Monday, April 1, 2013

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I am noticing how quickly I can spin out of control and land in murky waters. Last week I revisited my sugar/shopping addiction and could not help but notice they REALLY don't work. but really. just read how addiction can be really intense now yet it is also the perfect time to release them if one is committed. I am right on target as this month I had committed to another food release program where I intend to have little or no sugar. (I will gage this as inner sense directs). I have spun out 3-4 times in the last 24 hours. I am witnessing how I can now longer afford that. Reading this post helped me understand why this is so.

I see how quickly I can be caught in the momentum of a downward or upward spiral. Having been caught in a few life destroying vortexes, I am choosing to be very vigilant and catch and reverse the downward spiral. How best to do that? For me this is an art that one must develop for oneself. Sometimes it serves me to dive deeply into the emotions and fully allow it as taught in Cellular Memory Release : or google cellular memory release by Luis Diaz

As a 4 on the enneagram this is my tool of choice. Yet lately I am noticing if not used with complete honesty I can easily spiral into a negative, victim pity pool. So I am noticing it is often better for me to use tools from Abraham and law of attraction such as this one I posted yesterday:

or try googling Abraham Hicks -- Cleaning Resistance, April 1, 2012

Yet the one that stops me in my tracks is calling on my I AM Presence. I watched the DVD Awake in the Dream yesterday that helped reinforce that; i felt my myself spin out three times already today and had to take time to recenter in my own Essence. Seems like it is mandatory in these intense times. Luckily this time around I see the value and understanding I am gaining from going though these experience. I am accessing so much freedom and neutrality. I also sense and hear that it continues to be vital to move our bodies and spend time in Nature in order to absorb these higher energies. I feel myself begin to spin as I rush for time so I will respect my own boundaries and wish you godspeed in these exciting time. 

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