Tuesday, April 30, 2013

honoring my parents

My mother died when she was exactly as old as I am today. My father died when he was the age I was about a month ago. This is hard for me to comprehend. It feels like their lives were cut tragically short. I have tears of celebration and forgiveness as I write. At one time I feared I too would not live past this age. For years I knew this would not be my fate yet still I want to honor this passage. I want to commemorate my dear mother Ann for showering me with all the love she knew how. I want to honor my father Joseph for giving me what he thought was crucial, a good education. He also gave me the financial freedom to get support to free myself from many wounds. I know he did the best he could and I offer my full and complete forgiveness. I am sure it was not easy for him to have a daughter who was so foreign to his way of being. May there only be love between us from this day forward. May these tears release any remaining wounds and allow them to return to nourish the earth. God bless you both.

Monday, April 29, 2013

fog, control, exhaustion, surrender

It is now several weeks with only a few hours and maybe one day where I don't feel either exhausted, fogged, unclear, wading through molasses or just  depleted. Yesterday I was fine and actually enjoyed functioning. I am noticing how desperately I want to control this. I do everything to try to force myself to sleep longer and it doesn't work. It is so frustrating to be so tired and not be able to sleep. This seems very common right now. Here is what I am getting. A lot of it is just what is up. We are being bombarded with light and in some ways it is frying our nervous systems. I know there are those who are already up to speed and they are just fine. Yet for the rest of us it is a challenge. I know I must surrender and allow this to be as it is. The only times I slept longer was when I stopped fighting it and just allowed it to be as it was, I allowed the sleepless exhaustion. Paradoxically but not surprisingly, then I slept deeply and long. I see us as pioneers, crossing unknown lands with no map, no certainty of any type of end point, of relief. It is hard to endure and keep the faith, at least for me sometimes. Know how courageous you are.
I must also be vigilant against thoughts like: this is never going to end, I can' take it, I did something wrong, I didn't try hard enough, I missed the boat, etc. These sink me faster than a torpedo. I can hardly muster the awareness yet I know what I focus on will be magnified. The main point for me is to love myself, whatever shows up.
My dear friend Uschi told me how when she climbs to the foothills of the Alps to get out of the fog, the fog is always the thickest just before she breaks through to sparkling sunlight. That is the image I had already of what is now occuring. I felt so much clarity when Uschi confirmed my inner vision. Hang in there my loves. My sense is, if you have done your clearing, relief is in sight.

This mediation is powerful for me and helped me sleep deeply one night:

Tom Kenyon, Click here to listen to and/or download the Hathor Heart Chakra Healing Sound Meditation ©2013

Saturday, April 27, 2013

light beings, focus, staying alert

Yesterday I felt like laying on my hammock and not moving all day. The inertia of my fogged, tired brain was almost too powerful to resist. Yet my intuition told me to follow through on our plans to explore the Table Top Mountain Ecological Reserve (Preserve?) outside of Oroville, CA. Somehow I managed to haul myself out of the hammock and get going. There were some wonderful moments that penetrated the tiredness, some great laughs. There was also an explosive moment where two egos collided. A few things really stand out. Despite much grumblings, there was about an hour of such peace hanging out under some trees surrounded by munching cows with a gentle breeze stirring the heat. Then we decided to take a detour for an adventure to see Oregon City and it’s covered bridge. The little village had some historical interest. We then drove on the small dirt road until it got a little dicey and we wanted to turn back. The turn was tricky and we got a bit stuck. At the same moment a open jeep came by. I hurried my awkward turn so as not to block the jeep. As we passed the jeep, a beaming face asked me if we were lost. A young man with dreadlocks bathed us with his gorgeous smile. His cholate face was the most beautiful sight in the world in that moment. His face literally radiated light. I felt a transfer of powerful Love. It was magnificent and stays with me in this moment.
A few weeks ago I met an equally magnificent man at the Ananda tulip festival. His face and whole body also radiated such love and light. I am so encouraged by the profusion of Love I am witnessing.
The other important point for me is again about where I focus my attention as it is so quickly magnified. I woke up again feeling unrested and tired. I laid for a few hours hoping to sleep yet felt increasingly tired without sleeping. My day started heading south. I forced myself to clean up the kitchen as it is again in an uproar. Surprisingly, I started to feel better. The same thing happened yesterday. The more I did, the more alert I became. It is so tempting just to lay around and complain in my own mind. I must force myself to move at all. Yet the laying doesn’t rest me. Everyone is unique so see what truly works for you. Just stay vigilant to where you are focusing your attention. My loves, stay calm, know all is well. I send you my love.
Sent from a semi alert being

Friday, April 26, 2013

still befuddled

passing this on in case it helps. I am still in a fog. xoxox s

Aluna Joy
I have been called out of my little retreat / seclusion zone, to be out in the world to witness and anchor what ever Spirit calls me to do. So we have been called to go out camping on coastal areas in California. Living like a hermit has its benefits, but does have a down side. You loose touch with what is going on out in be world. In the last few days, we can really see the effects this 2013 energy is having on people in the world in general.
The Star Elders say …. We are synchronizers, but also watchers…. and we see that there is a higher percentage of people that are snapping under the Earth’s new pressure cooker energy. Many souls are reacting to the energies with outbursts, anger and acts of violent aggression. We ask you, if you have extra energy that you do not need for your own adjustments, to project a peace to these ones as much as you can. They are your brothers and sisters. This is costing them some karma that will need to be cleared out, but this will be cleared quickly. There is a divine grace and dispensation for these ones, as well as every human being at this time.
Those that don’t release this energy externally (most of which read these posts) are internalizing the energy and are activating themselves hugely! But this also comes with a heavy price as you may already feel. Your bodies are being pushed to the limit and this stretching you so you can contain more and more of this energy without bursting. This is creating a roller coaster, a pressure cooker effect, that is testing you way beyond your normal limits. We hear you cry out for mercy…. and then watch you go inward and beg for release.
We hear your prayers and mantras and mediations to keep yourselves balanced. We are right there with you even though you might not be able to hear us… or feel us…. We know it is hard to know which way is up . . . like if you were violently shoved under the water by a huge wave, and you do not know where the surface now is. We see that many of you worry that you might not make it through this. The release you ask for will come, and you will be stronger than any human race that has walked the Earth. You are already maintaining more energy, light and power than you ever have. Remember . . . YOU are the I AM that I AM … You are presence of GOD within, and that is your unquenchable core that can never be harmed by anything under the sun.
We are there with you, and we see that you are doing this…. To take a physical body into a new realm. It is hard work and urge you to …. Keep on… Keeping On.
~ The Star Elders.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Facebook and a sweet reminder

I jut took what for me is a hugely brave step and joined Facebook. I am jumping on the initiating wormhole energy to take action toward my darhma and deepest dreams. If you are on Facebook too, please send me a friend request and if I can figure out how to, I will joyfully accept:

Savannah Hanson, Nevada County, CA

and this sweet reminder of Who we are:


wormhole, intentions, tiredness and antidotes

Beloveds, We are entering another wormhole, a period of three very potent eclipses,  of approximately 4 weeks duration beginning today with a lunar eclipse, then a solar eclipse on the new moon of May 9, followed by another lunar eclipse on the May 24th full moon.

Now when I first heard this, I felt like I just couldn't muster up any more energy to get excited and really focus my intent. Yes, I know it is vital and I know this wormhole can deposit us in a whole new landscape. Like something out of the old Star Trek series, it can transport us from one galaxy to another, to an entirely different reality. Yes, I know what I focus on is what manifest in my reality. So I will do my best and know it is good and very good. We as a planet are moving ever closer to the frequency of 528 megahertz, the vibration of unconditional Love. Please remember our tools for getting through these times. MOVE (especially when you only want to huddle under the covers), breath deeply, trust,  spend time in nature, do your best to be around uplifting people and circumstance (another one that is not so easy sometimes), keep your eye on the prize of your heartfelt yearnings and desires, love yourself even if you don't manage to make use of even one of my suggestions; this is the most critical opportunity. I know this is all for the good yet sometimes feels like a bit of a slog. I am recognizing I need to take my focus off the challenge and the tiredness and focus more on the amazing shifts and blessings that are showering my life. Yea, yea, I know and maybe I'll do just that after my nap.

