Friday, November 1, 2013

Uranus squares Pluto, solar eclipse, big energy, day of the dead

Hang on to your hats kids, the energies are rolling in big time. Not much sleep here last night and a few days with headache, jittery energy. Yet I can experience it without resistance which is such a relief. I am also constantly aware of the potential for miraculous shifts and transformation inherent in these energies. If they are mowing you over, set your intent, breath deeply, rest as much as you can, spend time in nature, drink plenty of water and do your best to avoid the depleting energy of sugar. Know you are not alone even if you can't feel it.

Today is also the day many culture's honor the day of the dead. I wish to honor my father Joe for gifting me with a great education and material abundance as well as playing the antagonist for so much of my growth, not an easy role to play. My mother Ann for continuos support and love, Nanna for her kindness and great cooking, al my ancestors for my lineage, Ernest for the love he inspired in my wasband and his big presence, Yvonne for giving it her best shot, Uncle Jim for being a gentle man, Gretchen  and Little Miss Muffit for your unconditional love and loyalty. May all my relations, all people everywhere feel my gratitude for your contributions.

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