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a wonderful free offer from the university from which I received my master's

Here are some links for a wonderful free gift from the University where I received my Master's: 
This is a blog post about the free gift from the Huffington post.   To sign up

believing is seeing

I never got around to finishing this blog I began but it is too good to let alone so I will just post the quote as it is so accurate. I regret that I do not have the source of the quote:

I had been pondering the idea that believing is seeing for a few days when I read this:
“The conclusion is that our beliefs can filter and affect what data comes in through our senses. We can end up seeing and hearing only what we believe. The stronger the belief system, the more powerful will be its ability to filter out data that contradicts those beliefs. You were taught and you believe that seeing is believing. It should be the other way around. You have come to understand that metaphorically speaking, the eye is a camera that passively collects light and brings it in to record photographs of what is actually out there, with no alteration of the sense data going on. What I am proposing is that in actuality the reverse of that simple phrase is true: believing is seeing. What I am proposing is that the eye is a camera that filters out most of the electromagnetic spectrum to only record visible light, and that the camera is controlled by the photographer who chooses consciously or unconsciously what to photograph.”19

repeat of my statement this year

This or something better for the highest good of all concerned

Rapturously and tenderly celebrating stupendous success and abundance!


Monday, August 25, 2014

letting go

lovely words to start the day with my loves, hearthug

Learning to let go means deeply accepting, loving, and embracing whatever appears to hold on. Whenever you feel anything holding on, pinpoint where in the body such holding patterns are felt. From there, offer a silent stream of "I love you's" to this part of the body for 1-2 minutes, as many times throughout the day as needed. Offer each "I love you" slowly and openly as you would speak to an infant. Each "I love you" thanks any lingering cellular memory for playing its part in your evolution and offers it permission to return to Source energy, where it can return to the wholeness it seeks by holding onto you. When it is ready, a letting go will naturally occur. Not as a result of renouncing or discarding, but as a reflection of how willing you are to lovingly face in yourself what has never been deeply accepted or truly loved before. Perhaps this may help you realize that you are not in charge of letting things go. You are who the grace of letting go -- let's go

Sunday, August 24, 2014

paradigm shift- how can i extend more love from the certainty that is Who I AM

Just had an "ahha" moment. I have been bemoaning the lack of connection to community as that is one of my deepest yearnings that was only truly fulfilled in college. I was teetering on self blame, wondering why I am not  integrated more fully into any of the wonderful communities in this area when it appears so many others are, feeling sad and uncomfortable. Yet realizing it is only more  panacea I am dreaming up perhaps hoping to bypass the true answer, my own complete love. During July i lost my connection to EVERYTHING and literally nothing had any meaning or significance to me. I gave a shit about ascension, self realization, even my relationship with my daughter. Yet what emerged from that rubble is that now as soon as I feel sad, fear, doubt I almost always remember to love the part of myself experiencing that. This morning another piece of the puzzle dropped in. I realized my relationship with my daughter shifted in a major way last month. She has been the only aspect of my life external to my own experience that survived the intense flattening and generally was still bringing me joy. Here's the kicker. Before it was the certainty of her love for me that gave me the courage and strength to slog through deepest moments of despair and doubts about my own lovability. What is giving me joy with her now after the reset is not receiving love FROM her but rather GIVING love to her. It feels so delicious to find more ways to extend love to her, to be there, to hug and kiss her. She is 14 and I refuse to buy all those stories about impossible teenagers and so far so good. I always appreciated extending love of course but the difference is now that aspect is the most fulfilling rather then the validation of BEING loved, it is the opportunity to offer love. Sounds so simple like Love 101 yet so significant to me. To be able to know my love for her without it blocking full awareness of my love first and foremost for myself, to not have to lose the relationship to get the message, wow, that is a miracle.

It Happens All the Time in Heaven

It happens all the time in heaven,
And some day
It will begin to happen
Again on earth,
That men and women who are married,
And men and men who are lovers,
And women and women who give each other Light,
Often will get down on their knees
And while so tenderly
Holding their lover’s hand,
With tears in their eyes,
Will sincerely ask, saying,
“My dear,
How can I be more loving to you;
How can I be more kind?”

