Monday, October 21, 2013

what REALLY serves me, more clearing of limitations

Reading Lisa Renee’s article yesterday created a huge shift in me. I see I was looking at ways to control the fact that $ isn’t flowing my way and that  despite my clarity, my passion, my actually marketing it a fair amount this time, I still don’t have even one sign up yet for my beloved conscious parenting class that starts this week! so what the f*ck is up with that? right, last month I felt screwed by the Universe when 2 weeks of heaviness nearly ploughed me under. I was pissed off and felt betrayed. Like, after all this work, this is the repayment i get? what the &&@@#)*(&%#@@#%TYT@!!@#$% This time around I am experiencing it differently. First, because I SEE and KNOW the heaviness served me by bringing it clearly to my attention for clearing. I feel lighter than I almost ever have before. Yes, so many wayshowers seem to be taken to the brink. Yet I now see it as a gift 8O at least sort of. Why? Because basic survival is where the petal meets the metal. We all pay big time attention, right? I see one belief is definitely in my way and I am now clearing it playfully :evil: Yet I realize that is not the biggest point, rather it is bottom line here. Do I trust the Universe or not? Can I truly surrender to the game plan my soul mapped out for me? It is just the ultimate wake up call forcing me to align more fully with my Divine nature and prodding me until I get it big time. No blame, no judgment, just a loving hand saying, over here, this way. Everybody seems to get to go through this initiation. So if I view it peacefully, with equanimity and full on trust I absolutely believe that sooner or later, I will catch the vibe wave and just sail into abundance and having my message and passion reach millions, if that is indeed my destiny. So I am choosing to keep playing with my vision, keep beaming my intent to the Universe like a light house, keep the faith and hang on. Whatever I need with the power of my intent will show up and clear, with my focus and passion guiding the way. No more back sliding even though my vision is resting purely on faith, not much  physical evidence to support it right now. I have cleared so much in my life especially crippling anxiety. no way i am not going to whole my way through this one too. It is a done deal. This is not about control, about me “figuring ” it out. I have set the course so now I just await a power much greater than I can imagine to take the reins and make this happen. Now I am just waiting for the evidence to show up at the bank or in whatever form of gorgeous abundance that brings me the material/ physical plane goodies my Divinity has planned for me. Yea, I wish that I have not been brought so close to the edge a few times but I guess that is what my soul required so I say YES.

P.S. After writing this about an hour later I found out my IRA made about a 20 % gain in a month! Now that is the magic I am talking about!

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