Thursday, April 21, 2016

Christ consciousness

It is said this is the time of the second coming but it is not the arrival of a Divine being in our midst, rather it is the awakening of our own knowledge of Who we truly are, the remembrance of our own Divinity, the arising of the 144,000 Christ. Yesterday at the jail that is what I felt. I found myself during the mediation with arms at my side, hands outstretched, sending a tender energy to each person in the room, grounding love through my feet and sending it to everyone in the jail. It was so powerful and I had tears in my eyes as the feeling of love pervaded the room. This is what these times are about. Take your attention of the chaos and drama, look to the opportunity to REMEMBER full stop your own unlimited nature, our own magnificence. WE re indeed the ones we have been waiting for. There is something new afoot. I see it as I work with new clients, the ability to tap into a powerful field of Presence that brings such richness and gifts. This is where we are headed as a species, this is why these times have so much to celebrate. Can you feel it?

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