- Hafiz

Saturday, August 23, 2014

love songs around the world

These to videos brought tears of joy to my eyes, see how they touch you, from my friend Prema:

Stand By Me | Playing For Change | Song Around the World

and Jeff Buckley's version of Halleljah sung live at the Fillmore moves me deeply:;_ylt=A0SO8w4.CPpTxlEAtK9XNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEzbTRlNG1yBHNlYwNzcgRwb3MDNARjb2xvA2dxMQR2dGlkA1ZJUDI0NF8x

or maybe this one (you can tell i am not super computer davy):

Search Shortcut

the dance of emptiness and magic

The places I find myself in this summer are new and thus unfamiliar. Initially it was a no man's land of flat lined, non emotional response to whatever was arising including experiences that in the past normally brought me great joy. This hohum touched so many events that I had looked forward to, some for years including a fabulous birthday gift of an elegant French dinner and a wonderful cliffside hotel, boogie boarding at my favorite beach in Malibu (picture below), time at the coast and seeing old friends who live far away. Nothing deeply touched me and for a few days nothing touched me at all. I really wondered if this bizarre state was some end point called neutrality. I heard Matt Kahn say that emptiness is our natural state and that the euphoric states of joy are only places we visit periodically. I was not well pleased to imagine even for a second this was the final result, yes, no drama, little fear or pain but also little or no joy. A huge improvement of course from the panic and terror of the previous years but not worth the journey. So I was very happy to hear Lauren at say that the state of presence is nothing like what I am experiencing but rather filled with a luminosity and aliveness that delights the senses in every moment of full awareness. Yes, I have had those moments. Recently I have also had huge waves of awareness of my own unlimited power. They confirmed to me that all of this was real and definitely worth the ride. I tasted my own magnificence and it was good!
For me the ride now is much more manageable, less bumpy and for those of us in the first wave seem to be the order of the day. For two nights I had minimal or almost no sleep which was less than fun yet I experienced it fully without the accompanying story of "woe is me" which literally left me less tired. Last night I slept yet was awakened by a new alarm set for school wake up time. It had not worked the days I needed to get up but now mysteriously worked just fine. In the past I would have been horrified to be awakened when finally sleeping, now it was just an odd curiosity without any accompanying freak out.
Yet this morning I have a sadness. My daughter has been party of a girl's moon group. They are on retreat this weekend and I was feeling way too tired to go plus my daughter was really not wanting to go. I feel a deep sadness for all the events, experiences, opportunities I have missed during all the years I have been immersed in this consuming journey. It leads me to question myself, to ask if I could have done things differently, suffered less, made better choices, been a better parent, more healthy, better example. Luckily this feeling does not linger as I now know and almost always remember to just love that part of myself that is arising in pain or doubt. I love the one that feels it is missing out, that doubts itself, that feels somehow outside or not included.  I practice my vision as the  unlimited creator and imagine the world as I desire it to be, sending out love waves to myself and anyone I know is suffering and lately that seems to be a lot of people. Almost everyone I know is either very challenged, tired, grumpy mixed with amazing synchronicity, opportunities and  mini miracles. What a ride.

I too have experienced amazing manifestations. One night I set the intent to find someone to help me with computer work. I then got an unusual desire to drive into town to go to a coffee shop on the weekend and hear a harp player. I normally don't go to town on the weekend as it is a long drive. There I saw someone whose face I recognized, he told me where I'd seen him before, we start talking and two days later he comes down to help me, for free,  fix the mistake on my web site so I can update again!:!services/c8k2 
 I also had the thought I'd like to have a clean car and when I meet my wasband to deliver my daughter to him for her time at his house, he spontaneously pulls out cleaning material and starts cleaning the interior of my car. My mouth was just hanging open in amazement. Another example is how I had felt  victimized by my poor internet service which goes down regularly and has cost me a lot of lost business because my Skype gets interrupted.  I felt the sense of limitation and decided ENOUGH! My wasband tried to get it fixed for months with incredible frustration and stress without resolving it which is why I had not taken it on. In addition we were led to believe it was the location of our home behind a hill that was the problem. I decided not to accept those limits and called to resolve it. After endless calls and run around including a no show after I devoted an entire afternoon to waiting for the workman to show, the next day a man arrived unscheduled and was super efficient. It turns out he did not get everything yet he gave me his phone number and has returned twice thus far to keep making adjustments. Those of you familiar with this mega corporation can imagine what a miracle this is.

So in this moment I am allowing the sadness of not going to this retreat where they will hike to waterfalls I have never visited (I love waterfalls), swim in water spots I have never seen in an area I don't know well (love finding new places for swimming) where they will stay in a cabin. I love the part of myself that feels it is missing out and accept this is what is occurring and while maybe it COULD have been different, it is not different. It is what it is. 

