Thursday, May 17, 2012

Divine Mod Squad

I am guessing by the fact that my blog is becoming increasingly popular that I am not the only one getting my cute little ole derrière kicked. But right on the coat tails of that kick are incredible blessings and insights. One of them is so out there that I only really started to believe it, beyond the level of mind, just a few days ago. It is a bit out there, (O.K., just kidding, it is wayyyyyyy out there) but here goes. I am announcing myself as an official employee of the Divine Mod Squad (Mod Squad was a TV show in the 70’s that was oh so very hip.) I have been saying I was employed by God for many years now and believe me the job has many perks. It also has a number of kick ass responsibilities. But to be honest, part of me said it as a joke. Now I  am 100% on board. First I listened to a CD from the Shanti Christo Foundation of Jeshua saying we were the embodiment of the Christ (please don’t freak out with the Christian language- it is just a way to speak and is totally alien to the Church associations). He said we’d come down here to experience separation first hand for one reason only- out of infinite compassion and the desire to transmute suffering. But the name of the game is- we have to know what it is so we get to taste test suffering first. He said two things I found hysterical. He said he chose the crucifixion to prove a point but he thinks he may have been over ambitious and overshot the mark, saying something  like, “Maybe I went too far and that crucifixion wasn’t REALLY necessary.” Then he said we were the ones down here with the hutzpah to experience what the hell is going on right now, we were the ones with the fortitude to experiencing suffering so we can support others to get free of it. Then he said something like, you all are amazing and we totally have your back because YOU are the ones doing it, you are the ones!
He said, - I LOVE THIS- you don’t see me doing it again, no way, something like that. What a hoot! Yea, so this earthy gig isn’t the easiest, especially now.
Here’s my new plan: I’ve decided to quit suffering, to no longer agree to suffering. I’ve decided to dance and enjoy. I did something called NIA today and it was so yummy. It is my fasting day and I decided to have a BLOODY Cappuccino- the heaven with it! OMG. I have decided to set a few parameters to my employment. I sensed for a long time that many people have learned through my example. Someone told me (thanks R.J.) that hearing about my pain helped him heal something within himself without having to go thought the actual suffering! I knew this about myself yet it was nice to hear it confirmed. I have done this in a few official settings. I did it where I was getting my Master’s in Spiritual and Counseling Psychology with an emphasis on Consciousness, Health and Healing. (man, no wonder I never talk about that title- too dang long.) My teacher Mary would often call on me as I would revert to being 5 years old and break down in front of 200 people, not even realizing until it was over that anyone but she and I were in the room (one example).Then I did it at my counseling center where I got part of my hours to be licensed as a therapist. (THEY are telling me to name names so I will- University of Santa Monica; Southern California Counseling Center.) Then I did it as I became certified in Cellular Memory Release ( Next I did it as I taught consciousness classes and facilitated clients ( a former client and student just confirmed to me how much that had helped her.) And now at my Way of Mastery group. As you might have recognized, I have no problem baring my heart and soul- one of the perks of being a four on the enneagram. And I understood for awhile that was part of my terms of employment for which I have been amply rewarded- financially and otherwise. (One example- I once had a student tithe me 10% of her yearly  income as she said I was the person who had most contributed to her spiritually that year.)
(INTERMISSION- PLEASE RECOGNIZE MY BRAIN IS FOGGED AND I feel like I am 20,000 leagues under the sea so don’t expect good writing or clarity- are we god?  Hoho- I meant to write good- but I wrote god; so the question is - are we god?- the answer- YES!!)))
What was I saying, actually I have no clue except to share I am part of the God Squad and I wouldn’t be surprised if you are too.
Oh yea, now I remember, terms of employment. So I have decided to no longer agree with certain things-( see do you agree blog). Here's what I no longer agree to- processing anyone’s pain and suffering/karma other than my own; having my daughter be adversely affected by my employment; suffering!! I no longer agree with suffering!! Yippee! That means I have to give up all resistance. YES YES YES. I use to call this blog say yes to love- that’s partly why.
I am beginning to see behind the curtain, the veil. I see how much support we have, how legions of helpers run before us clearing the way. One teeny example. The drive to my daughter’s school is very curvy. I came around a sharp curve and someone was turning into a driveway right on the curve. I was inches away and stood on my brake in a millisecond. Someone/something helped me stop so fast and not plow into the passenger I saw inches in front of me. Other little miracles: how mysteriously I do not have to get up at the crack of dawn tomorrow for my daughter’s Pentathlon games. Dad has it covered. Or how I get money just when I need it. Or I get a day to myself when I fear my body is about to blow a gasket running these energies through it. Miracle after miracle- look for them, they are everywhere. I am running out of steam. Hope it makes any sense. Here’s the deal- They told me to offer my blog family discounted sessions. So here’s what I feel up to at this point. First two people to ask abut having healing sessions assisting one to clear the obstacles to Love using the gazillion years of training and techniques I have, I will give a 20% discount. Email me if you are interested. Must speak English, have access to a phone. Love ya!

P.S. They are getting pesky- I had no idea when I started this, that this is where it would end up but part of the terms of my employment is to sometimes have to shut up and just listen. If you are reading this, I guess I had the cojones to post it.

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