Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Monday, January 18, 2016

wholing ourselves

What aspect of yourself is hurting today? Is it your sorrow, your fear, unworthiness, depression, sense of failure? Who within you is the hungry ghost seeking your love and attention? What will you do when this feeling arises in your body, perhaps threatens to overwhelm you with it's desperation? Will you relegate it to the dungeons of consciousness, try to amputate it from your life? Are you willing to hold it, feel it? Perhaps you have to hold it at a 10 foot distance as you consider the possibility of not banishing it from your compassion. Maybe everything within you wants to run, to hide, to shriek NOOOOOOOOOO! Go away! But this time you take a deep breath, muster up all your courage and choose love instead of fear. Maybe the wind howls as you hold steady in your own tenderness to the lost parts within. Maybe your body vibrates and shakes as you reverse thousands of years of conditioning that tells you to just forget it, to drink, smoke, shop, bury, decimate those feelings. But this time you reach for inner strength you did not know you had and say Y E S. Y E S to your own wounds, yes to to integration, yes to a new way of being. Perhaps beneath the trembling you feel that tender part begin to uncurl, to release the tension of self rejection, to shed tears of homecoming. Will you step into the chamber of your own heart?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Adoring All Aspects of Ourselves just for the Joy of it!

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It is time to remember the full magnificence of WHO we are. Yet for so many fear and self rejection stand in the way, creating beliefs in scarcity, unworthiness, inadequacy. In choosing to adore rather then reject those aspects of ourselves that have been most problematic, we restore ourselves to wholeness. A 32 day process gives us time to develop and lock in a new habit. By spending time daily cuddling and loving those inner lost parts that we have previously rejected with such vehemence, we restore ourselves to our essence as the magnificence beings we are. Joining together worldwide we create a love wave that helps carry us back Home to ourselves, to the full awareness of ourselves as masterpieces. By slowly or quickly learning to love our depression, our anxiety, our panic, our despair, we begin to feel safe in our own skins, welcoming our innocence hearts back home to the place they never left.