Thursday, November 29, 2012

join in birthing the light- various events

Just read this and wanted to pass it on. See if any of it resonates for you to join in physically or in spirit:

I would really like to recommend you join in sending the planet Love and Light in any way that fits for you. You can pray, dance, meditate, envision, use creativity, sing, chant. My understanding is any effort on our part is being met and magnified a thousandfold. Sort of like a matching employee contribution program. Together we can create the lives and planet of our dreams. Every bit helps. And guess what? I know the benefit will bounce back on you super magnified too.

but really- focusing on what you want

This is a powerful time in the evolution of planet earth. I always tell my daughter that this time is absolutely historic and I believe will be as significant a marker as the birth of Christ was 2000 years ago. I believe it will be known as the time the people of earth turned in a new direction and began a time of "peace on earth and good will to men." So to be living in this momentous time is truly awesome. I imagine our great grandchildren will be wanting to hear tales of these heroic times. Yet it requires a tad of vigilance to surf these formidable energies with grace.

It is vital in these times to clean up what no longer serves us and to focus on what we want. Both of these skills require paying attention. That is why I recommend learning to meditate if you have not yet acquired that skill. Spend time in silence. The easiest way to begin is to focus on your breath, inhale exhale. Notice the breath either in the belly or the nostrils. If thoughts pop up (they will) just allow them to drift by and return to the breath. There are a million resources to learn. Check them out.

Two examples of focusing on what you want happened to me in the last day. I came down dramatically with a cold a few days ago and felt quite ill, feverish, sore throat, woke up 20 times in the night. You get the picture. Yet every time I woke up, I saw myself radiantly healthy and said, I will wake up feeling well and then drifted back to sleep. Now, two days later, I am still stuffed up but feel fine!! whopee!!

The second example was this morning. We went to bed late and I could not wake my daughter up for school. I lifted her, shook her and she would not wake up! I knew she was very tired and in the past, I would have freaked out, especially as the carpool driver was a man who has to get to work so I definitely din't want to be late. I STAYED CALM. I STAYED COMPASSIONATE. I STAYED FOCUSED ON WHAT I WANTED, A PEACEFUL, LOVING CONNECTED MORNING. It all came to pass. I finally got her awake minutes before we needed to leave. She was still in bed when I got in the car and she made it in less than three minutes! We were one minute early to carpool. Now I am sure this does not sound like much. Yet given the history of this situation and how stressful it has been for me, I consider this miracle territory and I do not think giving me the keys to the city and a ticker tape parade would be uncalled for. Major victory in the clean up department. So my darlings, utilize this key moment in history for the highest good. I am sure, like me, you are like, enough already. I'm tired. I don't want to do it. Believe me, I understand. Yet I sense it is vital to ride these humongous waves of transformational energy as far as we can in order to have the life of our dreams pop in as quickly as possible. Common kids, grab your surfboards and let's ride those waves!!!

This photo and article are more of what i want so I include it here:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

teaching children about ego

I found this so endearing, a audio from my alma mater University of Santa Monica. Enjoy!!!

     Enjoy this uplifting and touching sharing by First Year student Stella Hu who travels to USM each month from Toronto! She relates an amazing experience of sharing the Principles and Practices of Spiritual Psychology with her two young daughters. When I (Mary) heard her share this at the end of the November First Year weekend, it brought JOY to my heart, a smile to my face, and tears to my eyes.
Stella Hu Shares About Spiritual Psychology with Her Daughters
(Click to Play Audio)
With Blessings of Loving, Joy, and Gratitude in this Season of Thanksgiving,
Ron & Mary


dream on


Our ability to create our dreams in this time is unprecedented. Yet it is so easy to miss our creative abilities by focusing on our problems rather than on our creative potential. It is easy to miss the little miracles popping up everywhere. I intend to reverse that trend in myself and put my attention on joy, on miracles, on authentic power.

