Thursday, April 4, 2013

forgiveness and living one's purpose

I just read an excellent article on forgiveness I want to share with you. I share it here.

Here is also a lovely post from Archangel Michael to provide encouragement:

I had a dream last night about my beloved teacher Mary. I somehow ended up in her house uninvited. She looked startled yet was kind. I asked how she was doing and she said excellent and I felt the resonance of how fantastic she was feeling spread through me like an elixir. I KNEW in that moment that she was experiencing so much joy and abundance despite the intensity of the energies because she was fully living her life's purpose. (I have known her 20 years and she has not visibly aged one bit.) I KNEW the same would be true for me. Afterwards I tried to find my car in the underground parking lot yet I couldn't find it anywhere. I went into the mall to ask directions and there was a valet parking lot and a regular parking lot. The valet parking  was very exclusive. I still didn't find my car in either. I was walking down a sidewalk and a man offered to help carry my things. I believe he was foreign and I was a little suspicious yet I let him help me. Then someone else came to help and again I felt a bit afraid yet allowed it. I can't remember the rest.
Normally I am not so good at dream interpretation yet this one is fairly clear. I know living my life purpose will eliminate the feeling of heaviness that still often plagues me. I am feeling stuck in this quest. The car represents movement and is underground, lost. I think there are valet purpose and more mundance. I recently found myself judging my life compared to all my uncle's accomplishments. I need to release that very false belief. I am ready to accept support and help in clearing this stickiness and finding my way, living my purpose even though the support may feel very foreign. I would be wise to trust and allow this support. Pretty good, huh?
I am getting huge awarenesses about the function and purpose of the body, about releasing the need to plan and control and about how absolutely essential it is to be vigilant about my thoughts and negative self images as they are the creative force in my life. I hear myself making limiting statements and am now self correcting. I caught myself planning for the potential for future illness or scarcity and quickly erased. I see where all of this is headed more clearly than ever. It is also critical for me not to resist this clearing, this release of obstacles. To be honest, I have generally viewed incoming energy waves with trepidation given how they often affect my body and mind despite knowing how much liberation they eventually bring. Yet since February when that resistance took me into a bottomless well of meaninglessness and despair, I have to stay away from that error, but big time.

I plan to teach an introductory class to abundance as I am absolutely clear on one thing; all abundance, all life, all love and joy come from Remembering Who we are. This is the key TO EVERYTHING. It is essential I stay vigilant to anything that speaks, feels, suggests limitation or scarcity. I  understand abundance does not come from planning and scheming. It comes from knowing with every cell of my being my essence as love and joy. And same for you, my sweethearts. May we all remember.

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