Thursday, November 27, 2014

love and gratitude

Writing this blog and connecting with all of you from 98 countries has been one of the great joys of my life. I am so thankful for this special blog family. May all your hearts be full of peace this day and always. It is Thanksgiving here in the United States and I am so grateful for each of you. Please come visit at our new home,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love IS the ground of my being

I couldn't resist popping over to share something I realized recently. I was rereading my Welcome on the old and new site which is "I intend to know Love as the ground of my being. Will you join me?" (I will be changing it on the new site.) When I read it I had an Oprah ahha moment because I realized I had reached that intention during the four years of writing the blog. Alleluia  I do know love as the ground of my being. My focus has shifted to attention on joyful living which is still a bit of a stretch for me most of the time, she said as a vast understatement. Peace is my frequent experience yet joy still generally eludes me.  I am moving from intending and trying to just surrendering to the Mystery while knowing joy is my heritage, certain it will arise in Divine right timing. 
The 11/11/14 11:11 gateway is too enticing to miss. Lot's of awareness, mini miracles, new ways of being and exciting transformation arising in these miraculous times. I don't know about you but it has been a little tough on the body, to say the least, yet all is well. I welcome you to join me at my new address at
I would be delighted to ride the love wave together in this astonishing time of transformation.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

I AM the key 11/1



It is with a full heart that I write my last post in this venue. Four years ago today I wrote my first blog. I don't think I'd ever even been fully aware of the blogging world until a casual friend suggested I do a blog. It still surprises me how insistent and persuasive she was considering that we were not close friends. Then my husband jumped on the bandwagon and just set it up one day without me even having agreed to it. Well, what's a girl to do? I wrote and found an essential outlet for my passion and purpose. Chris and Georg, I celebrate you.
So four years ago I wrote about finding the keys. I knew they were inside yet at that time it was pretty much mission impossible to actualize that. It has been a long road form there to here. I passed though a lot of bogs, dungeons, monsters, angels, vistas, nightmares, visitations, helping hands, terror, breakthrough, visions, hostility, connection, intimacy, isolation, pain, suffering, clarity and certainty to arrive in this moment.
Two days ago I was in the worst shape I've been physically in a long time and my mind and heart were not exactly singing. Uncomfortable is a vast understatement. Yet I was able to go out yesterday in the pouring rain after endless months of drought to celebrate Halloween with friends, sit in a noisy bar, walk around in the dark and rain with another friend, visit the annual haunted house, then drop by other friends all after a full day. Miraculous encounters occur regularly lately where I suddenly do something totally unexpected in my day and arrive where I am needed to share a message, usually one of encouragement. I "happened" to bump into one of the recipients of a message yesterday who told me how meaningful it had been for her. I was graced with the confirmation of the impact of these messages that pass through me. I see so much elegance and flow in my life. My social life has gone from zero to fairly frequent in a short time. Interestingly so has my daughter's. I often can handle noise and crowds. My capacity for being productive has skyrocketed from flatlined, hammock laying as my major activity to being able to focus and work for up to 8-10 hours at a time! My intuition is kicking into high gear. I have always been highly intuitive and able to pick up so much information about others ways of being merely by being near someone yet now I can pick up energy from written words or pictures. I was able to assist a parent troubled by a child's sorrow merely by looking at the child's name and determining what the issue was. That was astonishing for me.  My ability to live and be present in my heart has increased dramatically in these years. I was telling a friend I am spontaneously hugging "strangers," holding the hands of people I barely know or kissing them on the cheek or forehead, striking up conversations anywhere and everywhere, being transparent and vulnerable. Only those of you who knew me before can imagine what a shift this is from the woman I was. It is as though my heart is slowly being released from lock down. The joy and freedom this gives me is immeasurable.
I agree with Matt Kahn that the holy grail for me, for all of us is becoming confident about our Identity, knowing beyond the level of thought Who I AM. It has been a long road and I am certainly not "done" by any stretch of the imagination. Yet my sense is that in the last few weeks I have passed a vital portal, moving into more certainty about my true Identity  This changes the whole game. My sense is the struggle will be ever diminishing as the joy increases. Ah, dear friends, to end here on this knowing, what a gift. As it turns out I was right, the keys were always within, locked away in my heart until my body felt safe enough to set them free.

Beloveds, I feel all of you. I have tears arising as I tell you how much all of you mean to me. A new country popped in I think it was yesterday. Peru will be the last new visitor while I am still active here, 98 countries strong. It is funny how much emotion is coming up when I think of moving to my new address. This experience here on blogspot has been so rich. This is the end of an era of my life. I look forward to the new beginnings I hope to share with all of you. You are my beloved family even though I will meet few of you in person or ever know your names. That is why it is such a blast to have the newsletter sign up and at least learn some of your names. Regardless of whether or not I know your name, I do know your heart which is so beautiful, such a gift to the planet. Beloveds, know all is well,  know that you  live always in my heart.

Now I want to share with you some logistics about my new way of reaching all of you. My new web site is:                you can click here:

I have two blogs on the new site, Love Wave and Conscious Parenting. The new Love Wave will be similar to this blog although I sense a shift of focus from how the ascension feels to one person (me) going through the symptoms to perhaps more focus on the gifts of this journey and the best way to move through it with grace. Conscious Parenting will focus primarily on parenting and children although on so many levels we all need to reparent ourselves so it applies to everyone.  I would be delighted if you would sign up for my newsletter. Here is a direct link for the newsletter:  There are still spaces for my special gift. I will be writing down the names of the first 55 people who sign up and burying it under my outdoor sacred altar on this special land that holds portals, a vortex and such stunning peace. Having this altar so close by reminds me how blessed I am to have this blog family.  I will also send out a newsletter with goodies occasionally once I figure out how it all works. I have been immersed in a rapid education in new technology so this is a work in progress. I have a resource/tool tab where you will find most of everything I have ever used to wake myself up. You can also sign up for sessions. I am offering a special, six sessions for the price of five for the first thirteen sign ups You can sign up on the Services tab. I also have a donation button for those of you called to offer financial support. I understand some international readers could not use my donation button on my other web site so hopefully this will be resolved. The web site is all shiny and new and feels like I just gave birth to my new life and way of being in the world. I hope all of you will  pop over soon. You are most welcomed!!!!!!!!

This message from Matt seems a lovely way to say farewell for now:
No matter how painful, unfair, or inconvenient it seems to be, no emotional state or thought guarantees a low vibration. Instead, a low vibration is created out of a refusal to celebrate however you’re feeling, thinking, or acting – from one moment to the next. Simply by admitting how you feel about your experience with openness and heart-felt enthusiasm, as if it’s the Divine’s highest destiny to be and evolve exactly as you are, you relinquish every tendency to judge yourself or others and elevate your vibration to the frequency of joy.

As you reach this frequency, you are only capable of feeling, thinking, or acting in accordance with your soul’s highest wisdom without needing to micromanage and bully yourself in the process. While many do their inner work, hoping to attain the perfect list of spiritual attributes, in order to validate their right to feel good about themselves, it is your willingness to feel good about yourself by celebrating each feeling, thought, or action with radical honesty and renewed enthusiasm that reveals the magnificence and glory of your true inherent perfection.