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dialogue on money/lack

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dancing unity (savannah) says:
another stab at my $ question. It seems to me financial woes seems to be a common symptom of us wayshowers. I know for this to shift there is nothing TO DO. I know it depends on my BEING, my vibe. I know it is an individual process. Yet given how many of us seem to be affected despite a high level of awareness, I am wondering if the crystal ball has any info on this; my sense is that the shifting energies will make the transition into being in a vibe of abundance a little easier to discover just as the vibe of the equinox has made it sooo much easier for me to function and to be at peace/calm. Any sense this is in the cards? Seems like a little dough would make things easier for us to get our gifts into the world but maybe I am trying to put the cart before the horse.
  • Avatar of LaurenLauren says:
    I agree…financial challenges def are a “wayshower/lightworker” theme.
    5D creation is holographic in nature so it REQUIRES that you put the cart before the horse!
  • You have to play a little make-believe to get the momentum going…create your reality, THEN step into it. If you do it the other way around…wait for the supports to show before you make your move…you will continue to create more “waiting for your supports to show”.
    Remember, you have to get out in front of the energy here…you create the circumstances in your life, you don’t create your life FROM your circumstances.
    This switch in dynamic is EVERYthing, literally. You have to get accustomed to knowing and therefore trusting that the universe will supply.
    It’s all light-hearted imagination, play & pretend…the minute you take it too seriously (read: attachment) you plop back down to the “real world”…which is just another outdated version of make-believe anyway
    • I know my purpose and now trust my value. My challenge is to trust how to get it into the world. I am attached to my parenting class. for my other class had 2 sign ups, one showed. PArenting class- no sign ups yet. I get attached to outcome because I desire it so much and because of $. my unexpected major expenses  yesterday adds fuel to the fire. How to play and lighten up will now be my intent. I sooo feel the heaviness of my lack of trust in my ability to get it into the world. Thanks so much for this overview, very helpful. Hard to whole this since we are trained to DO and I so get the doing with attachment just keeps me stuck in the mud. 8O 8O 8O
      • Avatar of LaurenLauren says:
        yes, DOing is the tricky part when coming from truth, but it is a 3D requirement and one that will enable us to truly lead by example.
        We have to BE AND DO…in that order.
        When action at the 3D level comes from inspiration at the 5D level, you are golden.
        Anything that we DO out of fear (need) in this space will flop…anything we DO out of LOVE (desire) in this space will soar.
        Create from “having what you want” instead of “getting what you need” and the ideas, concepts, information, inspiration on “the how” will open up and flood you…in some cases till you drown 8O
        you already have your whole plan completed within you…you just have to open up and let it out…into the world.
        • yes, i could feel my strategic mind try to “do” lightness and non attachment. it is so tricky as i “need” some money. My doing is coming from a mixture of need and passion/love so of course i recognize that screws up my results. I feel myself trying so hard to do non attachment. What is so clear for me lately is that I am not the maker and doer in this, if that makes sense. no way can my ego figure this out. Pre equinox the heaviness of my eons experiencing the heaviness of being human arose to be wholed. I didn’t plan or do it, it arose as it was necessary for my wholing. Trust for me is key now. I can’t make this happen, plan my wholing. I must trust it to unfold as needed to return to my own essence.
          Am reading a great book by Rasha called “Oneness”. She says not to take constant setbacks and trauma/drama as a sign we are off course, rather that we are right on course, in the final stages. Seems mean to have your best worker bees in the wayshower business get repeatedly trounced but there you go. My mind has no clue how to lighten up, get unattached and out of my own way. My mind wants to take control. My heart knows better.

          Lauren says:
          “My mind has no clue how to lighten up, get unattached and out of my own way.”
          try playing with your mind!…give it what it wants, which is a way out.
          The trick is, the only way out is thru…so allow your mind to give you all the “worst-case scenarios”…then play along by accepting all those scenarios as if they were true, feel the complete discomfort in all the “what-if’s”…don’t leave any out!…then your mind can stop looping, and you can get back to the business of LOVE.
          Once there…in the vibration of truth…your (higher) mind will open and flood you with possibility, opportunity and plans for how to make those two things a REALity.
          • good idea, will give it a try, for now returning to functioning is on the agenda as I am scheduled to go out of state (hoho, :lol: love that, meant to another state, as in to Nevada, but surely need to go to another state!)

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