Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Standing Rock

Matt Kahn & Julie Dittmar
Standing Rock 
While many have been called to North Dakota to stand with the water protectors in response to the planned oil pipeline expansion throughout their sacred lands, I have been called to visualize a specific outcome that I wish to share with you. If you feel inspired, please join me in visualizing this exact outcome so we may work together on an energetic level to create a collective tipping point for the well-being of our beloved planet. While nothing can be guaranteed, it is essential that we always visualize the results we desire with absolute passion and focused intention, so the highest outcome can be actualized into present moment time. 
Before sharing this vision, let’s explore a lesser known facet of the law of intention. It was described to me by the Universe as the Law of Divine Inevitability. Through this law, outcomes are inevitable, but require our individual and collective participation to make it so. It’s as if the time and energy we put into one direction allows each participating individual or group to expand in vibration. The higher individuals or groups elevate vibrationally, the faster consciousness expands to manifest a new reality on both the individual and collective levels.
While outcomes are destined, it is our individual and collective efforts that determine the path of how quickly or slowly destiny unfolds. Each option of how quickly or slowly outcomes play out exist in parallel timelines of reality. So in essence, through the law of Divine Inevitability, we focus our efforts to call forward the highest outcome that allows our individual and collective consciousness to move into the highest timeline of spiritual and social resolution. Even if the outcome we desire doesn’t match what is bound to unfold, the individuals working through the Law of Divine Inevitability still have the power to shift timelines, entering a reality where the highest evolution unfolds as a result of any outcome, while allowing any heartbreaking outcome to negatively impact the least amount of lives. 
This means that every moment of intention counts, whether or not the outcome you are anchoring matches the results that are meant to be. No matter what unfolds, the individuals participating in anchoring the highest intention of all always expand in vibration. As this occurs it increases the likelihood that others around them will expand to create a tipping point where injustice, inequality, suffering, global warming, abuse, greed, and deception ceases to exist. In essence, we anchor the highest outcome with relentless passion, while surrendering to the will of Divinity to reveal what is meant to be. This is how we assist the tribe members of our soul family on the frontlines of Standing Rock or any other social circumstance as peaceful guardians and heart-centered wayshowers of a new vibrational reality. 
In knowing the benefits we contribute to the sum of whole, no matter which timeline plays out, I’d like to share with you an intention I am anchoring:
When tuning into possible timelines for the stand-off at Standing Rock, I was shown an image of President Obama holding a press conference. During this press conference, in one of his final acts as President, Obama officially declared Standing Rock a historic landmark prohibiting any future pipeline expansion on or around it. As he made it official, the vision then shifted to Standing Rock, where thousands of water protectors reacted in the triumph of peaceful victory, as law enforcement was ordered to back away and retreat. 
Through the Law of Divine Inevitability, I invite you to strengthen your intention muscles by anchoring this outcome many times throughout the day. Simply visualize these precise images and allow yourself to feel whatever depth of peace, harmony, excitement, or joy bubbles up within you. Even if not feeling such positive emotions, simply envision this outcome to increase the likelihood of it manifesting into form. Whether this occurs exactly as we intend, or moves consciousness into a higher timeline of less violence and a faster trajectory of global awakening, our efforts always count as we participate in the unfolding times of our long-awaited destiny. 
So many of us know exactly the kind of world we wish to live in, but when the outcomes we seek appear daunting or insurmountable, one of the most counter-productive thing we can do is to stand by and do nothing at all. Egos either fight for or against change. Souls anchor change while standing for peace. Spiritual egos turn away from difficulties while waiting for someone else to create the change they secretly yearn to see. Now is the time to decide through our choices, words, and actions who we truly wish to be. Resolve can be swift, peaceful, and powerful in its unfolding, but it requires the conscious intention of many to focus their efforts in a singular direction, as energetic support for those standing on the frontlines in person. 
May we unite together as One, intending for Standing Rock to be made a historical landmark as our first bold step in restoring power to the consciousness of the people who live with reverence, honor, and respect for Mother Earth. If you also wish to visualize light surrounding each person at Standing Rock as protection from the cold weather and brutality, please feel free to contribute whatever you called to envision for the benefit of all. 
No matter how much or how little you wish to offer, thank you for your help in anchoring this intention, as well as forwarding this post to everyone you know to maximize its power and potency. Julie and I both stand for Standing Rock and gladly offer our time and energy to visualizing the positive outcomes that we wish to be. Together we stand united as one, as never before that I AM now.
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Many blessings to all, 
Matt & Julie <3

