Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Today we completed another round of mindfulness training at the jail. The stores of inner shifts and awareness of how it is possible to respond rather then react; the explorations into the nature of love itself touched me deeply. Yet today we were gifted with an even greater offering. One man who had been very active in the group was transferred unexpectedly to the jail/prison in Sacramento which they all tell me is very unpleasant. He was put in solitary confinement for almost a week, with no possibility to shower. He said around him people were screaming, kicking, shouting, general bedlam. Inmates even throw shit under each others' doors. When he had been put in solitary before, he would kick and scream himself. This time he was able to stay calm and centered, allowing it to be what it was, even utilizing a story we had told about not knowing whether something will turn out to be good or bad luck. He was able to realize how good did come out of this experience. How gratifying to hear. When we first began the sessions, there was much fidgeting, twitching, leg shaking. This time, even with two new members, one of whom had never meditated, the room was absolutely quiet and everyone was very still. The peace pervading the room was so nourishing. I bow.

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