Tuesday, October 8, 2013

new guides for parents?

the following is part of a question on Thinkwithyourheart.com and the answers to my thoughts about radically changing the way I view parenting. With my class coming up, I am being bombarded with awarenesses and they don't always feel welcome to say the least. scary... 8O
p.s. I am Dancing Unity here.

...How can this post be helpful to that person? Do you feel that the individual is like ‘spillage’ in the greater scheme of things? I ask with love and out of genuine concern.
  • Avatar of LaurenLauren says:
    Hi, as I see it, there is really just one answer to all your questions…no one elses experience is any of my business or responsibility. Here’s how it works: I share my gifts & perspectives with others in accordance with my own truth/divine authority, others decide what’s in it for them. Or not. It’s all resonance. And it’s all perfect.
    With regard to the collective versus the individual, I only speak to the individual experience (of wayshowers) knowing full well that there is nothing “out there” in the collective…that it’s all a giant mirror trick.
    • I have been sitting with this reply for some time and it has caused big reverberations for me. I am preparing to facilitate my conscious parenting class in 2 1/2 weeks and I realize the biggest challenge for me is being told by the current paradigm that I am responsible for my child’s behavior, even legally. so when my strong willed daughter refused to cooperate with my commands from on high about health, homework, bedtime etc. I use to freak out and try to bend her. Because if she doesn’t do what she is “suppose” to do, I have to be a bad parent, right? or that’s the way the story has gone. To consider that I am not responsible for my child opens such a door of freedom and allows me to see her as Whole too, not as one that needs me to shape her into a functioning human being. Now I know lots of people will come unglued and say, of course you have to be responsible because blah blah blah. Yes, i must feed and care for an infant who can not do it him/her self. Yes, I must drive them, feed the etc. whatever they can truly not do for themselves. But be responsible for their choices creates an impossible situation as these children definitely have a mind of their own. I am still so unclear here and feel I am walking on such fluid ground. Feels very scary to even consider trying to present my increasingly radical ideas. I am sure of only one thing. I choose to bath myself and my child in love, seeing both of us as Whole and sovereign. Beyond that the rest is foggy. Lauren I am feeling your new inner authority and will use that awareness as a mirror to remind me of my own inner authority. Right now that one feels like a trembling child and I will love myself for that too. Sooner or later my inner authority will blossom fully. This answer really struck a cord. THANK YOU BELOVED. What a ride! I still feel the energy shaking my body on this one and will wait and see where it lands.
      • Avatar of LaurenLauren says:
        you are beyond brave, but for good reason…because you are in tune with the course of (new) creation, and a pioneer of (new) human consciousness. My experience in this work over the last 7 years is that people, when presented with a new paradigm of thought that threatens the current reality system they “accept”, will sometimes thrash around in fits of ego-infused rage and resistance. But more times than not, those very same people will return 6 months later, after the seed has been planted and sprouted, to say thank you for releasing them from the bondage of their self-inflicted limitations.
        As with all things new, it takes detachment, balls and a solid sense of worth to share yourself in a way that will both inspire and/or antagonize others to grow. But there is little more rewarding.
        As my mom used to say in all her crass wisdom…”if you stir shit it stinks”. We stir shit just by the very presence of who we are/have become…might as well get comfortable here. Besides, if you bolster yourself by being prepared for any adverse reactions, then you probably won’t get any. (HINT: the more in alignment you are with your truth, the less resistance you will experience reflected back to you in others. but perfection is not possible here by any standards)
        every new level of creation begins with the momentary terror of the unknown…which, with the right timing, is very quickly replaced by the sheer bliss of divine self expression.
        I, for one, am thrilled for your new journey. Your information is SO needed in the world. ♡
        • ah Lauren, just what the doctor ordered. I will save this post as an antidote for my quaking nerves. I think this budding realization was made particularly challenging as I was just at a parent meeting last night to consider what qualities we parents would like in a new teacher for my daughter’s class (the old teacher is ill). When I heard what people were saying I felt like an alien and felt a little shaky, thinking, if they could read my mind and know what I am thinking, yes, what a shit storm it would stir up. and Yes, I spoke out in a clear strong voice which is new for me in these type of situations where people I know and can influence MY DAUGHTER’s life are listening. I am able to be brave for myself now but am now in tears as somehow i am projecting on to my daughter my desire that she not have to be subjected to the same feeling of being an alien I have experienced all my life. And yet the truth is, she already is experiencing this. I am crying again as I get that the best thing I can do is model the courage of my convictions and let the shit storm take it’s course. I have a strong sense I will be presenting this in a big way and feel the fear of going against the grain. Beloved, I tell you sure your courage, and at a much younger age than i am connecting to mine, of totally speaking your truth and let everybody take it as it comes is DEFINITELY inspiring me big time. I will keep you in my back pocket when I need to call up my courage until my own takes full root. It is good to hear the nay sayers often come back with a new perspective later. Although of course, what they think of me is none of my business, I am not yet fully over that one. Yes, the sheer bliss of divine self expression. Balls, for sure. 8O  ☝♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

          Lauren says:
          two things:
          1- you got this. the jitters are just ancient fears (of persecution) being released as you step into your power. They will subside. besides, this opportunity wouldn’t have availed itself if the world wasn’t ready for the information. remember, you are being called to service…you are the answer to a collective prayer for something more. That’s how it works in unity.
          2- if you have NO expectations of how others receive you, you simply invite them to experience you. big difference. It is not what you say as much as you who are that matters.
          You are LOVE expressing itself in form…nothing more, but definitely nothing less.
          • thank you, yes it is clear that the level of fear this is producing can not be related to what is happening in this moment. I just spoke to another parent about the class and she immediately asked me questions about discipline and I don’t have answers to what people should do with specific problems. I am definitely aware I am caught in expectations of myself and attachment to outcome here. So I am doing what I always do now, turning up my self love. I see I have a fear of looking ridiculous? something like that. Yet since #2 answers all questions I will do my best to turn up the TRUST high and let it all settle, i am watching how much this is shaking me and clearly seeing I must get through this to own my full power which I also feel arising big time. Glad to hear the shaking will subside in time. because right now8O 8O 8O 8O 8O what a ride!!

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