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday, September 4, 2016

your heart knows the way

When it is time to wake up out of limitation the "stackers" may gift us with numerous opportunities to look at where trauma has caused us to abandon or amputate some part of our life force. What may feel like cruelty is a gift to open our eyes to where we have constricted our good. It often takes great courage to dive into our somatic experience, to honor all the sensations racing through our bodies, to quiet our minds that may be screaming for relief. In those moments it is vital to cherish our inner little ones, to parent them as we were never parented, to assure them we can care for them, hold them as the currents of energy race through our being. As we hold through the tempest, the gift of freedom is birthed through the rising of the Phoenix. Bursting forth from the ashes of our pain, we discover the lies that tell us we can't, we won't make it, we don't have what it takes, we will never know joy. Dare to dive into your embodied experience for the ride of your life, lifting you straight to the heaven of your own embrace. Folow what ever arises, be it bliss or suffering. Your heart knows the way home.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

stages of unraveling

These are some of the stages of the unraveling of the ego that may occur. It may begin with dissatisfaction over things that used to be so fulfilling. Suddenly things start falling apart, many losses may occur of things we thought were essential to our well being. Everything seems to go wrong and our over activated nervous system gets hit again and again. This is the critical choice point. Do we choose to fight what is, ignore, denial, project what is arising or feel it in our body?
In this phase it is easy to fall into self blame or the idea we are defective or at fault. No, it is just our time to unravel the ego to taste an inner freedom and peace that awaits us. This phase may go on for a very long time and be accompanied by periods of absolute despair, hopelessness, even suicidal ideation, feeling like what is arising is intolerable, beyond coping with. In this phase we just have to survive it. Trust is our best companion that a Force greater then ourselves is steering our inner being toward liberation. That faith may be sorely tested. Hang in there by a thread if necessary. This phase may go on way longer then we hoped or imagined.
The next phase is a welcome relief in that the intensity drops off somewhat and things may slowly stop going wrong every few minutes but it may not be the nirvana we hoped for. It may feel empty, a void without desire, hope, dreams, vision, a no man's land designed to reboot us into a new reality. There may likely still be triggers but they are not continuous. We have found by allowing what is, these challenges pass much more quickly.
Then slowly a few things go our way, one or two dreams may unfold in a small way and trust is no longer mission impossible. We have moments of such peace and clarity and it all makes sense, seems worthwhile. Then we may get hit with the next clearing and think, this will never end, I just can't take it anymore. We may compare ourselves to others, sure we are the slow kid on the block who just doesn't get it, is missing the boat. Nope, you are right on track. Do your best not to compare. We are each on our own timeline.
Now more good things slowly pop in, peace last for longer stretches and faith becomes second nature. Mini miracles arise and joy peeps in. We may not be out of the woods but we can imagine surviving. We may again be hit with something huge and slip back into despair albeit very briefly, now things shift so much more quickly and we have a good sense of Who we are.
Finally longer and longer stretches of peace arise and joy becomes our natural state AND fall back position. A few things arise that show us miracles are natural and we feel blessed to be alive. We become guides for those still lost in the dark, letting our joy shine a light. Darlings, stay strong. All that is unfolding is serving us within our realities and without in the wider world. Have faith, dear ones, all is well.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The magic carpet ride of love

