Monday, September 12, 2011

there is nothing my holiness can not do

I started writing this two weeks ago but then got caught up in such a maelstrom of energy I had to put all my attention on managing and passing through some very challenging events and beliefs. I had two weeks of gorgeous energies, knowing my holiness, Divinity, etc. and then the party was over with a bang. I got caught in a shitstorm. I immediately pulled out my uzi and started hunting down that bast..rd God for dropping me in another hell hole after so recently emerging from 22 months of serious and sometimes terrifying transformation. Well, my heart closed like Alcatraz and believe me there was no escape. I stayed in that frozen, unforgiving, God destroying state for 36 hours until a tiny part of me was willing to make another choice. Before that I felt so hurt and betrayed I was unwilling to even consider forgiveness. So with a tiny peep I agreed to choose again and lo and beyond almost immediately I was given the vision to see why the other person was behaving in that way and how betrayed and hurt they felt. I saw that they felt I was their enemy and they were fighting for their very survival. I saw how indeed, "Miss I am committed to unconditional love" was in fact hating someone I supposedly love. I saw with astonishment how I have done this over and over and over. I saw how enemy images creep in when I feel under attack and the circle goes around and around in destruction and hate. I chose again and realized that while I thought I had shifted to a new paradigm of acceptance and forgiveness before, in fact it was only under certain conditions that did not include below the belt attack. I shifted and immediately so did the other person and we ended up in a love fest. Since then miracles after miracles have occurred, with solutions coming in left and right. Now, I am not advocating allowing people to abuse you- no way Jose- I am only asking that if you find yourself in conflict, ask what part you are playing in the dance. Perhaps you will see as I did, that I was doing it to myself, that the image I had inside helped co-create the drama. At some point I wish to speak openly about the circumstances because I see so many suffer from similar dynamics yet for now others privacy overrides my desire to speak out.

Beloveds, here is what I learned from my direct experience. It is truly only love or fear. If we choose fear, the consequences now in these energies are much more severe and immediate. For me I immediately get a huge punch. If I allow unforgiveness to fester in me, it as though I feel the poison seeping into my body instantaneously. If I shift to love, all kinds of previously unseen possibilities spontaneously come to my awareness. I see and feel my holiness, I see and feel the unlimited possibilities, I see and feel my immense power, the same power that resides in You. Beloveds, They are not kidding- we have that power in us and lately I have tasted it again and again as one after another miracle unfolds in short order.

Yet if fear takes over, and believe me our little egos have declared all out war as they fear for their own survival, then I am sunk. I had a few days of intense fear just now again. I tried again and again to shift and could not. Then twice I genuinely shifted. In one case, with the power of my vision and intent, I was able to obtain sold out tickets to Crosby and Nash, one of my all time favorite groups (O.K I am dating myself). Through a miraculous series of events, three tickets opened up just as we asked for some and then the song that literally had called me to the concert was the song they played for their encore. The song was Teach Your Children Well and they chose that exact song out of their repertoire of 900 songs. Whoa- I had chills going up and done my spine. I got tickets even though I had just heard about it hours before and was assured it had been sold out from the first day tickets went on sale.
I just saw a clip on how we can get out of our fear, out of our minds and enter holy ground. I have put the link below. Beloveds the time is NOW! There is no time to waste. The energy of light will have it's way. I have read some of the scientific information of how this occurring but it does not really interest me because my body is telling me it IS so. We must pony up or be swept away in the tidal wave of fear immersing our cherished Earth. I write quickly without editing as the fur continues to fly so I must go and allow my holiness to put out some fires. Beloveds, join with me in knowing absolutely, without question, There is nothing our holiness can not do. Beloveds, bless everything that you witness, knowing it is serving a greater purpose. Beloveds, know we are one and that we will see this through. Know that I am with you, know that you are loved!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Think with Your heart

This is just such yummy information I wanted to pass it on to uplift. I love her postings so I  included how to access her site. All the information below is from her latest blog. Enjoy!!!

Lauren C. Gorgo

To the Pioneers & PathPavers

The sisters would like to conclude this update with a message for those who have been fighting for years to keep yer heads above water, even thru the high tides and tumultuous waves of the end times….

"To those who have held true to their internal knowing and honored the voice of the One, we say this to you:

Be prepared not only for greatness, but in the sharing of it. The tide has turned and a new wave of energy is arriving at your shore. Nothing promises to be the same again.  For those of you who have weathered the many storms to arrive here, you are the lighted ones, those who others will seek in times of continued destruction and darkness. Redemption is at hand, but it is because you have redeemed yourselves. Be astute to your untapped potential, for there is much yet to be explored, much that will surprise and delight you.  We are the proof of your success, for we are the future of your now.

Remain in peace through the physical changes that arise both within and around you and remember your role as a true bearer of light.  This comes in many forms, not just in moments of greatness, but in the tiniest acts of kindness.  The time to be true is now. The time to be YOU is now.  Pray tell." 
-Seven Sisters

You can find the whole blog at: