Wednesday, April 24, 2013

wormhole, intentions, tiredness and antidotes

Beloveds, We are entering another wormhole, a period of three very potent eclipses,  of approximately 4 weeks duration beginning today with a lunar eclipse, then a solar eclipse on the new moon of May 9, followed by another lunar eclipse on the May 24th full moon.

Now when I first heard this, I felt like I just couldn't muster up any more energy to get excited and really focus my intent. Yes, I know it is vital and I know this wormhole can deposit us in a whole new landscape. Like something out of the old Star Trek series, it can transport us from one galaxy to another, to an entirely different reality. Yes, I know what I focus on is what manifest in my reality. So I will do my best and know it is good and very good. We as a planet are moving ever closer to the frequency of 528 megahertz, the vibration of unconditional Love. Please remember our tools for getting through these times. MOVE (especially when you only want to huddle under the covers), breath deeply, trust,  spend time in nature, do your best to be around uplifting people and circumstance (another one that is not so easy sometimes), keep your eye on the prize of your heartfelt yearnings and desires, love yourself even if you don't manage to make use of even one of my suggestions; this is the most critical opportunity. I know this is all for the good yet sometimes feels like a bit of a slog. I am recognizing I need to take my focus off the challenge and the tiredness and focus more on the amazing shifts and blessings that are showering my life. Yea, yea, I know and maybe I'll do just that after my nap.

 Beloveds, keep the faith as best you can. Know you are not alone. I have tears in my eyes as I write these words as in this exact moment I feel all of our beautiful heart's and soul's vibrating together in the certainty of our unlimited nature, our Essence as Love and Joy. Join me in that knowing if you'd like and feel free to add your intentions for the wormhole. It is very valuable it you can create an intention and carry it through the wormhole, knowing that intention is  what you can receive with the grace of this powerful three eclipse period. So much love to you.
p.s. I am feeling so much more energized and clear after I wrote this as I was focused on what I want (Love, joy, energy, abundance) rather than what I don't want (scarcity and tiredness.)

I am feeling extra tired and feels like it has gone on longer than usual, more than few weeks with a few life altering blast of days with hyper clarity and energy. Staying out of the thought “when will this end” I realize is crucial as it sinks me. I absolutely know it is taking us Home but worst thought is I won’t have the energy to open the door when I finally arrive!! Jimmy’s message of how it can happen overnight is staying with me and giving me encouragement. Feels hard to gear up for one more wormhole so I guess I won’t. I’ll just let it be what it is and not be concerned how I get through it. I am teaching a new class next week, only able to get one other together in the last few years. Now it feels almost like Mission Impossible yet I trust when the time comes, I will have all the energy I need to do it gracefully. I want to share with you here my intention for the wormhole is to live in graceful abundance of all kinds, especially financial, joy and love. I release any old beliefs that money or investments are my source and affirm my Essence as Divine Love that connects me to the wisdom of the Universe is my Source. I’d love it if anyone wants to join me in sharing their intentions for the wormhole and in holding together for all our intentions to come alive. Blessings savannah

Aliyah Marr says:

Hi Hope,

I experienced a month-long respiratory illness last July, so my experience may be of help to you. I had known since the previous November that I could no longer attribute anything physical that I experienced to solely physical causes. In fact, I had learned to view all so-called illnesses in terms of ascension symptoms. An ascension symptom, in my opinion, is an energetic “discordance” between where you (your higher self) want to go, and what you are holding onto in your body or your energetic field.
Emotions are the sticky stuff–the glue–that binds the ions of matter together on this plane. We remember our story, or history, through our emotions, therefore if we can see emotions as CHOICES instead of being victim to them, we can change the course of our lives.
Going from a 3D description to a 5D description of the world takes an adjustment of view. 5D is very light (excuse the pun) while 3D is very heavy. For an emotion to manifest a physical disease in 3D it has to have either a long (mostly unconscious) history, or be very powerful, or both.
The universe interprets emotion as DESIRE on the part of the emoter. This is one thing that is generally misunderstood, and it is critical to understand this process of manifestation as what it is: a mechanism that works without fail, or judgement. In other words, it doesn’t matter to the universe (read your personal subconscious AND the source) whether you are consciously emitting your emotion through focused intent, or unconsciously repeating the emotions you inherited from your mother, or even whether you really want what the universe devoutly delivers to you as a result of your emotions and thoughts.
On the way to 3D, the desire has to pass through 4D, where things manifest very quickly, but are rather easily changed and are very ethereal. If you think of it, viruses are much closer to 4D than to 3D. This gives us true power when we realize how much EASIER it is to use our power of focus to manipulate anything on the 4D level.
I knew that my illness in July was the result of my grief for a life I thought I would have. I was grieving a loss just as if my child had died. In fact, a dream is a child of your mind, just as an infant is a child of your biology, so the grief can be just as visceral and real as that from the loss of a real child.
It took a great deal of patience on my part to deal with this for a whole month, but I knew that the longer I had held this dream, the longer it would take to heal my grief. I had to forgive myself for being ill, for having an impossible dream, and then I had to comfort the “inner child” who still didn’t understand why she couldn’t have what she had wanted. This inner child doesn’t operate with an adult’s sense of time, or with patience, so we have to know how to communicate with it on its level, just as we would have to do with a 5 year old child.
But regardless, I still had a group of psychic healers help me. The last psychic healer was amazing–she helped me break through my barriers. Sometimes you need a little help, so don’t be afraid to ask for it. Ask your guides to deliver exactly what you need, ask for insight and guideposts. Ask for help in whatever form–not as a victim, but in the spirit of willingness to change whatever you need to to align yourself with the designs of your higher self and your soul. This way, YOU are in charge of your healing by allowing the healing when you open up, and decide that you will do whatever it takes to be healthy. In our case, I believe it has to do with aligning all our thoughts, emotions, and desires with our higher selves and our bodies. Surrendering at the level of the self-conscious to the wisdom of the body and the wisdom of the higher self. Using desire consciously without the passion of victim-hood or need. It is taking me a while to fully understand this surrendering of the ego-self.
I hope that my story helps you. You are probably advised to treat your symptoms by conventional means: I am certainly no doctor, and I don’t think I had pneumonia, however I think that it is wise to not overlook the underlying root cause of any dis-ease that shows now, as we seem to be all going through this “purging” of our mental-emotional bodies through our physical bodies on our way to 5D. They say you can’t take it (the dross stuff) with you ;-) Let me know if you need the name of the healer I worked with.

  1. Hi all, I listened to Judy Sartori February Full Moon Transmission several times. Its about self love
    In summary there are five things that we need to focus on during this time of major transition
    1. humility – understand and respect our human-ness don’t beat ourselves up!
    2. endurance – keep on keeping on, learn to be and let go of anxiety, we are in the Earth school, relax in the river of light and we will flow down to the sea of light.
    3. compassion – be compassionate to yourself, rest when you need to.
    4. trust – that we have the everything we need to overcome any perceived obstacles.
    5. fortitude – we need to be a rock for ourselves and others and resist the temptation to go back to the old comfort zones and ways of being.
    Judy sees these as the five aspects of being that relate to self love – they all wrap together as one vibration.
    Judy channeled Mother Mary for this information and I was greatly encouraged by it. May it bring hope to those who are currently experiencing the dip, the high will surely come, just remember self love and self nurture. Much love to you all Cindy in Oz

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