Tuesday, October 29, 2013

when body feels safe, heart opens up

I have been aware for some time that I have had an issue with feeling safe here on Earth. I thought it was gone as I had not experienced it in quite awhile. Yet the Universe kindly presented me with a situation last week that showed me that lack of safety was still operational in my life. I dove into it, allowed it with almost no resistance and definitely no judgment of self or other. Tonight I listened to a talk by Matt Kahn. The final piece of the puzzle fell into place and it feels so miraculous to me. I have been doing a 48 hour experiment from the book E- Squared  by Pam Grout where i demand the Universe/God reveal itself, him/herself to me. Several things have shown up. First a heart in a negative space caused by our bunny pushing her hay around and uncovering the floor of her cage into a heart space. She has never before uncovered the floor of her cage. I questioned if that was a clear enough sign, then a positive space heart appeared in the actual hay, still I wasn't certain I should take that as a sign, yet hey I'm still not 100% that is the face of God. Then I said if you are there, let me thread this needle I have not been able to thread for 10 minutes and then I'll be convinced, yes it worked immediately. Still i questioned, saying let it happen again when I accidentally pulled thread out, and it did. But I am a tough customer and still wasn't satisfied. Now this. BINGO!! Definitely the face of God, for this answer to arise exactly when I need it. I felt deeply clueless how to heal that lack of safety. Then I "happened" to listen to Matt's show when I did not "plan" to. Miracles, it is official, God exist. Having the answer to my question arise when I have had that question buried within and never heard it addressed in a way that made sense to me and could heal at the base level of primal wounding this lack of safety represents, yup, that was a slam dunk for me. Especially with all the mini miracles added together in my 48 hours I am going to give the experiment a thumbs up.

Below are my notes from the show, they are a bit obscure and the material is quite esoteric yet fundamentally simple. My hope is it will bring answers and comfort to you as it did to me.
Also, as an aside, i am still pretty much unable to write anything coherent or in depth here, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is the level of my own ongoing transformation and upgraded. In this moment my body is buzzing with a very strong hyper energy which indicates to be another big physical download. Just an fyi if anyone is wondering. So here are the notes from Matt's free talk. You can find him at TrueDivineNature.com 

Remind body how safe it is, 

when body feels safe, heart opens!

Remind the body how safe it is, once heart opens, miraculous abilities open on own.

Best way to help body remember it is safe is to say, I love you! to oneself

Internal change not come about unless only noticing physical discomfort in body, and letting it be as it is
not see mind as problem, see everything through eyes as love therefore all is advanced tool of God including mind, mind messenger of heart letting you know how closed or open you are

Body not feeling safe, tell it I love you!
We are not the one in charge of activation and awakening, can’t force internal work, return body to safety, help heart open by loving ourselves

Help body feel safe, employ radical honesty, need it from ourselves not from other, can’t be honest about others as then just honest projection, can I be honest with you is not really possible, yes, you can be honest with yourself in my presence 

How am I honestly feeling, don’t have to like it, just be honest, when honest about ourselves and our experience, no longer trying to like or avoid or reframe experience, love the one who experiences however life is being experienced

Everything we try to get rid of is a level of self rejection which makes us feel bad, unsafe; I accept I feel this way and I don’t like it and even don’t like other if they can’t take this suffering away from me, frees us, not trying to change experience we are having, just transforming our relationship with it.

Noisy mind only asking me to send love to my heart
Benefit of strong facade is when it cracks and allow our vulnerability to shine through

What don’t you know that scares you the most, admit I am afraid not to know this, anticipate rejection, abandonment only manifested to show us next aspect of self to that’s next in line to be loved, manifest what’s next in line to be loved as never before, all to help us be unconditional lovers

For people to argue requires 2 people who think they know what is going on; when in “I don’t know” unable to argue

If life seems to sabotage you, in fact it is trying to point something out

Life conspires to create adversity to see what will grow so we’ll will begin to live with our vulnerability as our greatest asset; bottom line whether filled with fear or embodied with light, everything gained will be lost whether fearful or courageous, grief not because what I had, I lost rather kicking self I didn’t make the most of this temporarily experience while it was here
Everything we gain we lose, be willing to accept this is going to end so if I can live with everything in my experience as though this moment/breath is my last one, will bring me fullest experience, therefore no suffering when temporary dissolves

Free of burden frees us of being victimized, if you walk with death, live every moment as the last, nothing in universe can limit us, doorway to radiant immortality 

Attract what we judge, ist level law of attraction everything you judge as less then manifestation of divine you will pull in to wake you up to that limitation

Life brings to me what I have unconsciously judged, let go of belief that something other than the divine exist, then radiate light that mirrors you rather than mirrors chaos of life

Rely on own loving heart for everything

Energetic co-dependency  can’t allow myself to shine until everyone shines; in fact if we shine helps others see their own brilliance 

Final message: the greatest relationships we create when we hold no one accountable to our expectations, must be that we love ourselves no matter what comes up, feel something in body, love it, if can’t, love the one who can’t and doesn’t know how to do it, be one who know longer fights with oneself

Physical body, kingdom through which heaven is revealed to all
Matt Kahn  TrueDivineNAture.com

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