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two weeks of profound transformation

I just read this article and find it very accurate. We are in an extemely potent few week period where profound transformation is possible. I highly recommend you read it :

rHere is another great article by her:

I just decided to move the whole first article over as some of you may need the transator posted here.

Dear Light Friends,

We are in an intensely potent window of time right now, between May 20th (Eclipse) and the following two weeks leading up to the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse of the 4th June. This two week window we now find ourselves in is forcing to the surface issues connected with the past that need to be finally released, or which have come full circle and are now completing.
The May 20th Eclipse asked us to cast our minds back to nineteen years ago and to what was taking place then in our lives and to note any correlations to any similar themes that are occurring in our lives and awareness now. The May 20th Eclipse is inviting us to recognise that what we are noting and noticing in this period of time is not by chance, and that we are undergoing a critically important release which directly relates to ‘then’ and ‘now,’ in terms of the process that each one of us is immersed in throughout 2012, leading to 21.12.12.
For many of us the May 20th Eclipse is revealing how we are experiencing a more refined theme/version of what was occurring ‘back then’. Yet, nevertheless, a ‘theme/version’ that remains an active force and which seeks a final resolution. So, my advice is to use this two weeks until the June 4th Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon to finish a process which really began nineteen years ago, and seek a healing resolution for an historical/karmic pattern that has become fully conscious and ready for a final release. It may not be the actual events from nineteen years ago that are seeking release, more importantly it may be the overall karmic theme that has been active for lifetimes, and during the past 26,000 years cycle.
You may find yourselves feeling overwhelmingly tired to the point of exhaustion, experiencing headaches, hormonal problems, brain fog, dizziness, nausea, weak limbs, sweating, shivering, or both at the same time, loss of appetite, confusion, loss of interest in what you are doing, inability to function or concentrate in your normal manner, and finding yourselves immersed in spontaneous memories of events, especially from the past nineteen years.
You may also find yourself in an unexpected life review, and if so, it is a good idea to write down bullet points of what is rising to the surface of your memory to seek a final release.
You may find yourselves with a feeling of needing to live your life in absolute alignment with your truth, with what really feels right for YOU, no matter how much it contradicts what you have committed to, or what others expect of you. The need to do so will be overwhelming and one which you simply MUST follow.
I suggest that we each put aside time over these next two weeks to consciously contemplate just what was occurring nineteen years ago, and any general life review that is insisting on being part of that process. This is an opportunity to consciously reach back and bring this energy into our current awareness. Let it become known to each one of us just what is wanting to be seen, to be heard, to be validated, to be acknowledged, to be healed, in order to become complete during this auspicious two week window of time. Write it all down, or type it and print it out, sit with it, feel it, love it, appreciate it, understand it, forgive it, and prepare it for a final releasing ceremony on June 4th.
The short time between June 4th and June 6th, (6.6.12 beng the Venus transit), presents a transitional moment – a limbo state – from the conclusion of one cycle of experience to the opening of another, (catalysed by the instrumental Venus Transit). This takes us to the penultimate Solstice of a 26,000 year cycle, leading to the final Solstice that is 21.12.12.
All that we are processing in these next two weeks, consciously or unconsciously, in terms of our own deep healing process of the past up until this very moment, is in preparation for the profoundly auspicious and extremely rare Venus transit on June 6th. I will write specifically about this transit and its effect on the individual, humanity and the Earth in the days leading up to it.
Let it be known that those of us who are consciously awake are in deep, deep process for these next two weeks, and that we MUST give time for moving back and forth across the bridge that connects us to nineteen years ago when this May 20th Eclipse last occurred. However, let us also remember that the May 20th 2012 Eclipse has impacted us way beyond anything we experienced nineteen years ago BECAUSE it involved Alcyone, the Central Sun of the Pleiades, a rare event which last occurred 26,000 years ago.
2012 is the year that leads each of us into a ‘never before human experience’ of the convergence of ALL timelines, both inner and outer. We can observe how 26,000 years of human history is coming to a close by understanding the significance of this astronomical phenomenon.
Let us make no mistake, WE ARE on a ‘deadline’ in this year of 2012. I am going to write more on this in the coming weeks, however, suffice to say, WE ARE against the clock in terms of our own momentous and transformational consciousness shift and convergence of all timelines within ourselves.
If any of us believed 2012 was going to be an easy year in terms of our personal evolutionary process, we couldn’t have been further from the truth! 2012 has a mission to sound the Wake Up Call, and bring us to our knees if this is what it takes, in order for us to implement the necessary changes that will set us on the path to a new paradigm experience both within and around us post 21.12.12.
2012 is about Love, and that may be tough Love when needed. Yet, rest assured that whatever 2012 is here to do, it is here to support us to purge the past, and cleanse, clear and purify in preparation for post 21.12.12.
The last Solar Eclipse at 0 degrees Gemini occurred in May 1993. In that nineteen year period, wherever we have become or remained out of balance, we have until the Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon of June 4th to address this and literally pull ourselves back into balance. Fundamentally, it is during this period of time that we are being given the opportunity to go inside and LOVE OURSELVES. In essence, it is as simple as that.
2012 WILL break us down in order to support an unprecedented breakthrough as awakened human beings. NEVER before has such a breakthrough been possible to enable us to embody the new human template, (a template which has remained dormant in most of us for millennia). We live in incredible times. It is the greatest privilege to be alive at this time, and the greatest opportunity for an unprecedented leap in our evolutionary journey of the Soul.
Nicolya Christi
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