I am also feeling my  gratitude that the start of the school year has gone more smoothly than ever and I am recognizing and releasing the way I have felt a victim of my daughter's learning differences and how they affect her experience of school, creating tension and stress in our home. I am also releasing her from the victim role and realizing how tightly I held her to the belief that this was stressful and immutable. Lo and behold, she came home and told me she actually understood complex information about the atmosphere that I could barely decipher! ( I am trying to wean myself off of both of these (!) with little success.) Right now I experience limitation and inadequacy primarily in two areas one of which is the school experience. I notice how that emotion feels in my body, I allow it with compassion and then I love the part of myself having that experience. I can definitely feel how it is shifting my experience and little peeps of self love are sprouting up in a more visceral way than ever. (I am aware I sometimes use difficult English words, please let me know if the translator does not interpret them well. I realize non English speakers are likely not familiar with such unusual word yet I love to play with language.) I innately KNOW the value of self love and am pleased that since the end of July it is easier than ever for me to stick to my commitment to love myself, regardless of what arises  This is and always has been one of my deepest intents and I am thrilled (in a hohum sort of way ) at the latest anchoring of this energy. 

While I was writing this, I had problems again with the computer and switched around to see what was up and found this, now that is synchronicity, a conversation between Lauren at and myself:

Avatar of LaurenLauren Post author
“and maybe the hohum is just letting go of the idea that something out there will truly satisfy” …exacts.
after the release of any emotional heaviness, a newness is birthed…a new participation with life that makes all our favorite things even better…titillating even.
But even our favorite things feel lifeless and dull when we have not yet felt the pain that it is blocking our joy.
ie, nothing external can release us from bondage…its all an inside job.
Ultimately, it’s only in feeling our pain that we free ourselves from i

Avatar of dancing unitydancing unity
Girlfriend your words are manna from heaven. I was literally just writing a blog about this, saying how I have to feel it to heal it. :P The part that is the manna is I was having some doubts about there ever being an end to this rainbow. I thought if this is the famous neutrality/emptiness they speak of, what I am sure I falsely wondered was the whole Buddhist non attachment thing, I was like forget it man, no fun and not worth it. Know any seeking will just push it away further so allowing it to unfold as it does and recognizing it is the mystery that is in charge of the whole show, not my puny understanding, thank God

    1. Lauren Post author
      i am sure others have similar thoughts…so let me state on the record that:
      Neutrality is NOT indifference or dispassion…it is the exact opposite of that. It is spiritedness…aliveness…fulfilment…unceasing creative desire…it is a physical release of endorphins that takes the human senses to the next level… an undying urge to beautify, to LOVE to make all of life better and more harmonious…above all, it is pure presence…peace and contentment with what-is….a complete lack of wanting, which is the only key that will open the door to the universe.
      Neutrality is really the state of the MIND that lets the HEART lead. In order to feel the LOVE of the divine inside of us, the mind must be stilled, unattached…thought must surrender to feeling.
      ALL of this happens inside the body, inside our feeling center…where thinking has no use. The brain is a powerful tool that humans abuse in order to avoid feeling…a distraction device…but eventually we all realize that we can’t think our way Home.
      1. Avatar of dancing unitydancing unity
        yes, instinctively and from direct experience i KNOW this yet this prolonged no man’s land had me questioning again, thanks very much for clarifying and making it super clear, something my over active mind can latch on to and quiet itself with, until my incessant analytical thinking disappears

         dancing unityafter sitting with this for a few minutes feel fear arising and hoping feeling the pain will not be at the gut wrenching level it was years ago as in falling to the floor in agony; any sense if that level of feeling the pain is still required to release the remaining dross?
    1. Avatar of LaurenLauren Post author
      In my experience, once we are awake, we don’t need the ole brick in the face in order to feel our feelings. These days and in these vibrations, we are able to move thru our pain so much more subtly. Don’t fear your feelings, they are here to serve you…to deliver you back to LOVE. It’s ultimately our fear of feeling that got us here in the first place. Use this powerfully healing new moon to aid you in your intentions for a supportive passage. ♥
      1. Avatar of dancing unitydancing unity
        this is good news indeed, sending you a gorgeous love wave of appreciation, my tears are telling me i am on to something big, you are one wise mama
        transcontinental hug xoxoox

        Lauren Post author          Lauren:
        p.s. your mind will quiet down as soon as you drop into your heart and overcome your fear of feeling. The mind is overactive when our energy is focused on the head…our energy is focused on the head when we are trying to avoid our feelings.