 Beloveds, keep the faith as best you can. Know you are not alone. I have tears in my eyes as I write these words as in this exact moment I feel all of our beautiful heart's and soul's vibrating together in the certainty of our unlimited nature, our Essence as Love and Joy. Join me in that knowing if you'd like and feel free to add your intentions for the wormhole. It is very valuable it you can create an intention and carry it through the wormhole, knowing that intention is  what you can receive with the grace of this powerful three eclipse period. So much love to you.
p.s. I am feeling so much more energized and clear after I wrote this as I was focused on what I want (Love, joy, energy, abundance) rather than what I don't want (scarcity and tiredness.)

I am feeling extra tired and feels like it has gone on longer than usual, more than few weeks with a few life altering blast of days with hyper clarity and energy. Staying out of the thought “when will this end” I realize is crucial as it sinks me. I absolutely know it is taking us Home but worst thought is I won’t have the energy to open the door when I finally arrive!! Jimmy’s message of how it can happen overnight is staying with me and giving me encouragement. Feels hard to gear up for one more wormhole so I guess I won’t. I’ll just let it be what it is and not be concerned how I get through it. I am teaching a new class next week, only able to get one other together in the last few years. Now it feels almost like Mission Impossible yet I trust when the time comes, I will have all the energy I need to do it gracefully. I want to share with you here my intention for the wormhole is to live in graceful abundance of all kinds, especially financial, joy and love. I release any old beliefs that money or investments are my source and affirm my Essence as Divine Love that connects me to the wisdom of the Universe is my Source. I’d love it if anyone wants to join me in sharing their intentions for the wormhole and in holding together for all our intentions to come alive. Blessings savannah

Aliyah Marr says:

Hi Hope,

I experienced a month-long respiratory illness last July, so my experience may be of help to you. I had known since the previous November that I could no longer attribute anything physical that I experienced to solely physical causes. In fact, I had learned to view all so-called illnesses in terms of ascension symptoms. An ascension symptom, in my opinion, is an energetic “discordance” between where you (your higher self) want to go, and what you are holding onto in your body or your energetic field.
Emotions are the sticky stuff–the glue–that binds the ions of matter together on this plane. We remember our story, or history, through our emotions, therefore if we can see emotions as CHOICES instead of being victim to them, we can change the course of our lives.
Going from a 3D description to a 5D description of the world takes an adjustment of view. 5D is very light (excuse the pun) while 3D is very heavy. For an emotion to manifest a physical disease in 3D it has to have either a long (mostly unconscious) history, or be very powerful, or both.
The universe interprets emotion as DESIRE on the part of the emoter. This is one thing that is generally misunderstood, and it is critical to understand this process of manifestation as what it is: a mechanism that works without fail, or judgement. In other words, it doesn’t matter to the universe (read your personal subconscious AND the source) whether you are consciously emitting your emotion through focused intent, or unconsciously repeating the emotions you inherited from your mother, or even whether you really want what the universe devoutly delivers to you as a result of your emotions and thoughts.
On the way to 3D, the desire has to pass through 4D, where things manifest very quickly, but are rather easily changed and are very ethereal. If you think of it, viruses are much closer to 4D than to 3D. This gives us true power when we realize how much EASIER it is to use our power of focus to manipulate anything on the 4D level.
I knew that my illness in July was the result of my grief for a life I thought I would have. I was grieving a loss just as if my child had died. In fact, a dream is a child of your mind, just as an infant is a child of your biology, so the grief can be just as visceral and real as that from the loss of a real child.
It took a great deal of patience on my part to deal with this for a whole month, but I knew that the longer I had held this dream, the longer it would take to heal my grief. I had to forgive myself for being ill, for having an impossible dream, and then I had to comfort the “inner child” who still didn’t understand why she couldn’t have what she had wanted. This inner child doesn’t operate with an adult’s sense of time, or with patience, so we have to know how to communicate with it on its level, just as we would have to do with a 5 year old child.
But regardless, I still had a group of psychic healers help me. The last psychic healer was amazing–she helped me break through my barriers. Sometimes you need a little help, so don’t be afraid to ask for it. Ask your guides to deliver exactly what you need, ask for insight and guideposts. Ask for help in whatever form–not as a victim, but in the spirit of willingness to change whatever you need to to align yourself with the designs of your higher self and your soul. This way, YOU are in charge of your healing by allowing the healing when you open up, and decide that you will do whatever it takes to be healthy. In our case, I believe it has to do with aligning all our thoughts, emotions, and desires with our higher selves and our bodies. Surrendering at the level of the self-conscious to the wisdom of the body and the wisdom of the higher self. Using desire consciously without the passion of victim-hood or need. It is taking me a while to fully understand this surrendering of the ego-self.
I hope that my story helps you. You are probably advised to treat your symptoms by conventional means: I am certainly no doctor, and I don’t think I had pneumonia, however I think that it is wise to not overlook the underlying root cause of any dis-ease that shows now, as we seem to be all going through this “purging” of our mental-emotional bodies through our physical bodies on our way to 5D. They say you can’t take it (the dross stuff) with you ;-) Let me know if you need the name of the healer I worked with.

