Friday, October 4, 2013

come home

For the last days I have been using a simple technique whenever I feel off balance. I simply stop what I am doing (now at least, the first time i did it i was bent out of shape for over an hour with computer malfunctions  before i stopped freaking myself out), I take a deep breath, if necessary i go outside and I say”go home” to myself. it reminds me Who I am and that I can return to a more balanced place (at least for the last few days.) It is such a clear reminder. Today it morphed to me saying “come home” in this most tender voice. I don’t let anything I am “doing” be more important than my being. this is huge for me.
I listened to a recording from my guides. When I was done done done with this process as in no more can’t take it they told me the key was trust and surrender. I know see/know that at a whole new visceral level. I have to trust this is taking me where i want to go even though it seems the route passes directly through hell repeatedly. Somehow I am able to trust that, at least now and my god does that make it all so much easier.

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