Saturday, April 27, 2013

light beings, focus, staying alert

Yesterday I felt like laying on my hammock and not moving all day. The inertia of my fogged, tired brain was almost too powerful to resist. Yet my intuition told me to follow through on our plans to explore the Table Top Mountain Ecological Reserve (Preserve?) outside of Oroville, CA. Somehow I managed to haul myself out of the hammock and get going. There were some wonderful moments that penetrated the tiredness, some great laughs. There was also an explosive moment where two egos collided. A few things really stand out. Despite much grumblings, there was about an hour of such peace hanging out under some trees surrounded by munching cows with a gentle breeze stirring the heat. Then we decided to take a detour for an adventure to see Oregon City and it’s covered bridge. The little village had some historical interest. We then drove on the small dirt road until it got a little dicey and we wanted to turn back. The turn was tricky and we got a bit stuck. At the same moment a open jeep came by. I hurried my awkward turn so as not to block the jeep. As we passed the jeep, a beaming face asked me if we were lost. A young man with dreadlocks bathed us with his gorgeous smile. His cholate face was the most beautiful sight in the world in that moment. His face literally radiated light. I felt a transfer of powerful Love. It was magnificent and stays with me in this moment.
A few weeks ago I met an equally magnificent man at the Ananda tulip festival. His face and whole body also radiated such love and light. I am so encouraged by the profusion of Love I am witnessing.
The other important point for me is again about where I focus my attention as it is so quickly magnified. I woke up again feeling unrested and tired. I laid for a few hours hoping to sleep yet felt increasingly tired without sleeping. My day started heading south. I forced myself to clean up the kitchen as it is again in an uproar. Surprisingly, I started to feel better. The same thing happened yesterday. The more I did, the more alert I became. It is so tempting just to lay around and complain in my own mind. I must force myself to move at all. Yet the laying doesn’t rest me. Everyone is unique so see what truly works for you. Just stay vigilant to where you are focusing your attention. My loves, stay calm, know all is well. I send you my love.
Sent from a semi alert being

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