  1. Hi all, I listened to Judy Sartori February Full Moon Transmission several times. Its about self love
    In summary there are five things that we need to focus on during this time of major transition
    1. humility – understand and respect our human-ness don’t beat ourselves up!
    2. endurance – keep on keeping on, learn to be and let go of anxiety, we are in the Earth school, relax in the river of light and we will flow down to the sea of light.
    3. compassion – be compassionate to yourself, rest when you need to.
    4. trust – that we have the everything we need to overcome any perceived obstacles.
    5. fortitude – we need to be a rock for ourselves and others and resist the temptation to go back to the old comfort zones and ways of being.
    Judy sees these as the five aspects of being that relate to self love – they all wrap together as one vibration.
    Judy channeled Mother Mary for this information and I was greatly encouraged by it. May it bring hope to those who are currently experiencing the dip, the high will surely come, just remember self love and self nurture. Much love to you all Cindy in Oz

Monday, April 22, 2013

unclarity and darkness followed by upliftment

Last week I had a clarity that surpassed anything I had ever known. Now for the last few days I am a bit bogged down with confusion and some fear. I am questioning how deeply world events are manipulated by those who are not interested in the highest good. For some time I have also been unclear about my role as a parent as I became aware of how manipulative and controling I could be in attempting to get my daughter to do her school work, because that is my role as a parent, isn't it? To insist she do her school work? Is that for her highest good? I do not yet have clarity so I allow myself to rest in uncertainty, waiting for my inner wisdom to show me how to proceed. There is a certain heaviness to this low grade fear and uncertainty yet this too I must allow.

two hours later:

I see how I was allowing my field to be influenced by outside factors and energies. Happily, I have regrouped and re centered and am slowly again remembering Who I AM, unlimited, untouched, unchangeable. Shew! :-\;-):-*

Saturday, April 20, 2013

miracle territory

Must leave soon so will just post this copy of a comment I made on  ThinkwithyourHeart.com   These are powerful times indeed.

