Sunday, June 12, 2016

The magic carpet ride of love

I meet so many whose feel as though their nervous systems are fried. I did meet someone who told me lots of people she knows are doing fantastic. That is the promise on the other side of this initiation back to our true selves. 
The challenge for many is this is taking wayyyyyyy longer then any of us may have anticipated, been wayyyyy more involved, taken wayyyy more courage, commitment, vigilance.
While I was going through the worst of it, I was very interested in the stages. I will try to find the book that best delineates this from my perspective. Here is the important thing to know. You are not alone, you did NOTHING wrong, it is not your fault it is taking so long, seems to involve so much loss, fear, grief. Everything is working to support you in waking up, no matter how painful it feels. We are not trying to get somewhere new, release, let go of the "bad" parts of ourselves. This is an uncovering, an unraveling of any belief that denies our own magnificence, our own unlimited natures. Love is the path always. It may take a long time to come to understand the true meaning of surrender and allowing. It can not be forced. I chuckle at how long I tried and tried to surrender!😰😱😝😜 It all comes in divine timing which we can not force. It is not accomplished through any beating up of ourselves to arrive back home in ourselves. Perhaps one of the biggest ingredients, one that may feel like mission impossible at times, is trust, trusting ourselves no matter what road we are meandering on. We are lovable, loving and loved. The time is now to choose a life fueled by love not one lost in fear. Choose love darlings, it is the path strewn with miracles. Remember, this year is about the magic carpet ride.

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