Thursday, August 14, 2014

remembering Robin Williams

Like so many, I am deeply moved by Robin Williams death. It is one of my most fervent wishes to assist in the wake up call being transmitted to this planet so that all may remember their true natures and rest easy in that knowledge. May his passing support us in getting whatever help we each may need in knowing our own essence as love. May his suffering and his great talent and humor be a catalyst for growth and positive change. Robin, you are loved and appreciated.

I realize his passing gave me an even deeper appreciation for how much courage it takes to stick it out and face our inner darkness.  I am so grateful for those in my life exhibiting this courage, particularly one member of my family who has had to faced unimaginable darkness. I salute you and myself for keeping the faith. I am also sensing and witnessing that his passing is opening up the conversation about our shadows and inner darkness. It is bring forth a greater level of authenticity and freedom, a reduction of shame and hiding and for that I am glad.

I know that it is only my increasing certainty of Who I AM that has given me the strength to face my own inner demons. How I wish I could do a Star Trek Vulcan mind meld with any of you that still doubt your own magnificence. Yes, of course at times I certainly doubt my own. In those moments I reach out to others to assure them of their Divinity, thus regaining my own memory of my own unlimited nature. Robin, may you know  your own magnificence and may you see the blessing that you are. I see his passing as a soul contract to help others awaken and I salute him. I also salute each of you for your courage. Sending so much love.

May Matt Kahn's suggestions on dealing with dark states support you in finding your way to freedom.

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