Monday, April 22, 2013

unclarity and darkness followed by upliftment

Last week I had a clarity that surpassed anything I had ever known. Now for the last few days I am a bit bogged down with confusion and some fear. I am questioning how deeply world events are manipulated by those who are not interested in the highest good. For some time I have also been unclear about my role as a parent as I became aware of how manipulative and controling I could be in attempting to get my daughter to do her school work, because that is my role as a parent, isn't it? To insist she do her school work? Is that for her highest good? I do not yet have clarity so I allow myself to rest in uncertainty, waiting for my inner wisdom to show me how to proceed. There is a certain heaviness to this low grade fear and uncertainty yet this too I must allow.

two hours later:

I see how I was allowing my field to be influenced by outside factors and energies. Happily, I have regrouped and re centered and am slowly again remembering Who I AM, unlimited, untouched, unchangeable. Shew! :-\;-):-*

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