Sunday, October 6, 2013

conscious parenting- changing the paradigm

I am fulfilling a long held dream through offering a new class in parenting. I feel shaky about it as I recognize how little i know about parenting. Despite heaps of credentials and experience, i feel very vulnerable in offering this class. I am so aware of how conditioning has shaped me, caused major blind spots in my parenting, caused me to react rather than respond, to create separation rather than intimacy. And yet I am climbing out on to a personal ledge, cliff as I feel this shift in how we parent is absolutely critical in co-creating a new world. If we can see our children as sovereign beings with all the resources necessary to follow the guidance of their own hearts to create the lives they were meant to live, rather than seeing our children as deficient and unwise beings that we need to shape and mold since we know best, I trust we will be going a long way toward creating a heart centered planet. I know few if any of you can join me in person yet I ask that you join me in consciousness to bless this undertaking, to bless the children and the parents as I begin, what for me, is a frightening yet exhilarating journey into one of my deepest yearnings.

 Conscious Parenting
 Savannah's passion is to support parents in their ability to create homes and families that are a celebration of love and to end the stress too often generated through a chain of pain. She brings her 20 years working variously as a therapist, school and family counselor and workshop leader to the task of resolving parental challenges with today's very unique children. Using twenty-first century healing techniques such as Cellular Memory Release, we can begin to return ourselves and our children to wholeness thus increasing intimacy and harmony and diminishing opposition and conflict.
Six Fridays beginning October 25th at Dragonfly Studio in Penn Valley, 12:30-2:30 p.m. Cost: $22-33 sliding scale per class or $111 for the whole series. Try first class without commitment.  
Savannah Hanson, M.A., MFT
Cellular Memory Release Practitioner

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