Friday, October 25, 2013


What joy I just received looking at the little globe on my blog. I haven't looked at it in some time and to see all the beloved love lights glittering around Gaia sent another big love wave through my heart. Russia, I don't know why you and so many other countries never show up, especially as you are my second highest visitor. Know I hold you in my heart even though your little light currently doesn't show up on my little globe. Darlings, watch out, a huge love wave is headed your way. Hold on to your hats so they don't wash away! My wish is for your hearts to be filled with the love that is currently awash in me. May the love wave I am sending fill you to the brim!! so many kisses savannah



  1. Darling, what a beautiful message! So much love shining and glowing in it...I feel so cuddled and adored! Thank you...Sara ♥♥♥♥♥