I am finally getting around to writing about a dramatic example I had occur a few weeks ago. My body had alerted me I was off course by showing me I was tense. I looked for anything troubling me and realized I had a lot of negative expectations and beliefs about my upcoming parent/teacher conference. I realized I was very much focused on the problems, dragging my past experiences which were generally always stressful, into the future. Well hello, this is not likely to bring about a good result so I decided less than 24 hours before the meeting to change my mind and as many beliefs as I could about what would occur. I did about a five minute visualization picturing the meeting go exactly as I hope. I filled in lots of details. Then I did about 68 seconds (a la technique I learned on Abraham Utube I posted on the blog). I called in the emotional tone of how I wanted to feel- understood, supported, trusting, happy, fulfilled, seeing my daughter understood, supported and acknowledged for her gifts and so on. Boy did I really feel it. All together I spent maybe 10 minutes on the visualizations (did twice) and 68 second exercise. I went to the meeting and was a little late and thus off balance. Yet the meeting was fantastic! It so exactly fulfilled my visualization that it was almost spooky. I felt exactly as I planned, totally relaxed and peacful. I felt calm and supported and experienced the teacher as truly understanding my daughter's challenges and handling them with confidence and skill, really seeing my daughter's abilities. No worry! So different from the last years. Wow! 

I left there on cloud nine for so many reasons. I had recognized how frequently I drag past problems into my future awareness, actually planning for the problem. I recognized fully what powerful creators we are and how much ability I had to create my dreams. I felt so supported and joyful. whoppee, what a miraculous demonstration!! So I say to all of us, dream on!!!!!! Spend as much time as possible feeling how you would feel if all your dreams came true. Picture them in detail. Then wait for the magic carpet to arrive. 

:jazz: :jazz: :jazz: :dance: :dance: :dance: :drinks: :drinks: :jazz: :dance: :love:

On another note, I have continued to have a huge awareness about blame drop in. I am clearing up a mess I made with another person because my intuition is telling me to use the rocket fuel of the energies through December to clear up as much as possible. It is as thought the veil is dropping more and more and I see in the mirror how I created so much of my own pain with my blame, projections and judgments. Don't get me wrong, I AM NOT judging myself for this. I am in awe how much more clearly I see the whole game. It feels so good to get clear and be able to stat to let more and more go. The toxicity of keeping any of it is just tooooooo painful. So I think I am finally able to quit bitching around about how tough it is and just get on with it. I know I have to clean, clean, clean if I want more of the goodies on the other side, the love and joy that are each of our birthright. I am actually going to take my own medicine and clean up a mess I made with someone and also do a creative project. My intuition is telling me to expand my creativity and I am finally going to listen. I will do my best to detach from any expectations of a beautiful product and just have fun with the process. Huge hug and kiss for these fascinating times.

Monday, November 26, 2012

clean up, clean up, everybody lend a hand

When my daughter was in kindergarden this was the song they sang as the cleaned up the room, "clean up, clean up, everybody in the land, clean up, clean up, everybody lend a hand." To me this perfectly describes where we are now as a planet and a species. It is time to clean up. As best as I can tell, this means cleaning up our own mess rather that worrying about cleaning up others' messes such as the economy, politics, etc. It means primarily cleaning up our own internal discord and disharmony. It means allowing ourselves to face our inner demons, feel the brunt of the self loathing they hide and thus transform them and us to a place of bliss and peace. This is the way we bring about planetary change. It starts within.

This last week has been a major clean up week for me. Starting last Sunday, the shit hit the fan and boy did I have a mess to clean up. The initial terror I experienced I believe was just residual energy caught in an old pattern that even I can see is pure illusion yet apparently needed to have it's final (hopefully) say. The rest of the week has been clearing up my self image as easily overwhelmed. I am witnessing how frequently I project that self image from the past to the future. So in the past this or that overwhelmed me, so now I don't want to plan this or that in the future as it may freak me out. Well, hello, I have just created that in my future.  :o :twisted: 

