Friday, May 6, 2016

Who are you?

When a wave of challenging emotion sweeps through us it is a red flag telling us to move into sacred presence, to allow the physicality of the wave to pass through our bodies and to call on our true nature to hold us in the knowing of Who we are. In those moments that appear to be able to pull us into an abyss, it is an opportunity to Remember more fully the Truth of Who we are. Emotions are meant to be energy in motion but we tend to become identified them. We even use two of the most powerful words in existence to strengthen the identification, I AM. We say I am sad, I am depressed, I am afraid, I am hungry. Other languages say it differently, for example in German it would be directly translated to I have hunger. We are NOT our emotions, our bodies, our experiences. We ARE eternal, unlimited beings of infinite power. When an emotion wants to immerse you in it's fiery energy, use it as moment to know your connection to your own inherent Divinity. Feel the energy flow through your body, call out to the Universe to hold you as the energy pours through your body. Remained rooted in the Truth of the Mystery. Know yourself as the phoenix that rises from the fires of even the most difficult emotions.

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