I had my two medical tests the other day because of two suspicious findings. I freaked at first and went again into terror. The first follow up test of one problem indicated it was not serious. The second seemed it could be very serious. After my first experience, I made up my mind and I called on all the power of the UNiverse to DECIDE it was no problem. Even when the X-ray indicated there was a suspicious mass, I affirmed inside that there was NO PROBLEM. They showed me the dark spot on the X-ray and said they had to take more film. I was actually quite calm and affirming all was well. AS they took the next X-rays, the technician said out load what I was thinking inside, maybe it is nothing.” I said very firmly that it indeed was nothing. The doctor called me into her office and in fact, it was nothing!!! This was a new office and doctor for me and I had out-pictured them being friendly, conscious, supportive, aware and THEY WERE, definitely NOT my previous experience when for so long I believed and feared the medical community as unconscious often, which of course was passed on past experience, numerous ones. I had to change that belief. All went exactly as I pictured it. At the end I asked to shake the doctor’s hand as I was so relieved. She said around here, we give hugs and hugged me. Now that is exactly what i had intended.
Now I’ll never know, was something there and Divine will removed it or was it always nothing? Who cares. All I know is there is magic in the air and our powers are available for the asking, IF we can do so with certainty which ain’t always easy. My temple mama was told to close out her affairs as a huge mass they found was most certainly terminal. She was 40 years old. She did some amazing healing work and when they operated the huge mass was benign, despite numerous doctors certainty it was malignant. Again was it and it changed form or was it always benign? Who knows but I have a real taste of how powerful we are now.

Nine years ago we had to sell our house for financial reasons. I was terrified and cried for 2 years, trying to avoid the reality. We moved out as our daughter had just turned 3, all our things were in storage and we drove off into the sunset, to find a new area to live in. We’d been living in Topanga in southern CA. I loved our home so much. I thought it was one of the worst things that could happen. We ended up having many wonderful adventures as we were “homeless” for a year, traveling and exploring various areas, living with friends, relatives (in Austria for half a year) and hotels (we did make money on the sale) and we found an area that is the first place I have felt at home in the USA. Many difficulty moments but I definitely would not want to go back. I never felt at home in Southern California even though I loved our home and the landscape of the area we lived in, a rural canyon by Malibu and Santa Monica. That taught me that sometimes I really don’t know what is for my highest good. I hope my story can lend a little hope to those of you in such difficult circumstances.
(I posted this part as a number of people on the site are having to move out of their homes with no plans of where they can go.)

Thursday, April 18, 2013

good news

My medical tests today all turned out  negative. Thank you to those of you that held Light for me. The entire experience was an awesome example of holding Presence and the miracles that can flow from that internal place. I will write further when time permits. Sending so much gratitude and Love.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