I meet so many whose feel as though their nervous systems are fried. I did meet someone who told me lots of people she knows are doing fantastic. That is the promise on the other side of this initiation back to our true selves. 
The challenge for many is this is taking wayyyyyyy longer then any of us may have anticipated, been wayyyyy more involved, taken wayyyy more courage, commitment, vigilance.
While I was going through the worst of it, I was very interested in the stages. I will try to find the book that best delineates this from my perspective. Here is the important thing to know. You are not alone, you did NOTHING wrong, it is not your fault it is taking so long, seems to involve so much loss, fear, grief. Everything is working to support you in waking up, no matter how painful it feels. We are not trying to get somewhere new, release, let go of the "bad" parts of ourselves. This is an uncovering, an unraveling of any belief that denies our own magnificence, our own unlimited natures. Love is the path always. It may take a long time to come to understand the true meaning of surrender and allowing. It can not be forced. I chuckle at how long I tried and tried to surrender!😰😱😝😜 It all comes in divine timing which we can not force. It is not accomplished through any beating up of ourselves to arrive back home in ourselves. Perhaps one of the biggest ingredients, one that may feel like mission impossible at times, is trust, trusting ourselves no matter what road we are meandering on. We are lovable, loving and loved. The time is now to choose a life fueled by love not one lost in fear. Choose love darlings, it is the path strewn with miracles. Remember, this year is about the magic carpet ride.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


I wish to speak to you of grief. Many of us are witnessing great tragedies, from death to illness to broken relationships to depressions to abuse. How do we hold for ourselves and others as the winds of change and loss threaten to blow our internal houses down?
It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the despair of another, to get then to try to feel better so that we do not slide into hopelessness ourselves. It takes great courage and strength to hold with another, to let the heavens rage, the lightening splits the sky without looking away. Can we remain present to another's grief, to listen to the wails of anguish? Can we not look away as another dissolves into primal grief that has no bottom, no answer?
This is what brings true comfort. When we have the internal fortitude to allow such anguish without attempting to ease our own pain by trying to make the person feel better, we give another the space to plumb the depths of their sorrow. This is how we can best serve the call of grief.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

peace in the now

So many of us are at war with ourselves, pushing away our experience of now because we want to be somewhere else, feel something else, live something else. This internal war against our selfs is the source of our unhappiness. How can we experience peace of we fight our own experience? The trap may seem obvious at times yet at other times we may question, how can we NOT fight with ourselves, not fight our fear, our pain, our scarcity, our broken relationships. Yet if we can allow ourselves to feel the way we feel, live the life we are living wth compassion, over time the identification with the "problem" diminishes then evaporates and it is merely waves of energy passing through the body. Can we allow ourselves this freedom and peace, can we make the radical choice to accept what is? If we can, peace and spaciousness arise. Ah, as the intensity increases, isn't it wonderful to know peace is available?

Friday, May 6, 2016

Who are you?

When a wave of challenging emotion sweeps through us it is a red flag telling us to move into sacred presence, to allow the physicality of the wave to pass through our bodies and to call on our true nature to hold us in the knowing of Who we are. In those moments that appear to be able to pull us into an abyss, it is an opportunity to Remember more fully the Truth of Who we are. Emotions are meant to be energy in motion but we tend to become identified them. We even use two of the most powerful words in existence to strengthen the identification, I AM. We say I am sad, I am depressed, I am afraid, I am hungry. Other languages say it differently, for example in German it would be directly translated to I have hunger. We are NOT our emotions, our bodies, our experiences. We ARE eternal, unlimited beings of infinite power. When an emotion wants to immerse you in it's fiery energy, use it as moment to know your connection to your own inherent Divinity. Feel the energy flow through your body, call out to the Universe to hold you as the energy pours through your body. Remained rooted in the Truth of the Mystery. Know yourself as the phoenix that rises from the fires of even the most difficult emotions.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


