Thursday, December 31, 2015


My wish for myself and each of you is to know ourselves as the masterpieces we are and to adore any aspect of ourself that has forgotten that noble Truth. May 2016 be the year your visions and dreams spring more fully to life.

Friday, December 25, 2015

expect a miracle

So much love to each of you!

Sunday, December 20, 2015

more on being a masterpiece

Who hoo, figured out how to find the exact link, yippee! I am a masterpiece!

Loving our own hearts always, in ALL WAYS

I cannot figure out how to share links with my new operating system so here is my latest blog in full. I wish each of you peace and gentleness as we pass through the latest gateways amist huge solar storms.

I woke up reflecting on my favorite topic, loving ourselves. Many pieces of the puzzle are coming together for me. Over time here is what I have come to understand in an embodied way. Love truly is the answer to every question. To learn to love those parts of ourselves that have caused the most challenge, certainly not easy yet vital. I am skimming through a book donated to the jail called “Joy of Full Consciousness” by Thich Nhat Hanh. He wrote that in the Buddhist tradition one breathes with whatever arises, allowing it to be as it is. They view the process of digging into the past for old wounds as unnecessarily violent and disturbing. This made me reflect even further about what healing modalities work best to restore us to wholeness. Endlessly excavating the past does seem like it is not the gentlest way to be with our wounds. I am wondering if generations from now they look back on the way we healed cancer with chemotherapy and radiation as extremely harsh, even barbaric. Perhaps psychotherapy will also be found to have been so primitive. Lynn MacTaggart writes in “The Bond” that it was only in 1955 that the study of health rather then illness was first explored A sociology student at Yale named Len Syme went against the advice of all his advisor in deciding something that had never been considered before, to study what factors lead to greater health.
When I was trained as a therapist, it was all about the relationship with the clients and the past. The client would come in and the conversation would then be about what was wrong. One of my favorite clients quit therapy for this very reason. Yet until after 12/21/12 I did not know how to release fear with more grace. It has taken me several years to learn to only rest in the now to discover our own essential nature bured under old conditioning and fears.
It is no wonder that many of us find it difficult to conceive of loving the parts of ourselves that are in the most pain. Yet it is this simple yet radical advice that begins to rock our world. We shift from being a problem to be solved to remembering ourselves as masterpieces. Many religions and spiritual philosophies, if not all, emphasis this fact, we are all limitless wonders. These times are forcing to the surface all the ways we have forgotten that truth. Today can you offer your own heart five minutes of I love yous? Don’t be surprised it this brings up anything but comfort and yummy feelings. If the subconscious does not accept this statement, it will kick up a dust storm and beg you to stop. Yet stay on target. If you commit to this practice, in time the subconscious will accept this statement as true and then release feel good chemicals that make it easy to believe this essential Truth, you are so worthy of your own love. You are lovable, loving and loved.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

miracles and service

I am reaching out for support for my work at the local jail, see if it resonates:

Saturday, December 12, 2015

loving what is, back in, 12/12

Alleluia, Beloveds I have missed you as I have coped with massive computer problems. I wish you a powerful 12/12 gateway and send you each the most delicious love wave. I am delighted to have finally found my way back in to my own blog! crazy! I am so proud of myself for calmly sticking with it until I resolved it. Hurray.
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