Friday, February 12, 2016


My word for the year is Mastery. How do we comes masters of our own reality? How do we move beyond fear to the Love that we are? This to me is what the game of life is about. When waves of energy keep knocking us off balance and the world appears topsy turvey, it may feel like mastery is the furtherest possibility. Yet every time we say I love you to ourself or another, we are being masterful. Every time we dive deep into our embodied experience, stay with the present moment, no matter how uncomfortable, extend compassion to ourself or another regardless of how we or they are behaving, extended loving attention to ourself when we are frightened, sad, depressed, we are Masters.
Lately this truth I also read last night in "The Way of Mastery" has become crystal clear in a way I did not previously recognize. "Mastery comes when fear has been completely dissolved." This used to seem mission impossible. It goes on to say, "Fear is dissolved NOT by fearing it, hating it, not by judging it. But by looking upon it with perfect innocence." Can we begin to view our own upsets, crises, loneliness with innocence? When we dive again and again into our own body, feeling what is arising, send I love you's to our hearts? When one challenge after another happens, it is easy to get discouraged. Yet one moment at a time we are liberating our own hearts. The challenge is to stay the course. THIS is Mastery, staying the course even when there are seemingly no tangible results.