Friday, May 25, 2012

TRUST- post eclipse

Wow, I don't know what is up in your world but for me the eclipse was a real mover and a shaker. Quite honestly I was afraid it might shake me right off my axis and in a very real way, it did. I was afraid it might just finish me off and, as it turns out, a part of me did die, was "finished off." My guides explained it to me by saying that a part of my nervous system that was tied to old karma and a now dysfunctional operating system had to be dismantled. The part of me tied to old energies and limited beliefs had to be severed and it was not a particularly pleasant process. (O.K. I got a message to add what I have let go of and here's what pops up for now: judgment, comparison, future negative fantasies, fear, politeness that is false, seeing myself as limited, control, the belief that my emotions or my body rule me, the belief and negative self image that my nervous system is too sensitive and can keep me confined to a small world. I am sure there are more but that's all for now.) I have had a lot of aches and pains in addition to the worry that I was going bonkers (American slang for crazy, insane since I am unsure how the translator might interpret bonkers). Well, now they assure me that was the worst of it and from now on, as long as I stay out of any limiting beliefs, out of trying to control things, out of seeing myself as the "doer", things should be much smoother sailing. There will be a few bumps and grinds but nothing so earth shattering.

Apparently I am not the only one to get so shaken. I shared in my class how I was feeling and a few people came up to me after class to tell me they feel the same way. So if you are one of the ones that has been shaken to your core, take a deep breath, dig down inside yourself and see if you can find a center were trust resides. See if you can begin to truly imagine yourself as unlimited and powerful. Can you trust that these energies are benevolent, here to blow away all that is false in us, all that limits us? I know for me it is not easy. But this is the shift I must make if I am no longer willing to suffer (and I am not.) I must trust that I will survive and thrive, that this is all occurring for my, for our highest good. I must keep my eye on the prize, unconditional Love. Now that is and has been enough to keep me going, sometimes on my hands and knees and sometimes slithering on my belly. I can't say it has been particularly easy. Yet I am beginning to get a glimmer of trust, beyond the level of thought. There trust has resided inside me for a long time. Yet now I am dipping my toe into an embodied feeling that all will be well, that these energies are taking me exactly where I need to go.

From what I am reading, the eclipse was a major portal from which there is no return. We have now entered a new dimension of  energy where limitation will kick your butt in a new, perhaps physical way. In order to stay in balance, we simply chose to see ourselves as the infinite beings we are. Easy peeze, right!?! I don't know about you, but I prefer the carrot to the stick so I will do my best to dive into a warm blanket of trust and move forward with a renewed sense of hope and maybe the tinniest smidgeon of joy. Will you join me?

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