Wednesday, March 23, 2016

which map do you choose?

I had a powerful dream last night, the night of the full moon lunar eclipse. The dream is below. Here is what I got from it. We are all caught in a dream. The powers that be want to distract us with the wrong map of the way home. Tragedies such as Brussels, Paris, New York, school shootings want us to use the map of fear. It will not bring us home but will distract us with the siren’s song of protection and invulnerability. All the while the map that will bring us Home to the long tern solution of peace for EVERYONE is the map of love. I envision us all responding to yesterday’s tragedy with love opening our hearts rather then reacting with fear closing them and making enemies to blame and punish. We need to get some altitude to see what is happening beneath the appearance of things. Let us join in mourning the dead while letting out hearts guide us to a solution that works for everyone. It is only in Unity that we can ultimately resolve the hatred, greed and fear that is at the root of all these tragedies. Let’s not be distracted by the fast food of drama and revenge. The problem cannot be resolved at the level of consciousness it emanated from. Love has the power to bring lasting solutions. No, I am not pie in the sky suggesting to turn a blind eye merely praying all will be well. Act as your heart directs you. Each small step taken from a foundation of love will ultimately end in a world that works for everyone. What small step can you take today? I see my volunteer work facilitating mindfulness and visiting inmates today at the jail with The Way of Mastery, teaching my conscious parenting classes, classes about moving beyond fear, about self love, posting almost daily on FB with words I hope are supportive and liberating as DIRECTLY related to world peace. I am not sticking my head in the sand hoping to OM the world to peace. Yet I deeply respect those whose genuine soul path IS to OM or pray the world to peace. What tiny action can each of us take today to create a world we will feel blessed to pass on to our children’s children? It could be as simple as a smile to an impatient mother or father, a kind word of support on Facebook, helping an elderly neighbor, paying for someone else’s coffee, letting an angry driver pass you without giving her the finger. Tiny steps add up. Let’s all be part of the solution today.

The dream:
I had fallen back to sleep after waking up early and quickly became immersed in a dream I experience as real. I had gone out but needed to get home to complete a project, something I had promised my daughter I would finish with her. The promise was important to me. Yet at the bus stop I met a woman who suggested we take a walk. Ultimately it seemed her destination was a high-rise In n’ 

Out Burger. Well since I never eat fast food that could not be the appeal but I was inexorably drawn on. We ended up in the apartment of some people who were interesting but I knew I had to get home. I said I have to go but realized I was lost. I did not know how to find the street home. I asked for a map but recognized nothing on the map which was full of water and thousands of islands. My new friend said, “but the In N’ Out Burger is not far, you can see it from here.”  I felt very drawn to following her lead but finally pulled away form her siren’s song. I got her phone number and said we could meet again. As I was leaving the man from the apartment said if you climb high enough you can get perspective and then know where you are headed. I was in to much of a rush to listen to him. When I got to the lobby of the building I did not recognize the street and became  panicked. I rushed to the other side of the building, It looked vaguely familiar and I crossed several streets until one looked more familiar. Luckily there was a big bus terminal with posted bus routes but I still recognized nothing. I saw an information booth where people were pushing and shoving for directions. I merged with the group who were busy scolding someone for trying to cut in line. Then a man grabbed my shoulders and escorted me to the back of the line saying wait your turn. By this time I realized I had been trying to get back to my old home in southern California having forgotten I now lived in Northern California. I had been trying to locate a street in greater Los Angles when that was not where I was. I was lost and did not even know where I was but at least now I knew where home was.

Friday, March 11, 2016

taming our own pain

The secret of internal peace and harmony is to tame our over active nervous systems. How do we do that? It begins with questioning our limited sense of identity as one who is constricted by the challenges of life. Next we begin to recognize pain and suffering are red flags that point the way back Home to our True Identity by showing us where conditioning and suffering have taught us to believe in viewing ourselves as weak and fallible. The suffering shows us where the kinks in our energy system are. By courageously facing and FEELING the pain, be it physical or emotional, in a deeply embodied way, we tap into the wisdom of the Universe that knows exactly how to losses those bonds that constrict us. As we dive over and over into the physical expression of the now moment, a spaciousness begins to arise. Reactivity slowly drops by the wayside. We are able to recognize and reverse limiting beliefs that kept us locked in a small world. We begin to taste our own glory. Our self hatred slowly mutates into self adoration. We grow in our ability to be aware of our own internal reality. Our focus shifts from outer circumstances to our inner reality and we being to witness that it truly is our inner world that is reflected in outer circumstances. The journey Home to our own belonging has begun in ernest. We our now on the Hero's journey where we face many monsters and dragons to win the hand of the Beloved, our own precious herart. Once the commitment is made, the end is sure. While it seems to be our own efforts that carry us home, once we arrive we recognize we were carried all along by a wisdom that transcends all knowing yet knows exactly what it is we need to bring us back to the place we never left yet lost contact with in the amnesia of being born human. We restore ourselves to our clouds of glory and offer our gifts to the world, answering the unceasing call of an overflowing heart.