Saturday, May 5, 2012

keeping energetically balanced

Here's another great one sent to me by Hein; again regrettably I don't know the author but I think it may be Blossom Goodchild:

Like A Glove

We do not know about you (well, technically We do), but things have been rather intense on Our end. Much background/foundation work has been accomplished over the past few weeks. It is quite remarkable really.

So much has been happening in the invisible/energy realms. Most of you sensitives and intuitives out there surely have noticed something... Truth be told, it was sometimes nearly impossible for you to figure out exactly what was going on. It was that intense... and felt so personal at times.

If you simply followed your intuition and your body wisdom, flowing through the various conditions, situations and events went a lot more smoothly than if you tried to understand or analyze everything.

Situations like waking up peaceful and refreshed, then at one point in the day, sensing a "click", like an invisible being turned up the intensity dial at home, work or elsewhere and suddenly, you were bombarded with tasks to do, problems to solve, situations to deal with and so on.

Or feeling that click as you prepared for bed. Then you either have a rough night (waking up to go to the washroom a million times, inability to fall asleep...) or wake up with a migraine and/or nausea for instance and you wonder how you will be able to make it through the day.

Both of these circumstances and others like it were catapulted in you reality, but before reacting to them in any way, We have some background information of Our own We would like to share with you.

The information is there for you to use or to disregard. What you bring into your reality and how you perceive that reality is always your choice. You make the call. We are simply providing an alternative view of this life on Earth based on how We experience the universe and all that is. 

The service workers have been quite active settling, clearing and moving the energy and building that foundation. A lot more than they would have liked, because there is much resistance and interference. 

All you need to know about the service workers is that they exist and that they lay strong foundations. That it as far as We will go with this, mostly for you to follow the flow or assistance, intuition and guidance if you feel a soothing and comforting presence that you cannot see with your physical eyes.

If you feel ready to pursue your own personal work and growth and you feel surrounded by love and support when you are completely alone in a room, trust that your call for assistance has been answered. It will guide you if you let it. But first, you must trust it.

Also know that you have your own work to do. The background service workers simply have laid the foundation for you so you have something concrete to build on.

And whatever name you give that invisible assistant, know that it is simply there to help you connect to your higher self/soul.

It is merely a bridge, a connector. The work is for you to accomplish. You are the one that has to establish contact with your higher self/soul (whatever that means for you) on your own. Then get to work. 

The right human teachers, healers, collaborators will show up at the perfect time as you pursue the work. Trust is about letting go of control. About allowing things to unfold naturally. Still, you must act on that trust to get any "result", even though you do not always see them. That is what intuitive work is all about. And that intuitive process is accessible to all... who trust it.

Establishing that relationship with your soul/higher self will help you learn to love everything that you are and that you have been. It helps you rely on that intuition of yours with more confidence. It helps you trust everything that you know in your heart and soul is true and real and right - even though you cannot always see or prove it. It helps you thrive in ways that have always been possible, but rarely taught. 

As you nurture that sacred connection with yourself, that trust in yourself,  your intuition will open up new doors. You may start to associate elements that seem mismatched, but are actually interrelated; to uncover solutions where none seemed to exist; to get closure; to ebb and flow through life with ease and grace. To be happy and bring joy to those around you, to the world. To make a difference Here on Earth in the way only you can.

Each and everyone's journey is different. It is a sacred relationship with the self that must be guarded and protected

Share wisely. If you are ever uneasy about sharing something magical or personal that has happened to you, then it is best to keep it to yourself. 

You see, everything is energy and when you exchange experiences, you give and receive so much more than words. You are also sharing of the energy attached to that experience. Energy ripples like a stone thrown into the sea through all actions and words. 

Such conversations can triggers situations/events you or the person(s) you are not ready for. It can activate things in you or in others that none of the people involved were expecting.

When the right connections are shared in your daily life, it can lead to beautiful things. We are specifically talking about your personal soul/life journey here.

Distortions can occur when you divulge journey information you should cherish and protect. Such sharings may lead to people seeking you out for their own journey. At the invisible level, their unconscious self may either attempt to retrieve something in you they believe is theirs or have you do their work for them. 

This can have disastrous effects on a personal (and larger) scale, causing needless enmeshments or boundary violations. Not necessarily in the moment - even though you may feel tension or unease in the pit of your stomach - but certainly in time. We have touched upon this in the past. 

These things are not always visible at first. Some "falling outs" can occur after oversharing incidents, especially if that type of exchange is spread over many months. 

Such "transgressions" do serve a purpose, if only a reminder of the importance to protect that sacred relationship with your soul and life journeyJust take the lesson, the wisdom from this road block, then release the rest. You are here to learn, are you not? Sometimes falling down is the prize. See it as an payment for the gifts of wisdom you receive. 

The key is to only pay for such precious "items" once. Remember that most of the times, you have no idea how you will receive the lessons you signed up for before you came here. Once you have acquired the lesson, release all parties involved of any shame or guilt. That oversharing served a purpose. Be grateful for that experience, you gained something extremely valuable.

It is the best way for you to guarantee that you truly get the teachings and for others to get them as well. Still, others make their own choices and see their life experiences in their own way. It is important to value other people's freedom of choice as much as you value your own.

Also be mindful of the thought energy you hold on to.

Punishments are in the eyes of the beholder. Taking time in stillness to see the bigger picture may help you see a situation with new eyes.

So, if/when you do sense that "click' and peace morphs into chaos or well-being transforms into discomfort, pause for a moment before reacting...

Then take a deep breath, physically move your body to get the energy flowing again, then scan your body. It will tell you if the discomfort (stress or other unpleasant symptom) is truly yours or if it was somehow sent your way soul-wise by people who either know you can clear energy (because you have done your work) or want to slow you down or stop you. 

The thing is, you have to take the time to assess the situation, to see if what came into your reality was brought on by energy (cause and effect; "unconscious" sending or receiving...) or by something you did (working too hard; too much computer time; unhealthy eating; lack of hydration...).

Then, if you pay attention to your body, it will tell you what you need to restore your inner balance and well-beingThe key is to trust it.

Setting the intention for flow, for only processing what is yours to process, for learning only your lessons, for being well and in the moment also helps.

The bodily symptoms and the various "energy shifts" you experience are real. Their source or origin may simply be quite different than what you are used to. The Messenger has been adapting to this "transition" over the past few weeks. 

Just because We are silent does not mean we have nothing to say. Many of the concepts have evolved. There are more layers to everything, and We have adapted to that in the ways We share Our messages.

Things are changing. We are changing with it. We believe you are too. It is a graduation of sorts. But to get the diploma, you have to do the (soul) work yourself. Doing so is not always easy, We know.

Also remember that people may not necessarily aware they are transferring their pain (anger, stress, shame...) you way. That includes you. More and more, things are occurring at invisible/energy/soul realms. It is never personal. 

There simply are links or "strings" you do not see. Some links you have to follow, some cords, you need to cut. Through your own personal work and with the assistance of the invisible helper, you will move through everything. Ask for assistance and trust all the "happy coincidences" that occur. They indicate you are on the right track.

Most of the soul work you came on this Earth to do is about unearthing who you truly are, about standing your ground at a physical, energy and soul level, about being comfortable in your own skin and about having your life fit your being like a glove...

This is All. 

Much Earth Light and Love to Everyone.

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