving your help. It's not personal...

To regain your strength and make sure you do not collapse or get sick in these intense times, the key action is to listen to the energy of your body. 

If you've been tired, rest. Stick to the essentials. If you've had trouble sleeping - like the people in your life or some unknown entity has taken over your dreams so you cannot rest - do nothing for 15-30 minutes before bed, and set you intention for the night's sleep before going to bed by stating what you want.

For instance: I will have a restful night all by myself. No intruders shall interrupt my sleep. Just like the sleeping beauty, I get centuries worth of rest in this one night. (This is just an example to get you started.)

Your adrenals/hypothalamus may be in overdrive too, so be mindful of what you ingest. One cup of coffee in the morning will not be the death of you, neither will a quad espresso, but one in the afternoon or early evening will just add to your stress. Go for alkaline and non-processed food. Limit your TV, Internet, news intake. Increase your time outdoors, in stillness, with beings who uplift your soul. Stretch, move, be active, and most important, laugh!

Make a conscious choice to decline all invitations to drama and chaos. Hand an invisible "do not disturb" sign on your being, your house, your office... 

Nurture your being, your soul. It needs time to adjust to these new energy readings it receives. 

Your body/intuition has not been deceiving you... you have been deceived by all the doers and the high society (the different 1 percents of the universe). 

The mind is a powerful thing, some will stop at nothing to make sure people are too busy to be, because all their time is occupied serving an invisible master.

A wise one you are and always have been. Remember that!

This is All.

Be well! Much Earth Light and Love to Everyone.

(This was also part of the text, but in the form of a reply to someone. She really is my thing, i don't need any other channel.)First of all, most people would never hurt anybody else on purpose. But it happens. Sometimes quite indirectly. Something "the universal you" does/does not do (or say) somehow reaching someone you love through the ripple effects of life. Everything we do has a consequence (or result), and sometimes that end result takes surprising or mortifying turns.

I have come to learn that as human beings, we have many layers, not just the physical one. It can happen that someone's unresolved or sharp soul pain/issues throws an energetic wrench into a situation or a relationship without even knowing. We are so much more than the visible us.

If something trivial in appearance gets an extreme reaction from someone who's usually quite easy going and would never react that way normally to that situation, well, chances are some salt was poured onto an energetic/soul wound. If the other parties involved take the reaction personally, it can get quite ugly. Hence the importance to take deep breaths, ground and scan your energy, the energy of others around you and the energy of the situation before saying anything or even sending retaliating energy. If things get tense or mad, you can simply pause for a moment and set the intention for energy clearing of the entire situation - according to the free will of all. If someone wants to stay angry for the rest of their lives, it is their choice, so you want to let them decide. In turn, you have freedom of association. If someone constantly give you grief, you do not need to spend time with them.

Is energy directing okay? Yes and No
Yes - if it intentional, like sending someone healing or comforting energy in person or long distance, or you are doing just so phenomenally that you are "radiating" good vibes.

No - when feeling in "surcharge" mode, you know, like when one gets an electrical charge at everything and everyone he-she touches because what feels like an unnecessary booster charge was received and everything is too intense. When that happens, sending it to the Earth, either by grounding barefoot or by touching a tree or sitting on the ground, just sitting somewhere by yourself for a few minutes, in the shower, while washing your hands... If you feel overcharged and can't do any of these things, just stand still for a moment, starting at the head down to your feet, feel the overload moving down from the head to your feet into the ground, the floor, whatever. You can also push an energetic "reset" button at the same time to neutralize whatever surcharge you are feelings.

This topic we are chatting about is a little "out there", we (society as a whole, scientists...) are only starting to realize that there is so much more to the world that we have always believed. It's like "inner exploration". A few centuries ago, you had explorers discovering new parts of the physical world, now you have inward and invisible realm explorers. But most of us have been taught to trust only what we see. This is a new twist on "The Earth is flat, no matter what you tell us, we refuse to think that the Earth is anything else but flat" scenario.

So those of us who know/sense/see that there is so much more to the world that what we see, that we as energy beings are more powerful (neutral term) than we were led to believe get the same "warm welcome" than those who told the world that the Earth was indeed round...

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