The inner shifts feel both so subtle I can barely articulate them and, at the same time, they are so significant, such paradigm changers, I can hardly grasp the magnitude of the changes.
One thing I want to mention as I sense I am not alone in this experience. It feels as though lifetimes of dross, of release, of suffering, of unhappiness and heaviness have finally come to an end. Yet I notice I must remain vigilant not to return to that old way of being where suffering is the norm. I get to choose moment to moment, do I focus on the mini miracles arising or do I place my attention on all the "challenges" that appear as though they are not yet resolved? This use to be difficult but lately is is relatively easy, it just requires my continued attention. The old feels as though it is a current that wants to pull me back into a view of life as difficult. There is a situation in my life that most would find extremely difficult to make peace with, that the normal world would consider cause for great fear and concern. Yet in the last week it is becoming very graceful for me to only focus on the beauty and gifts. I give thanks to Susan Marie Crystal-Intuitive for her support in this letting go of eons, lifetimes, millennium of living in suffering, in accelerating my progress toward living in joy.
About eight years ago the Amber World made me a personal incense called “Joyful Happiness For No Reason.” Then I had her add- “On Earth.” I had been recognizing how I wanted to go home, back to where I belonged, a distant star where people were loving and kind. The idea of being joyful on earth seemed so far fetched as to be almost ludicrous yet it remained one of my greatest dreams. Since 2016 began I have experienced a new energy. For two periods of a week or two each I felt the embodiment of love, what some are calling the embodiment of Christ consciousness. It is all more subtle then I imagined so I could easily have believed my experience was not what I had been yearning for all my life. Twice I caught myself in the old comparison game. But I pulled away from that old dynamic too.
Flash forward to the last week where i have moments of, wait for it, exhilaration! Holy cow, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore.
Darlings are you too noticing the possibility of a life of joy is more present then ever? I know we are each on our own timelines and it is important to honor our individual journeys. Yet I adore noticing the possibility is available to be joyful on earth for no reason. The perfect antidote for fear, yes? Joyful for no reason- so scrumptious and succulent. This year is a year of embodying mastery for me, for finally bringing my purpose and vision to physical reality. This week I have had a number of meetings (me, “taking” a meeting, I can hardly get over it) that bring my dreams ever closer to reality. In this moment joy is bubbling up within. After lifetimes of suffering and this life of unremitting profound anxiety until the last years, can you imagine how welcome this is? This is our destiny. Just half a year ago the possibility of reaching my vision felt ABSOLUTELY like mission impossible. The thought too little. too late kept flashing through my mind trying to take me down, take me out, bring me to my knees. Yet I persevered. Yes, we have each had to slog through what felt like endless amounts of heaviness, shadow, suffering, limitation to reach the joy yet this is the certain outcome for those with the courage to stay the course.This I know.
Talk about gorgeous synchronicity affirming this, for one of the few times in my life I remembered to search for an image to fit the post rather then use one I'd seen somewhere else. I had kept telling myself I did not know how to find free images. But this time I was like, look, find your own image. I found this quickly and here is the caption, I kid you not. Love the confirmation, celebrating!
"Joy For No Reason | Tasting Mindfulness" It is called joy for no reason, hello! ya gotta love it! Then combining mindfulness which is what all my meetings have been about, expanding the mindfulness program in the jails and prisons. I adore receiving such signs. YAHOO!
<b>Joy</b> For No Reason | Tasting MindfulnessREASON | Tasting Mindfulness

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Christ consciousness

It is said this is the time of the second coming but it is not the arrival of a Divine being in our midst, rather it is the awakening of our own knowledge of Who we truly are, the remembrance of our own Divinity, the arising of the 144,000 Christ. Yesterday at the jail that is what I felt. I found myself during the mediation with arms at my side, hands outstretched, sending a tender energy to each person in the room, grounding love through my feet and sending it to everyone in the jail. It was so powerful and I had tears in my eyes as the feeling of love pervaded the room. This is what these times are about. Take your attention of the chaos and drama, look to the opportunity to REMEMBER full stop your own unlimited nature, our own magnificence. WE re indeed the ones we have been waiting for. There is something new afoot. I see it as I work with new clients, the ability to tap into a powerful field of Presence that brings such richness and gifts. This is where we are headed as a species, this is why these times have so much to celebrate. Can you feel it?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Today we completed another round of mindfulness training at the jail. The stores of inner shifts and awareness of how it is possible to respond rather then react; the explorations into the nature of love itself touched me deeply. Yet today we were gifted with an even greater offering. One man who had been very active in the group was transferred unexpectedly to the jail/prison in Sacramento which they all tell me is very unpleasant. He was put in solitary confinement for almost a week, with no possibility to shower. He said around him people were screaming, kicking, shouting, general bedlam. Inmates even throw shit under each others' doors. When he had been put in solitary before, he would kick and scream himself. This time he was able to stay calm and centered, allowing it to be what it was, even utilizing a story we had told about not knowing whether something will turn out to be good or bad luck. He was able to realize how good did come out of this experience. How gratifying to hear. When we first began the sessions, there was much fidgeting, twitching, leg shaking. This time, even with two new members, one of whom had never meditated, the room was absolutely quiet and everyone was very still. The peace pervading the room was so nourishing. I bow.

gambling with you

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

which map do you choose?

