Monday, August 25, 2014

letting go

lovely words to start the day with my loves, hearthug

Learning to let go means deeply accepting, loving, and embracing whatever appears to hold on. Whenever you feel anything holding on, pinpoint where in the body such holding patterns are felt. From there, offer a silent stream of "I love you's" to this part of the body for 1-2 minutes, as many times throughout the day as needed. Offer each "I love you" slowly and openly as you would speak to an infant. Each "I love you" thanks any lingering cellular memory for playing its part in your evolution and offers it permission to return to Source energy, where it can return to the wholeness it seeks by holding onto you. When it is ready, a letting go will naturally occur. Not as a result of renouncing or discarding, but as a reflection of how willing you are to lovingly face in yourself what has never been deeply accepted or truly loved before. Perhaps this may help you realize that you are not in charge of letting things go. You are who the grace of letting go -- let's go


  1. Really helped, thank you, sweet sunny friend.

  2. yea! so love hearing something i posted helped, much love dear heart