Friday, July 15, 2011

beliefs by country

I am in Austria now for over a week and am deeply struck by how powerful different beliefs operate in different locations. I also want to mention that I had a very hard time accessing my blog and am not able to use my own computer here so I may not post again until my return in mid August. Plus no spell check so take it as it comes.
A few brief examples. My daughter developed a fever and relatives within hours asked if we should take her to a doctor and hovered over her with various medicine. Their concern was very touching yet normally my daugter recovers within days from her rare illnesses and without doctors or medicine, only with immune boosters. She was almost frightened by their deep concern. Today a relative was very surprised that I would allow her out in the wind as that is believed to create or contribute to the flu. I also allowed her to cross the Danube on a small boat and then eat an ice cream, all major no nos here when recovering from illness. I realized that without cultural and community support it was harder for both of us to know she would recover quickly without a doctor- she has but it was a bit more of an effort. I have also been reflecting on the support of a close community; the flip side is the feeling of being bound and held to a certain image and idea of reality. Here I feel a much deeper sense of being held and yet it also feels more difficult to be free to perceive myself as I intend rather than as others see me. I want to develop this theme further and will later. How do we have committed relationships were we experience the absolute freedom to be authentic?
O.K. I am having wierd messages pop up in German and I have no idea what they mean. I'll say goodnight for now. Hopefully, things are feeling a bit easier for all of you, as they are for me. I have had so many awarenesses and the deepest feeling of being at home in myself that I have ever know. It is impossible to put into words yet it feels delicious. I also want to thank my friend Uschi for being the response to my prayers today when she led me to the answer to a question I have been struggling with for almost two years. I prayed and intended to get an answer two days ago, and, voila! it has arrived. Beloveds, may the road rise up to meet you until we connect again.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011



I feel called today to honor your presence in our blog family. Thank you for being part of the family!
with deep love to all of you! savannah

Monday, July 4, 2011

adapting our nervous systems

I just wanted to quickly pass on some information before I leave for Europe in two days. My understanding of all that is occurring from the solar flares, to the magnetic pole shifts, is creating a new frequency which can create almost an assault on our nervous system if we are not at the same frequency. The intent is a good one to bring us to the vibration of light and Love yet it can be very challenging and lead to physical pain, anxiety, exhaustion and so on. I just read a book that was very helpful to me, Barbara  Marciniak's, Bringers of the Dawn.  I must warn you the book is very far out. Someone gave it to me years ago and I threw it in a drawer thinking, no way, jose, this is wayyyyy wacky. Now since it totally matches and confirms all my intuition, experiences and awareness, it felt very good to me. Only look at it if you are willing to consider very bizarre realities. I suddenly had a strong intuition to look for another book by the same author and quickly sensed where to look. Instead I found this book (for me to find anything lately is a miracle in itself) and realized I'd only looked at a few pages before tossing it away in dismissal. I love how intuition works because reading this book calmed me down totally and validated my awareness, insights and understanding. The book, channeled from the Pleiadians, suggested a number of things to help us recalibrate to the new energy and minimize any adjustment pains. I have incorporated a number of things from other sources too. The tips are:
- begin each day with an intention of what you wish to experience that day. Declare what it is you desire to experience. Color it with as much emotion and feeling as possible. Imagine yourself as unlimited and living a life beyond your wildest dreams. Go for it! I intend each morning to have a joyful, loving, energized, delightful day, extending love at every opportunity. Spend five minutes defining your intent and your reality. If possible, do two more times. (Three systems I know use this technique.)
- deep breathing
- imagining a pillar of light pouring into your crown chakra and then spilling out through your solar plexus and creating a luminous egg of protection around you. I have also heard one should imagine the light as violet in color.
- When you feel any discomfit, intend that the energy be transmuted with ease, grace, safety and harmony. You can even say out loud, "I intend for this energy of fear, (anger, hate, despair, exhaustion) to be transmuted into light and love with ease..."
- ground yourself. Sit on the ground, place yourself in water, send time in nature, walk outside, exercise, yoga.
- get bodywork. Information is stored in bone and bodywork can help update you more quickly.
- trust and fully allow your emotions
- shift any belief that holds you in limitation
- process your "stuff" but don't dwell on it
- create an altar with symbols of your deepest intentions and dreams
- use stones, crystals, whatever gives you a sense of energy or power
- use music and sound to liberate yourself; toning as a group is extremely powerful
one more suggestion I offer with caution as I have heard pro and con on this one
- spinning to the left with arms outstretched, building up to 21 times (number suggested by the five rites) or 33 times (suggested by this book) to get your chakras spinning faster
I also recommend the book The Five Rites which is an ancient system intended to energize and revitalize the body. The techniques are spoken of as the fountain of youth. I have been doing them lately.