I am delighting in Gary Zukav's book Spiritual Partnership. He has brilliant analogies there about how to face and free ourself from what he calls frightened parts of ourselves. He was talking about how we can free ourself from rage, addiction, sadness, and so on and he included overwhelm in that package!!!!! What?!?!? How had I never seen this? In a very real way I had seen myself as a victim of this energy. Sure, I had learned to clear my body of all those other nasty energies but overwhelm I had considered to be a breed apart. It is just the way I am, my sensitive nervous system etc. In that moment the bell went off and I saw clearly how my words and actions create that experience again and again. I spoke that identity, I planned for that identity,  I refused activities becuase of that identity. WELL I DECLARE TO THE UNIVERSE NOW AND FOREVER- OVER AND DONE!!!! ENOUGH!!! I AM THROUGH WITH THAT ONE!! HEAR ME AND OBEY MY COMMAND SENT OUT TO THE POWERS THAT BE. FINITO, VAMANOUS!! (somebody correct my spelling there.)  

Wow, I feel the power of that. Tears came to my eyes.I am dynamiting that old identity. I will be vigilant to not speak the words that identity wants me to speak, not shove the past into the future. I notice this is one of the trickiest parts for me. Just because something was true 99% of the time in the past doesn't mean it has to be true for one second in the future. That is how powerful these times are. WE CAN LET IT GO!! So that means keeping your eyes on the prize, take your focus off what doesn't work and put all you can on what does work. Keep a gratitude journal or a joy journal like I am. This shifts your filter slow but sure. You then scan for joy, gratitude instead of the way we are conditioned to scan for problems, upset. Give it a try, join me in creating a new dream for yourself, a new identity. Spend as much time as possible daydreaming about what you would like your life to look and feel like. FEEL IT!! Know that those dreams are pulling your goodies to you faster than a locomotive. Dive in to your dreams and watch them come true. Don't sweat it if it take a while or some don't come. Trust yourself and your unseen guides. They love you and would never steer you wrong. 
My computer is acting weird as Mercury goes direct so I'll bid you adieu for now.

Friday, November 23, 2012

You are love

Apparently Lee Harris has been reading my blog because he made a UTube to express all that I am trying to convey. I am kidding of course yet the synchronicity is amazing. I don't have the exact link yet I am sure you will find it by googling UTube, Lee Harris, You are loved. Or I jumped to it from this link of his.

It is the video I would make if I had the capacity because he nailed it:

         YOU ARE LOVED

mirror, mirror


It has been an intense few days for me. I had more to transmute in the last five days then in the last five weeks, maybe even the last five months! The lessons are coming fast and furious. Sunday I had my terror freak out. Monday started out fine but deteriorated dramatically. A series of factors helped me lose it totally and become a venomous, striking cobra. We went away for two days and the weather slipped from cloudy to rainy, then there was an accident just before my exit, the drive was hours longer now, my body was again filled with tension and my companion was calmly making a series of critical remarks in a fashion I call "sniping." I was seeking to allow, stay calm, be fair, etc. Then from one second to the next this fierce internal monster arose in attack position. I said in a loud voice, "If you make one more critical remark, I will begin to criticize you and it won't be pretty." My companion got the idea I was not kidding, backed down totally and afterwards we had a very loving, companionable journey.
Yet the viciousness of what I felt inside and clearly witnessed gave me pause, to say the least!!! I could not believe the vehemence with which I had spoken. Mama mia, was this me? Was this rage mine? It was just too dang blatant to ignore. So I began to question what had flipped me out so much, what had me in full attack gear? Hold on to you hats: I had never seen more clearly the projection of my own behavior on to another. I have a life long pattern of being critical and sniping yet I love to ignore and deny it, so much so that I am often truly blind to it. I can see it clearly in you yet in me it is just a litle quirk. I got the concept of it all being a mirror of our own behavior in a way I had never fully realized before. It was quite the rude awakening.  I really understood that the possibility for freedom lies not in scanning others for their critical behavior rather in scanning myself to wake up to that in myself. I know absolutely when I free it from myself, I will no longer attract that behavior in others. 
I also felt strongly in my being the separation my attack energy created in me. My body became so stressed and stiff that I could not relax swimming for over half an hour. I could not even sit in the normally delightful hot mineral springs. I would go in for a few minutes and my heart rate and blood pressure soared so dramatically, I had to get right out. I felt my spine would snap from the brittleness of the collected stress.
Yet after we went out to dinner and made our peace, I returned to the hot pools and found them to be delightful and not particularity hot. That is what an impact that dynamic had on my body. Again, this is definitely getting my attention. The price of judgment, blame, separation, fear just jumped several levels for me. Trust me, I am vey willing to be vigilant for these behaviors in myself now. I will no longer blindly strike the mirror. That does not mean I will condone poor treatment from others. It just means I would address it in a calm, balanced way with clarity yet without the energy of attack.
The last few days I have also been diving into the perception of overwhelm again. This has not been fun yet I get how this too is merely an opportunity to clear up the last remnants of that life long pattern. It has been very uncomfortable yet I choose to see it as an opportunity for healing, knowing this too shall pass. Someone had read my post back on May 16th, love or fear and I decided to reread it. Same ole same ole, another dance around this challenge. Yet witnessing, allowing, trusting, faith are keeping me on my intent to free myself back to my original nature. I am hearing for many this is what is up right now. We are being given the opportunity to heal at super sonic speed.
The good news is I am also seeing many beautiful things appearing in my mirror. People being so supportive and loving, generous and appreciative. I own that that too is the energy I am extending to the world. Those reflections delight me. I am certainly appreciating those. Now to clear up those reflections where I am definitely NOT the fairest of them all and to maintain absolute self love as I do so, ah, this is good and very good.

just saw this from darling Lee Harris and seems somehow to fit in:

Thursday, November 22, 2012

so thankful for all of you


I am profoundly grateful to share the energy of liberation, transformation, and Love with you. Together our fields dance in an  orgasm of connected joy, nudging us ever closer to our essence. I am so delighted each of you take a moment of your precious time to peruse my musings and insights. I am truly grateful for each of you dear ones of my blog family!!! :love4: :love4: :heart: :hug: :hug: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:

I want to thank my daughter for anchoring me in the resonance of love since she entered my life. Your unconditional love and joy was one of the greatest catalyst to help me remember too. I can not express in words what you mean to me.

I feel myself rushing so will finish this when time permits me to do so with grace.

Sending so much love!

:love4: :love4: :heart: :hug: :hug: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks: :drinks:

:love4: :love4: :kiss: :kiss: :heart: :heart: :love2: :love2: :hug: :hug: :love: :love: :kiss: 

(next day)

I am so thankful for my beloved friend Uschi, for decades of understanding and support. You are the mirror that only reflects my goodness and wisdom. Somehow in your presence, I am only able to see my best self. Even when I am exploring my "sins", my errors, you somehow support me in always seeing the gift of the shift rather than the shame of the error. You have held me steady through moments when I was sure I could not go on. You are my soul sister and I am so grateful.

Karl and Jan, without your loving support and holding, this year may have been so much more painful. The wisdom and insight you shower me with has made such a difference. That I can go each week and be restored and recharged, constantly reminded only of who I REALLY AM, it is well worht the 150 mile round trip drive. You have been my refueling station for over a year now. How blessed I feel to have been guided to your doorstep.

Karin, our commitment to diving into our deepest truth has been so God sent. You blossomed into my life when I was at my darkest hour. Our friendship as we hold hands exploring the inner darkness has made the journey so much easier. The sense of connection and understanding is so delicious. Your energy creates such a container of support and love, allowing me to dive deeper into the pool where my Essence has been hidden. You add such grace to my life.

Horacio, you have brought me back into authentic relationship with my own body. After countless attempts to resolve my weight issue, you showed me the missing key. (for those with weight issues the key for me is to shift my brain chemistry from acidic which kept me craving more sugar to alkaline which makes it easy to desire eating healthy.) Working through our misunderstandings and differences has also supported me in finding my true voice. Having you at my side encouraging me to balance my body and my will has been so vital this year. I thank you for your expertise and commitment.

To my other friends and community, I thank you for all that you give. I honor this land I have been blessed to live on and am so thankful for the gifts of peace, of silence, of ground it gives me. I thank the birds for their endless serenades of song, the deer for their graceful passages over this land, all the animals who have graced me with messages.  I am blessed indeed.