primal fear, the body, scarcity, freedom and a request for Light

The last week since the new moon have been a bit of a wild ride. This typeface is called impact and I choose it very deliberately. We are all being powerfully impacted by this influx of energy. If you are like me, it is hard not to cower and cry “ oh sh*t!” These are powerful times indeed. I have had insomnia, back ache, headache, exhaustion, feeling ravenous and feeling no need to eat and waves of fear impacting my body. Yet yesterday and today I am being blessed with the grace these energies bring, if we can open a space to welcome them. Yesterday my life was filled with blessings. It was extremely ordinary, writing, cleaning, walking, resting. Yet the sense of Presence, of clarity and hope were breathtaking. Everything in nature my eyes alighted on seemed to sparkled with aliveness. The trees glittered like diamonds. This valley seemed the most gorgeous place on earth. All was easy.
I have two challenges to my peace. I am aware my current financial resources are forcing me to own my power regarding generating income. I had a strong sense this would be so. I have lived from being smart as an investor and that has afford me the time to do the deep level of transformation that left me literally incapacitated for years. Now that party is over more or less. This situation is  lighting a fire under me to move into bring my purpose more fully into the world. It is the ideal motivator to face this fear that I am not capable of fully supporting myself financially. Bah humbug. I will be teaching my abundance class to antidote my fear. Clarity is powering in.
When I initially realized how relatively serious my situation was, I freaked and went into major planning mode. My mind was whirling, trying to come up with schemes to generate income. I quickly realized I was just spinning, getting nowhere. I slowed down enough to get clear. This is what I am absolutely certain about. I was trying to solve the problem at the same level of consciousness the challenge arose from. It will never work. I must come into alignment with my inner essence and only act from that place if I want to resolve this once and for all. I have gone through this scarcity drama a few times and now I have had enough.
If you have access to A Course in Miracles, please study lesson #135. It is about not planning, about turning everything over to higher consciousness and only acting from that place of awareness. I am 100% clear this is what is being asked of me and this is what will bring a delicious resolution.
My second challenge is ongoing health concerns. Most have turned out to be relatively harmless yet they too have forced me into action to support and honor my body. I find it rather ironic that just when I am finally willing to embody and beginning to authentically enjoy movement and exercise, I also now need to dis-identify with my body to actualize the inner freedom that is one of my primary intents. If I see myself as a body, I must be afraid because we all know eventually the body will dissolve. So while I am amazed and delighted with the wonderful care I am now bestowing on my dear faithful body, at the same time these health challenges make it clear I can not stop there. If so, I will always be waiting for the other shoe to drop, for old age or something else to finally annihilate me. Not a pretty picture and one guaranteed to generate fear. No thanks. So my other intent is to know, beyond the level of mind, that Who I am is not dependent on this physical form, will not be erased when this physical form dissolves. Powerful stuff indeed.
So this is what I have discovered is my primal fear underneath all of these other fears, fear of isolation and loneliness. Until recently I thought my most primal fear was abandonment, not to be loved. Reading the oracle report about my black moon said otherwise. At first I was puzzled yet the longer I sit with it I begin to see how it might be accurate.  Underneath so much of my behavior was an irrational sense of isolation that  sometimes triggered bizarre reactions. I can now see how I isolated myself and made choices that did not serve me in order to prevent loneliness. Feeling such satisfaction in being alone with myself now without feeling the slightest bit lonely is a huge and welcome transformation. I highly recommend going to: 
Oracle report.com
and reading the current astrology about how we are being impacted by the black moon aligning with galactic center and Eris and I don’t know what (astrology is not my thing) which might explain how you are feeling if fear is plaguing you. My understanding is these energies are bring up our primal fear for healing. Then go to the book tab on oracle report and download the free book on the black moon. I will copy the small part that list those primal fears:
ARIES – fear of unworthiness TAURUS – fear of scarcity GEMINI – fear of rejection CANCER – fear of abandonment LEO – fear of change
VIRGO – fear of failure LIBRA – fear of loneliness SCORPIO – fear of loss SAGITTARIUS – fear of meaninglessness CARPRICORN – fear of neglect AQUARIUS – fear of powerlessness PISCES – fear of vulnerability/harm

here are some of the dates to determine your black moon, they are at the end of the book:

