Saturday, April 30, 2016


The inner shifts feel both so subtle I can barely articulate them and, at the same time, they are so significant, such paradigm changers, I can hardly grasp the magnitude of the changes.
One thing I want to mention as I sense I am not alone in this experience. It feels as though lifetimes of dross, of release, of suffering, of unhappiness and heaviness have finally come to an end. Yet I notice I must remain vigilant not to return to that old way of being where suffering is the norm. I get to choose moment to moment, do I focus on the mini miracles arising or do I place my attention on all the "challenges" that appear as though they are not yet resolved? This use to be difficult but lately is is relatively easy, it just requires my continued attention. The old feels as though it is a current that wants to pull me back into a view of life as difficult. There is a situation in my life that most would find extremely difficult to make peace with, that the normal world would consider cause for great fear and concern. Yet in the last week it is becoming very graceful for me to only focus on the beauty and gifts. I give thanks to Susan Marie Crystal-Intuitive for her support in this letting go of eons, lifetimes, millennium of living in suffering, in accelerating my progress toward living in joy.
About eight years ago the Amber World made me a personal incense called “Joyful Happiness For No Reason.” Then I had her add- “On Earth.” I had been recognizing how I wanted to go home, back to where I belonged, a distant star where people were loving and kind. The idea of being joyful on earth seemed so far fetched as to be almost ludicrous yet it remained one of my greatest dreams. Since 2016 began I have experienced a new energy. For two periods of a week or two each I felt the embodiment of love, what some are calling the embodiment of Christ consciousness. It is all more subtle then I imagined so I could easily have believed my experience was not what I had been yearning for all my life. Twice I caught myself in the old comparison game. But I pulled away from that old dynamic too.
Flash forward to the last week where i have moments of, wait for it, exhilaration! Holy cow, we are definitely not in Kansas anymore.
Darlings are you too noticing the possibility of a life of joy is more present then ever? I know we are each on our own timelines and it is important to honor our individual journeys. Yet I adore noticing the possibility is available to be joyful on earth for no reason. The perfect antidote for fear, yes? Joyful for no reason- so scrumptious and succulent. This year is a year of embodying mastery for me, for finally bringing my purpose and vision to physical reality. This week I have had a number of meetings (me, “taking” a meeting, I can hardly get over it) that bring my dreams ever closer to reality. In this moment joy is bubbling up within. After lifetimes of suffering and this life of unremitting profound anxiety until the last years, can you imagine how welcome this is? This is our destiny. Just half a year ago the possibility of reaching my vision felt ABSOLUTELY like mission impossible. The thought too little. too late kept flashing through my mind trying to take me down, take me out, bring me to my knees. Yet I persevered. Yes, we have each had to slog through what felt like endless amounts of heaviness, shadow, suffering, limitation to reach the joy yet this is the certain outcome for those with the courage to stay the course.This I know.
Talk about gorgeous synchronicity affirming this, for one of the few times in my life I remembered to search for an image to fit the post rather then use one I'd seen somewhere else. I had kept telling myself I did not know how to find free images. But this time I was like, look, find your own image. I found this quickly and here is the caption, I kid you not. Love the confirmation, celebrating!
"Joy For No Reason | Tasting Mindfulness" It is called joy for no reason, hello! ya gotta love it! Then combining mindfulness which is what all my meetings have been about, expanding the mindfulness program in the jails and prisons. I adore receiving such signs. YAHOO!
<b>Joy</b> For No Reason | Tasting MindfulnessREASON | Tasting Mindfulness

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Christ consciousness

It is said this is the time of the second coming but it is not the arrival of a Divine being in our midst, rather it is the awakening of our own knowledge of Who we truly are, the remembrance of our own Divinity, the arising of the 144,000 Christ. Yesterday at the jail that is what I felt. I found myself during the mediation with arms at my side, hands outstretched, sending a tender energy to each person in the room, grounding love through my feet and sending it to everyone in the jail. It was so powerful and I had tears in my eyes as the feeling of love pervaded the room. This is what these times are about. Take your attention of the chaos and drama, look to the opportunity to REMEMBER full stop your own unlimited nature, our own magnificence. WE re indeed the ones we have been waiting for. There is something new afoot. I see it as I work with new clients, the ability to tap into a powerful field of Presence that brings such richness and gifts. This is where we are headed as a species, this is why these times have so much to celebrate. Can you feel it?

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Today we completed another round of mindfulness training at the jail. The stores of inner shifts and awareness of how it is possible to respond rather then react; the explorations into the nature of love itself touched me deeply. Yet today we were gifted with an even greater offering. One man who had been very active in the group was transferred unexpectedly to the jail/prison in Sacramento which they all tell me is very unpleasant. He was put in solitary confinement for almost a week, with no possibility to shower. He said around him people were screaming, kicking, shouting, general bedlam. Inmates even throw shit under each others' doors. When he had been put in solitary before, he would kick and scream himself. This time he was able to stay calm and centered, allowing it to be what it was, even utilizing a story we had told about not knowing whether something will turn out to be good or bad luck. He was able to realize how good did come out of this experience. How gratifying to hear. When we first began the sessions, there was much fidgeting, twitching, leg shaking. This time, even with two new members, one of whom had never meditated, the room was absolutely quiet and everyone was very still. The peace pervading the room was so nourishing. I bow.

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