Saturday, January 2, 2016

Adoring All Aspects of Ourselves just for the Joy of it!

Happy new year beloveds, please join my event on Facebook if you are interested.

It is time to remember the full magnificence of WHO we are. Yet for so many fear and self rejection stand in the way, creating beliefs in scarcity, unworthiness, inadequacy. In choosing to adore rather then reject those aspects of ourselves that have been most problematic, we restore ourselves to wholeness. A 32 day process gives us time to develop and lock in a new habit. By spending time daily cuddling and loving those inner lost parts that we have previously rejected with such vehemence, we restore ourselves to our essence as the magnificence beings we are. Joining together worldwide we create a love wave that helps carry us back Home to ourselves, to the full awareness of ourselves as masterpieces. By slowly or quickly learning to love our depression, our anxiety, our panic, our despair, we begin to feel safe in our own skins, welcoming our innocence hearts back home to the place they never left.

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