        1. Avatar of dancing unitydancing unity
          yes, I feel how powerfully my MIND has the illusion of protecting me by blocking my feelings that in the past were sometimes so agonizing even though I am fully aware consciously that my feelings no longer send me plummeting to hell, yes to truly trust my heart and allow it to feel what it feels, this is my prayer

          dancing unity
          I am feeling the luminosity of your words which give me the power to dive in again and let the tears flow

Sunday, August 17, 2014

MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014 finding new life- photo added

Below I just added a  photo of my magnolia tree i am intending back to life as I wrote about in my July 28th post. While I was away she had a set back yet I continue to send her love and hope she may blossom in beauty. May we all find our roots and flourish.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

remembering Robin Williams

Like so many, I am deeply moved by Robin Williams death. It is one of my most fervent wishes to assist in the wake up call being transmitted to this planet so that all may remember their true natures and rest easy in that knowledge. May his passing support us in getting whatever help we each may need in knowing our own essence as love. May his suffering and his great talent and humor be a catalyst for growth and positive change. Robin, you are loved and appreciated.

I realize his passing gave me an even deeper appreciation for how much courage it takes to stick it out and face our inner darkness.  I am so grateful for those in my life exhibiting this courage, particularly one member of my family who has had to faced unimaginable darkness. I salute you and myself for keeping the faith. I am also sensing and witnessing that his passing is opening up the conversation about our shadows and inner darkness. It is bring forth a greater level of authenticity and freedom, a reduction of shame and hiding and for that I am glad.

I know that it is only my increasing certainty of Who I AM that has given me the strength to face my own inner demons. How I wish I could do a Star Trek Vulcan mind meld with any of you that still doubt your own magnificence. Yes, of course at times I certainly doubt my own. In those moments I reach out to others to assure them of their Divinity, thus regaining my own memory of my own unlimited nature. Robin, may you know  your own magnificence and may you see the blessing that you are. I see his passing as a soul contract to help others awaken and I salute him. I also salute each of you for your courage. Sending so much love.

May Matt Kahn's suggestions on dealing with dark states support you in finding your way to freedom.

Friday, August 1, 2014

love every aspect of your being as it all serves to bring you Home- translator

Increasing power and clarity are pouring into me. Yet I'm also aware of the need to stay vigilant to steer clear of limiting thoughts or beliefs. I feel the discomfort of them instantly. As soon as any disruption occurs, my fallback position is to love the part of me that feels frightened, lost, alone, incapable and so on. My sense is this is the quickest way to align with these powerful energies with maximum grace. Working with clients i am privileged to observe how much resistance is stirred up by fighting our shadows, how much spaciousness is generated when we allow and embrace all that arises with love. Simple, not easy. Below some tidbits I find useful. I am also preparing for my annual computer hiatus, taking a break from that energy. My heart goes with each of you as I take this pause. Know that each of you are magnificent masterpieces. Be well my loves and surf those waves back Home to the Love that you are. Know that it is my intent to translate these higher messages we receive down to a more human level to hopefully make them more intelligible and accessible.  My hope is that by sharing my experience of moving through these energies that impact me so powerfully, I may shine a light on the most direct path Home.

This is a lovely reminder to love ourselves ever more deeply:

and more clarity on what is arising:

....This will be a world that is much touched by the higher cause to love and support of one another. These will be your greater motivators.
Many people are awakening at this time. And it has been quite a shock to the nervous system for the higher will to be penetrating into the heart of the lower self, the emotional body.

The energies of your wounded emotional bodies have run the show in many ways. And as it becomes clearer that the emotional body is a force that must be reckoned with, there will be a growing willingness on the planet to deal with these sacred energies. 

The emotional body is the sacred body of experience on your planet. And whether you have known it or not, it has been what has saved you from the annihilation that many have sought. The world is seeking the peace of the emotional body. It is now being penetrated by higher energies, which remind you of what you are made up of from the inside out.

This memory is inherent in all of you.
It is what will save you from the destructive path of the lower swill, which has looked OUT instead of to itself as a sacred force. This will be a time when the memory of the inner self will accelerate. Many will seek deeper truths as this begins to unfold and be assimilated....


Do not depend only on the crises and annihilations to inspire you to show up through grief and despair. This would be a variation of the same thing you have known... victim consciousness.
You need to learn to allow the emotional body to awaken you into the joy and inspiration and revelation of the depths of that joy... That is what is possible as these higher energies are ready to be downloaded more fully into your emotional bodies....

While you may think you are looking for ways out of pain and despair, you are unknowingly trying to find a way out of God’s heart. Feelings such as pain and despair are a series of energetic adjustments that occur when you exit ego-land and return home to the kingdom of your divine heart space. The desire to feel better is understandable, but it makes your path endless and insufferable. Equally so, a willingness to hand yourself over to love and treat your feelings feel like an innocent child, tossing and turning at the core of your being, delivers you into the glory of salvation. As salvation dawns, you are reborn as the eternal one I AM. In order to be reborn and discover a paradise beyond any measurement, promise, or desire, your fight with preferences must come to an end. This is the heart of