I had a powerful dream last night, the night of the full moon lunar eclipse. The dream is below. Here is what I got from it. We are all caught in a dream. The powers that be want to distract us with the wrong map of the way home. Tragedies such as Brussels, Paris, New York, school shootings want us to use the map of fear. It will not bring us home but will distract us with the siren’s song of protection and invulnerability. All the while the map that will bring us Home to the long tern solution of peace for EVERYONE is the map of love. I envision us all responding to yesterday’s tragedy with love opening our hearts rather then reacting with fear closing them and making enemies to blame and punish. We need to get some altitude to see what is happening beneath the appearance of things. Let us join in mourning the dead while letting out hearts guide us to a solution that works for everyone. It is only in Unity that we can ultimately resolve the hatred, greed and fear that is at the root of all these tragedies. Let’s not be distracted by the fast food of drama and revenge. The problem cannot be resolved at the level of consciousness it emanated from. Love has the power to bring lasting solutions. No, I am not pie in the sky suggesting to turn a blind eye merely praying all will be well. Act as your heart directs you. Each small step taken from a foundation of love will ultimately end in a world that works for everyone. What small step can you take today? I see my volunteer work facilitating mindfulness and visiting inmates today at the jail with The Way of Mastery, teaching my conscious parenting classes, classes about moving beyond fear, about self love, posting almost daily on FB with words I hope are supportive and liberating as DIRECTLY related to world peace. I am not sticking my head in the sand hoping to OM the world to peace. Yet I deeply respect those whose genuine soul path IS to OM or pray the world to peace. What tiny action can each of us take today to create a world we will feel blessed to pass on to our children’s children? It could be as simple as a smile to an impatient mother or father, a kind word of support on Facebook, helping an elderly neighbor, paying for someone else’s coffee, letting an angry driver pass you without giving her the finger. Tiny steps add up. Let’s all be part of the solution today.

The dream:
I had fallen back to sleep after waking up early and quickly became immersed in a dream I experience as real. I had gone out but needed to get home to complete a project, something I had promised my daughter I would finish with her. The promise was important to me. Yet at the bus stop I met a woman who suggested we take a walk. Ultimately it seemed her destination was a high-rise In n’ 

Out Burger. Well since I never eat fast food that could not be the appeal but I was inexorably drawn on. We ended up in the apartment of some people who were interesting but I knew I had to get home. I said I have to go but realized I was lost. I did not know how to find the street home. I asked for a map but recognized nothing on the map which was full of water and thousands of islands. My new friend said, “but the In N’ Out Burger is not far, you can see it from here.”  I felt very drawn to following her lead but finally pulled away form her siren’s song. I got her phone number and said we could meet again. As I was leaving the man from the apartment said if you climb high enough you can get perspective and then know where you are headed. I was in to much of a rush to listen to him. When I got to the lobby of the building I did not recognize the street and became  panicked. I rushed to the other side of the building, It looked vaguely familiar and I crossed several streets until one looked more familiar. Luckily there was a big bus terminal with posted bus routes but I still recognized nothing. I saw an information booth where people were pushing and shoving for directions. I merged with the group who were busy scolding someone for trying to cut in line. Then a man grabbed my shoulders and escorted me to the back of the line saying wait your turn. By this time I realized I had been trying to get back to my old home in southern California having forgotten I now lived in Northern California. I had been trying to locate a street in greater Los Angles when that was not where I was. I was lost and did not even know where I was but at least now I knew where home was.

