Friday, October 25, 2013

love wave

Yesterday I changed the name of the blog, experimenting with a new energy coming through me. I came up with love wave. The love wave of abundance and joy passing through me in this moment is so great it feels as though my body can not contain it and it keeps getting bigger. Today could have been a day of great disappointment yet I am feeling bliss and even ecstacy. I woke up in the middle of the night last night and it was as though I suddenly saw my life from an entirely different prospective. The prism of my view of my life was given one turn of the kaleidoscope. I felt how incredibly abundant my life IS. I saw how I have everything I need and most of the things I desire. I saw how over and over I have been blessed with such gifts of extraordinarily rich experiences, unexpected gifts, a home on a spectacular piece of land, a beloved daughter, wonderful friends, good health, numerous years of fascinating travel, a marvelous education, numerous adventures, fabulous wardrobe etc. I saw how often I got exactly what I most desired. My day flowed from there. One student showed up for my Conscious Parenting class that I devoted the last month to, pouring my time, energy, lover, passion and even money into. In the past I would have seen one student showing up as a sign of failure or a reason to feel discouraged. I gave everything to the class as though I was presenting to the United Nations. It felt vibrant and alive and I believe the student gained a lot. I walked away feel grateful and enriched. My day continues to be showered with unexpected blessings and tokens of abundance. If this is the new energy, i say yes and amen. From where I have been over the last many years, the shift is stratospheric. From agony to ecstasy, wow, what a ride!!!

p.s. this comes after two difficult days of little sleep and some deep processing. the differences is I was able to allow the sharp pain that felt like a big blow to the solar plexus, when issues of not being loved arose for another pass, without resistance, without a story, without doubt arising. I was very aware it was serving me by clearing blocked energy. The whole process, while challenging was at the same time effortless. what can I say,  it definitely doesn't make any sense but the entire experience now feels truly miraculous.

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