Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Standing Rock

Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar
Standing Rock 
While many have been called to North Dakota to stand with the water protectors in response to the planned oil pipeline expansion throughout their sacred lands, I have been called to visualize a specific outcome that I wish to share with you. If you feel inspired, please join me in visualizing this exact outcome so we may work together on an energetic level to create a collective tipping point for the well-being of our beloved planet. While nothing can be guaranteed, it is essential that we always visualize the results we desire with absolute passion and focused intention, so the highest outcome can be actualized into present moment time. 
Before sharing this vision, let’s explore a lesser known facet of the law of intention. It was described to me by the Universe as the Law of Divine Inevitability. Through this law, outcomes are inevitable, but require our individual and collective participation to make it so. It’s as if the time and energy we put into one direction allows each participating individual or group to expand in vibration. The higher individuals or groups elevate vibrationally, the faster consciousness expands to manifest a new reality on both the individual and collective levels.
While outcomes are destined, it is our individual and collective efforts that determine the path of how quickly or slowly destiny unfolds. Each option of how quickly or slowly outcomes play out exist in parallel timelines of reality. So in essence, through the law of Divine Inevitability, we focus our efforts to call forward the highest outcome that allows our individual and collective consciousness to move into the highest timeline of spiritual and social resolution. Even if the outcome we desire doesn’t match what is bound to unfold, the individuals working through the Law of Divine Inevitability still have the power to shift timelines, entering a reality where the highest evolution unfolds as a result of any outcome, while allowing any heartbreaking outcome to negatively impact the least amount of lives. 
This means that every moment of intention counts, whether or not the outcome you are anchoring matches the results that are meant to be. No matter what unfolds, the individuals participating in anchoring the highest intention of all always expand in vibration. As this occurs it increases the likelihood that others around them will expand to create a tipping point where injustice, inequality, suffering, global warming, abuse, greed, and deception ceases to exist. In essence, we anchor the highest outcome with relentless passion, while surrendering to the will of Divinity to reveal what is meant to be. This is how we assist the tribe members of our soul family on the frontlines of Standing Rock or any other social circumstance as peaceful guardians and heart-centered wayshowers of a new vibrational reality. 
In knowing the benefits we contribute to the sum of whole, no matter which timeline plays out, I’d like to share with you an intention I am anchoring:
When tuning into possible timelines for the stand-off at Standing Rock, I was shown an image of President Obama holding a press conference. During this press conference, in one of his final acts as President, Obama officially declared Standing Rock a historic landmark prohibiting any future pipeline expansion on or around it. As he made it official, the vision then shifted to Standing Rock, where thousands of water protectors reacted in the triumph of peaceful victory, as law enforcement was ordered to back away and retreat. 
Through the Law of Divine Inevitability, I invite you to strengthen your intention muscles by anchoring this outcome many times throughout the day. Simply visualize these precise images and allow yourself to feel whatever depth of peace, harmony, excitement, or joy bubbles up within you. Even if not feeling such positive emotions, simply envision this outcome to increase the likelihood of it manifesting into form. Whether this occurs exactly as we intend, or moves consciousness into a higher timeline of less violence and a faster trajectory of global awakening, our efforts always count as we participate in the unfolding times of our long-awaited destiny. 
So many of us know exactly the kind of world we wish to live in, but when the outcomes we seek appear daunting or insurmountable, one of the most counter-productive thing we can do is to stand by and do nothing at all. Egos either fight for or against change. Souls anchor change while standing for peace. Spiritual egos turn away from difficulties while waiting for someone else to create the change they secretly yearn to see. Now is the time to decide through our choices, words, and actions who we truly wish to be. Resolve can be swift, peaceful, and powerful in its unfolding, but it requires the conscious intention of many to focus their efforts in a singular direction, as energetic support for those standing on the frontlines in person. 
May we unite together as One, intending for Standing Rock to be made a historical landmark as our first bold step in restoring power to the consciousness of the people who live with reverence, honor, and respect for Mother Earth. If you also wish to visualize light surrounding each person at Standing Rock as protection from the cold weather and brutality, please feel free to contribute whatever you called to envision for the benefit of all. 
No matter how much or how little you wish to offer, thank you for your help in anchoring this intention, as well as forwarding this post to everyone you know to maximize its power and potency. Julie and I both stand for Standing Rock and gladly offer our time and energy to visualizing the positive outcomes that we wish to be. Together we stand united as one, as never before that I AM now.
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Many blessings to all, 
Matt & Julie <3