Friday, March 11, 2016

taming our own pain

The secret of internal peace and harmony is to tame our over active nervous systems. How do we do that? It begins with questioning our limited sense of identity as one who is constricted by the challenges of life. Next we begin to recognize pain and suffering are red flags that point the way back Home to our True Identity by showing us where conditioning and suffering have taught us to believe in viewing ourselves as weak and fallible. The suffering shows us where the kinks in our energy system are. By courageously facing and FEELING the pain, be it physical or emotional, in a deeply embodied way, we tap into the wisdom of the Universe that knows exactly how to losses those bonds that constrict us. As we dive over and over into the physical expression of the now moment, a spaciousness begins to arise. Reactivity slowly drops by the wayside. We are able to recognize and reverse limiting beliefs that kept us locked in a small world. We begin to taste our own glory. Our self hatred slowly mutates into self adoration. We grow in our ability to be aware of our own internal reality. Our focus shifts from outer circumstances to our inner reality and we being to witness that it truly is our inner world that is reflected in outer circumstances. The journey Home to our own belonging has begun in ernest. We our now on the Hero's journey where we face many monsters and dragons to win the hand of the Beloved, our own precious herart. Once the commitment is made, the end is sure. While it seems to be our own efforts that carry us home, once we arrive we recognize we were carried all along by a wisdom that transcends all knowing yet knows exactly what it is we need to bring us back to the place we never left yet lost contact with in the amnesia of being born human. We restore ourselves to our clouds of glory and offer our gifts to the world, answering the unceasing call of an overflowing heart.

Friday, February 12, 2016


My word for the year is Mastery. How do we comes masters of our own reality? How do we move beyond fear to the Love that we are? This to me is what the game of life is about. When waves of energy keep knocking us off balance and the world appears topsy turvey, it may feel like mastery is the furtherest possibility. Yet every time we say I love you to ourself or another, we are being masterful. Every time we dive deep into our embodied experience, stay with the present moment, no matter how uncomfortable, extend compassion to ourself or another regardless of how we or they are behaving, extended loving attention to ourself when we are frightened, sad, depressed, we are Masters.
Lately this truth I also read last night in "The Way of Mastery" has become crystal clear in a way I did not previously recognize. "Mastery comes when fear has been completely dissolved." This used to seem mission impossible. It goes on to say, "Fear is dissolved NOT by fearing it, hating it, not by judging it. But by looking upon it with perfect innocence." Can we begin to view our own upsets, crises, loneliness with innocence? When we dive again and again into our own body, feeling what is arising, send I love you's to our hearts? When one challenge after another happens, it is easy to get discouraged. Yet one moment at a time we are liberating our own hearts. The challenge is to stay the course. THIS is Mastery, staying the course even when there are seemingly no tangible results.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

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Monday, January 18, 2016

wholing ourselves

What aspect of yourself is hurting today? Is it your sorrow, your fear, unworthiness, depression, sense of failure? Who within you is the hungry ghost seeking your love and attention? What will you do when this feeling arises in your body, perhaps threatens to overwhelm you with it's desperation? Will you relegate it to the dungeons of consciousness, try to amputate it from your life? Are you willing to hold it, feel it? Perhaps you have to hold it at a 10 foot distance as you consider the possibility of not banishing it from your compassion. Maybe everything within you wants to run, to hide, to shriek NOOOOOOOOOO! Go away! But this time you take a deep breath, muster up all your courage and choose love instead of fear. Maybe the wind howls as you hold steady in your own tenderness to the lost parts within. Maybe your body vibrates and shakes as you reverse thousands of years of conditioning that tells you to just forget it, to drink, smoke, shop, bury, decimate those feelings. But this time you reach for inner strength you did not know you had and say Y E S. Y E S to your own wounds, yes to to integration, yes to a new way of being. Perhaps beneath the trembling you feel that tender part begin to uncurl, to release the tension of self rejection, to shed tears of homecoming. Will you step into the chamber of your own heart?

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Adoring All Aspects of Ourselves just for the Joy of it!

Happy new year beloveds, please join my event on Facebook if you are interested.

It is time to remember the full magnificence of WHO we are. Yet for so many fear and self rejection stand in the way, creating beliefs in scarcity, unworthiness, inadequacy. In choosing to adore rather then reject those aspects of ourselves that have been most problematic, we restore ourselves to wholeness. A 32 day process gives us time to develop and lock in a new habit. By spending time daily cuddling and loving those inner lost parts that we have previously rejected with such vehemence, we restore ourselves to our essence as the magnificence beings we are. Joining together worldwide we create a love wave that helps carry us back Home to ourselves, to the full awareness of ourselves as masterpieces. By slowly or quickly learning to love our depression, our anxiety, our panic, our despair, we begin to feel safe in our own skins, welcoming our innocence hearts back home to the place they never left.