Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Love IS the ground of my being

I couldn't resist popping over to share something I realized recently. I was rereading my Welcome on the old and new site which is "I intend to know Love as the ground of my being. Will you join me?" (I will be changing it on the new site.) When I read it I had an Oprah ahha moment because I realized I had reached that intention during the four years of writing the blog. Alleluia  I do know love as the ground of my being. My focus has shifted to attention on joyful living which is still a bit of a stretch for me most of the time, she said as a vast understatement. Peace is my frequent experience yet joy still generally eludes me.  I am moving from intending and trying to just surrendering to the Mystery while knowing joy is my heritage, certain it will arise in Divine right timing. 
The 11/11/14 11:11 gateway is too enticing to miss. Lot's of awareness, mini miracles, new ways of being and exciting transformation arising in these miraculous times. I don't know about you but it has been a little tough on the body, to say the least, yet all is well. I welcome you to join me at my new address at http://raisedinlove.com
I would be delighted to ride the love wave together in this astonishing time of transformation.

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