Saturday, April 20, 2013

miracle territory

Must leave soon so will just post this copy of a comment I made on   These are powerful times indeed.

I had my two medical tests the other day because of two suspicious findings. I freaked at first and went again into terror. The first follow up test of one problem indicated it was not serious. The second seemed it could be very serious. After my first experience, I made up my mind and I called on all the power of the UNiverse to DECIDE it was no problem. Even when the X-ray indicated there was a suspicious mass, I affirmed inside that there was NO PROBLEM. They showed me the dark spot on the X-ray and said they had to take more film. I was actually quite calm and affirming all was well. AS they took the next X-rays, the technician said out load what I was thinking inside, maybe it is nothing.” I said very firmly that it indeed was nothing. The doctor called me into her office and in fact, it was nothing!!! This was a new office and doctor for me and I had out-pictured them being friendly, conscious, supportive, aware and THEY WERE, definitely NOT my previous experience when for so long I believed and feared the medical community as unconscious often, which of course was passed on past experience, numerous ones. I had to change that belief. All went exactly as I pictured it. At the end I asked to shake the doctor’s hand as I was so relieved. She said around here, we give hugs and hugged me. Now that is exactly what i had intended.
Now I’ll never know, was something there and Divine will removed it or was it always nothing? Who cares. All I know is there is magic in the air and our powers are available for the asking, IF we can do so with certainty which ain’t always easy. My temple mama was told to close out her affairs as a huge mass they found was most certainly terminal. She was 40 years old. She did some amazing healing work and when they operated the huge mass was benign, despite numerous doctors certainty it was malignant. Again was it and it changed form or was it always benign? Who knows but I have a real taste of how powerful we are now.

Nine years ago we had to sell our house for financial reasons. I was terrified and cried for 2 years, trying to avoid the reality. We moved out as our daughter had just turned 3, all our things were in storage and we drove off into the sunset, to find a new area to live in. We’d been living in Topanga in southern CA. I loved our home so much. I thought it was one of the worst things that could happen. We ended up having many wonderful adventures as we were “homeless” for a year, traveling and exploring various areas, living with friends, relatives (in Austria for half a year) and hotels (we did make money on the sale) and we found an area that is the first place I have felt at home in the USA. Many difficulty moments but I definitely would not want to go back. I never felt at home in Southern California even though I loved our home and the landscape of the area we lived in, a rural canyon by Malibu and Santa Monica. That taught me that sometimes I really don’t know what is for my highest good. I hope my story can lend a little hope to those of you in such difficult circumstances.
(I posted this part as a number of people on the site are having to move out of their homes with no plans of where they can go.)

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