Aug 28 1942 - May 24 1943 Can May 25 1943 - Feb 18 1944 Leo Feb 19 1944 - Nov 14 1944 Vir Nov 15 1944 - Aug 8 1945 Lib Aug91945-May51946Sco May61946-Jan301947Sag Jan 31 1947 - Oct 27 1947 Cap Oct 28 1947 - Jul 21 1948Aqu Jul 22 1948 - Apr 16 1949Pis Apr 17 1949 - Jan 11 1950 Ari Jan 12 1950 - Oct 8 1950 Tau Oct 9 1950 - Jul 3 1951Gem Jul41951-Mar281952Can Mar 29 1952 - Dec 23 1952 Leo Dec 24 1952 - Sep 19 1953 Vir Sep 20 1953 - Jun 14 1954 Lib Jun 15 1954 - Mar 10 1955 Sco Mar111955-Dec61955Sag Dec71955-Aug311956Cap Sep 1 1956 - May26 1957Aqu May27 1957 - Feb 19 1958Pis Feb 20 1958 - Nov 17 1958Ari Nov 18 1958 - Aug 14 1959Tau
Aug 15 1959 - May8 1960Gem May91960-Jan311961Can Feb11961-Oct291961Leo Oct 30 1961 - Jul 26 1962Vir Jul 27 1962 - Apr 20 1963 Lib Apr 21 1963 - Jan 13 1964 Sco Jan 14 1964 - Oct 10 1964 Sag Oct111964-Jul71965Cap Jul81965-Apr11966Aqu Apr21966-Dec251966Pis Dec 26 1966 - Sep 22 1967 Ari Sep 23 1967 - Jun 18 1968Tau Jun 19 1968 - Mar 13 1969Gem Mar141969-Dec71969Can Dec81969-Sep31970Leo Sep 4 1970 - May311971Vir Jun11971-Feb241972Lib Feb 25 1972 - Nov 18 1972 Sco Nov 19 1972 - Aug 15 1973 Sag Aug 16 1973 - May 12 1974 Cap May131974-Feb51975Aqu Feb61975-Oct311975Pis Nov11975-Jul271976Ari Jul 28 1976 - Apr 24 1977Tau Apr 25 1977 - Jan 17 1978Gem Jan 18 1978 - Oct 12 1978Can Oct 13 1978 - Jul 9 1979Leo
Jul 10 1979 - Apr 5 1980 Vir Apr 6 1980 - Dec 29 1980 Lib Dec 30 1980 - Sep 23 1981 Sco Sep 24 1981 - Jun 20 1982 Sag Jun 21 1982 - Mar 18 1983 Cap Mar 19 1983 - Dec 12 1983Aqu Dec 13 1983 - Sep 5 1984Pis Sep 6 1984 - Jun 1 1985 Ari Jun 2 1985 - Feb 27 1986 Tau Feb 28 1986 - Nov 23 1986Gem Nov 24 1986 - Aug 18 1987 Can Aug 19 1987 - May 13 1988 Leo May 14 1988 - Feb 8 1989 Vir Feb 9 1989 - Nov 4 1989 Lib Nov51989-Jul301990Sco Jul 31 1990 - Apr 25 1991 Sag Apr 26 1991 - Jan 21 1992 Cap Jan 22 1992 - Oct 16 1992Aqu Oct 17 1992 - Jul 11 1993Pis Jul 12 1993 - Apr 6 1994 Ari Apr 7 1994 - Jan 2 1995 Tau Jan 3 1995 - Sep 29 1995Gem Sep 30 1995 - Jun 23 1996 Can Jun 24 1996 - Mar 19 1997 Leo Mar 20 1997 - Dec 14 1997 Vir Dec 15 1997 - Sep 10 1998 Lib Sep111998-Jun51999Sco 

Does it fit for you? It might take time to see it.
I listened to the audio from oracle report and they were both excited about these energies. I thought they were crazy until I saw how they are indeed supporting my growth and transformation in an extremely momentous and very visceral way. So now I can concur.
Also know that there are forces that are manipulating these energies to support us into moving into fear, who are deliberately amplifying fear, who do not have our best interest at heart. Do your best not to buy into these manipulations. Stay strong, my loves.
If you feel like you can’t go on, call on the Universe to guide you to you next step. Know that you are not alone. Do your best to trust the process.
Tomorrow I have the opportunity to face what used to be one of my most primal fears. I ask you to join with me for the highest good that all will be well and that I sail through resting in fearlessness, in Presence, with a wonderful outcome. Please feel free to add you request for Light in the comment section and know I will send you Light and perhaps others of our blog family will too. Join me in knowing that all will be well, and all will be well and all will be very very well.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Living in Abundance- upcoming event in Nevada County

Beloveds, this is a class I will be doing in Nevada County, outside Grass Valley, CA. Let me know if any of you can join us. I'd love to meet you.



As intense solar flares and magnetic pole shifts alter our inner and outer foundations, many people are finding it challenging to remain centered and calm. "In these difficult times" it is easy to fall prey to fear and doubt, believing we live in lack; lack of health, wealth, time, support, peace, love. This class is designed to give us tools such as Cellular Memory Release, The Course in Miracles, Law of Attraction, and The Work to shift beliefs, release trauma, wounds and conditioning and to restore our knowledge of our natural state of unlimitedness and abundance.  
Four Tuesdays, every other week beginning April 30th, 2:30- 4:30 p.m. Abundance offering: $22-33 sliding scale per class or $77 paid in full.