Just some quick tips to help you surf the waves of energy with more grace. Do your best to enjoy the ride!! Happy 4th!

Friday, July 1, 2011

four keys

Wow, for me the energy has really intensified. It is critical for me to remember this has been anticipated and predicted by the Mayan calendar and many others and that it is occurring by design with a wonderful intent- to bring us to unity consciousness, to living in unconditional Love. The birth into this new consciousness is challenging and the pain may be intense but hang on, it is all for the good. I will write later about my understanding of the Mayan calendar but for now know that we are three days short of being  half way through the last and final "underworld". This final underworld is called the universal underworld and it is bring very intense energies of transformation which are swiftly sweeping us into a new world. Hang on to your hats. TRUST that it is for the good. My understanding is that we each must choose to be here and join in Unity/Love consciousness. If you are onboard with that, it is all good. Below are the four keys from the Way of Mastery, compiled by my friends Lisette and scott from their group on the book. We are in this together. Know I am holding each of you in my heart.
The end of the Mayan calendar is October 28, 2011, according to most experts I read, not December 21, 2012. It is about a huge and blessed shifted in consciousness not about fear and Armageddon as Hollywood and others present it. DON'T BUY INTO FEAR. There is only Love or fear and our task now is to stay in Love. Know that you are protected and safe. Know that all will be well!

" We have been asked to use the “Keys to the Kingdom” as we move into the way of Transformation:  Allowance, to remember that the Spirit is working in every one. And that all things, no matter how they seem to us, can be used by Spirit to bring them home.  Acceptance, remember that what others believe they are experiencing is real for them, telling the child that it’s not the end of the world doesn’t always help. The help needs to be at the level of the perceived problem.  Surrender, give all decisions and interpretations to the Holy Spirit first, then listen and respond from a loving heart. Remember that it is not just unkind to judge some one else’s experience, (including your own) it is impossible… Embrace, this is the measure of allowance and acceptance, the proof of forgiveness. The ability to embrace others or ourselves as truly innocent and the behaviors as neutral is the evidence that our forgiveness is complete. Remember that the only meaning anything has is the meaning we give it. Hold others in your heart and Love them for who they are….we know how. Transcend the judgments that separate others from us and, most of all, separate us from our Spirits vision of all things... In truth, it is  simply a willingness to surrender, so turn it over to your connection with Love.  People will move forward at their own pace, we can’t do it for them, we can only offer our love and compassion when asked. So we accept others for what they say they are (it’s real for them) and we do not judge them by our standards for we know not what they do… Trust the Spirit in others and know that the parts of them that are hard for us to Love will show up.  They are a reflection of an unforgiveness in ourselves… all ways…To be able to accept them as they are, is done for our own peace of mind. We don’t have to join them in their behavior. Be gentle, compassionate and even, at times, silent. Hold the Spirit in our Hearts and ask to see the Spirit in them.  We just need to accept them as they are. A handy tool to keep in mind is to hold this thought:
Imagine then, being able to experience whatever arises without losing the sense of spaciousness, innocence and ease…for such a quality of awareness is perfect mastery. Within it are discovered perfect peace, perfect freedom, perfect joy and uninterrupted communion with all creation. And if you would well receive it, that quality of feeling intimately one with all of creation is what you have been seeking as a soul since first the identification with creation called ego began. P17 wom
Allow others to grow and trust the Spirit in them. We have been asked to allow, surrender, embrace and transcend. Sometimes we feel tested and challenged with one of these qualities. Then it’s time to look within ourselves and realize that: