Tuesday, May 24, 2016

peace in the now

So many of us are at war with ourselves, pushing away our experience of now because we want to be somewhere else, feel something else, live something else. This internal war against our selfs is the source of our unhappiness. How can we experience peace of we fight our own experience? The trap may seem obvious at times yet at other times we may question, how can we NOT fight with ourselves, not fight our fear, our pain, our scarcity, our broken relationships. Yet if we can allow ourselves to feel the way we feel, live the life we are living wth compassion, over time the identification with the "problem" diminishes then evaporates and it is merely waves of energy passing through the body. Can we allow ourselves this freedom and peace, can we make the radical choice to accept what is? If we can, peace and spaciousness arise. Ah, as the intensity increases, isn't it wonderful to know peace is available?

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