Savannah Hanson, 
MFT #40422, CMR Facilitator

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

new moon and astrological new year

Today is the new moon and I understand another huge portal and energy influx. Given the intensity, if it feels strong to you, I recommend you rest as much as possible,  S L O W    D O W N.
Spend time in nature, move your body. All these are excellent tips if they work for you. Breath. I also understand it is the astrological new year and the ideal time to seed our intentions for the year. Perhaps write them down, dance them, shout them to the wind, sing them, move them. And if all of that makes you feel tired, take a nap. It's all good.

And a gorgeous new site a beloved just led me too. Speaks so clearly to the same intent my blog is about, gives the same message in enlivening language. Check it out:


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

spinning the joy thread NOW

  Lately I have been feeling anything but joyful. I have had heavy emotions and thoughts and yesterday could barely function for part of the day. Today the air is so crisp and clear and I feel good, even a taste of joy! It is inspiring me to repost this delicious poem with alterations in my answer to this poem. Feel free to add your additions in the comments. We are coming up on another huge portal on the 11th, I understand. Let's pass through with joy. ANd if you feel like sh*t, enjoy being non joyful as I have had to do countless times. Love to us all.

This poem inspired me to form a powerful intention to declare myself for joy about five years ago. I lost track of it and someone just forwarded it to me. (2010) Let's ALL DECLARE OURSELVES FOR JOY!!!!! What a perfect poem for the this next portal.

The poem is Testament (Or Homage to Walt Whitman) by Erica Jong.

     I, Erica Jong, in the midst of my life,
     having had two parents, two sisters,
     two husbands, two books of poems
     & three decades of pain,

     having cried for those that did not love me
     & those who loved me- but not enough
     & those whom I did not love-
     declare myself now for joy
     There is pain enough to nourish us everywhere;
        it is joy that is scarce...

     Unhappiness is cheap,
          Childhood is a universal affliction.
          I say to hell with the analysts of minus & plus
          the life-shrinkers, the diminishers of joy.

     I say to hell with anyone
          who would suck on misery
          like a pacifier
          in a toothless mouth.
          I say to hell with gloom...

     Doom is cheap
          If the apocalypse is coming,
          let us wait for it in joy...

     I resolve myself for joy.

     If that resolve means I must live alone,
          I accept aloneness.

     If the joy house I inhabit must be
          a house of my own making,
          I accept that making...

     No joy-denyer can deny me now.
          For what I have is undeniable.
          I inhabit my own house,
          the house of joy...

     The soul is contagious.
          One man catches another's
          like the plague;
          & and we are all patient spiders
          to each other.

     If we can spin the joy thread
          & also catch it-

     If we can be sufficient to ourselves,
          we need fear no entangling webs...

     How to spin joy out of an empty heart?
     The joy-egg germinates even in despair.

     Orgasms of gloom convulse the world;
          & and the joy-seekers huddle together.

     We meet on the pages of books & by beachwood fires,
     We meet scrawled blackly in many-folded letters.
     We know each other by free & generous hands,
     We swing like spiders on each other's souls.

Reading this inspired me to further my intention to declare myself for love, for joy, for self acceptance. I invite you to join me and pass it on.

     I, Savannah Hanson, in the midst of my life,
          having two parents, two siblings,
          one former husband, one child, three careers,
          & over four decades of pain.
          Having cried and despaired for those who did not love me
          & those who loved me-but not enough
          & those who I loved-but not enough
          & those whom I did not love
          & for not loving myself, for wanting to leave this gorgeous planet for a better place, for not being able to love with my whole being, for feeling lost and devastated, confused and incapable, unworthy and weak, empty and meaningless, heavy

declare myself forJOY!!!

In this moment on April 9, 2013 I declare myself to embody and live in joy, noticing the beauty and the wonder, reaching out with open arms to embrace life, to embrace you, to embrace the suffering and magic of this spectacular planet, to say a giant 

to the whole magnificent tapestry, to live with my heart wide open to all that I meet, to be limitless power dancing unity, to undulate with the moment, frolicking through life's gifts, capably allowing it to be as it is, in vibrant health, with amazing abundance and wealth, in  joyous celebration of all that we are and all that we do, caressing it all with tender love.